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Updated March 16, 2017 - 11:14 PM EDT
Syria War Enters 7th Year – as Divided as Ever
US to Send 1,000 More Ground Troops to Syria
  Attack Kills Dozens in Damascus Justice Palace
  WHO: Sanctions on Syria Harms Children's Cancer Treatment
Civilian Deaths Surging in West Mosul Invasion
  Growing Infighting Among Kurdish Factions in Iraq, Syria
McCain: Rand Paul 'Is Working for Putin'
  Justice Dept Charges Russian Spies With 2014 Yahoo Hacking
Federal Judge Blocks Revised Trump Travel Ban
Ukraine Blocks All Road, Rail Links to Separatist Regions
Trump's Generals Want to Escalate the Afghanistan War
US and Israeli Codependent Relationship Not Just About Money  by Ramzy Baroud
How President Trump Could Take Charge of the North Korea Debacle  by Doug Bandow
When America Interfered in a Russian Election  by Margaret Kimberley
What Is the CIA Hack All About?  by Philip Giraldi
Trump Lunching With a Saudi War Criminal While Yemenis Starve  by Medea Benjamin
The Dangerous Reality of an Iran War  by Sharmine Narwani

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AIPAC Gave $60k to Architect of Trump's Muslim Ban
Russian Spy Ship Spotted Back Off US Coast
Reports of Sexual Assault Rise at Military Academies
FBI Director Briefs Top Senators on Russia
Exit Poll Gives Dutch PM Rutte Big Lead Over Far-Right Wilders
The War at Home
Senate Approves Coats as New Spy Chief
Naval Exercises Add Trillions of Pieces of Plastic Debris to Oceans
Navy Bribery Scandal Widens as More Sordid Details Emerge
VA Now Paying Compensation to Victims of Contaminated Lejeune Water
Texans Receive First Notices of Land Condemnation for Trump's Border Wall
Three Airmen Die In Training After SpecOps Plane Crashes in New Mexico
US Lawmakers Seek More Visas for Afghans Who Helped US Forces
Tillerson Threatens to Withdraw US From UN Human Rights Council
Tripoli Armed Factions Take Over Rival's Compound in Heavy Fighting
Haftar's Forces Chase Libya Militia After Recapturing Oil Ports With Surprise Attack
Libya's Eastern Parliament Supports End of Unified National Oil Corp
Ethiopian Official Says South Sudan Gunmen Kill 28, Kidnap 43
Ethiopia Lifts Some Restrictions Imposed During State of Emergency
Four Suicide Bombers Kill Two in Northeast Nigeria's Maiduguri
Uganda Says Security Forces Killed More Than 100 in Palace Assault Last Year
South Sudan Wants Rebel Leader Declared a Terrorist
UN Presses Search for Foreign Experts Kidnapped in DR Congo
Weapons Buildup, Anger Fuel Threat of Renewal of Somali Piracy
Ukraine Bans All Trade With Rebel-Held Territory, as Separatists Seize Assets
Russia Calls on Ukraine to End Blockade of Rebel-Held Region
Ukraine Imposes New Sanctions on Kremlin-Owned Banks
UK Lawmakers: Not Enough Evidence to Probe Blair Over Iraq
Northern Ireland Vote Jolts Already Disunited Kingdom
Scottish Independence: UK PM May Set to Refuse Referendum Until After Brexit
Swedish Prosecutors Not Ready to Decide on Assange, Waiting on Translation
French Presidential Candidate Fillon Charged With Embezzlement
'Luxleaks' Whistleblowers Get Sentences Cut
Package Found at German Finance Ministry Contained Explosives: Police
El Salvador Judge Summons Ex-Soldiers in El Mozote Massacre
Guatemala High Court Lifts Immunity of Presidential Adviser
Short of Options, Venezuela Opposition Stages Flash Protests
Iraqi Forces Claim Mosul Bridge; 82 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Troops Seize Main Bridge, Advance on Mosque in Battle for Mosul
Doctors '100 Percent Sure' Chemical Weapons Used Near Mosul
Car Bomb Kills Eight, Wounds Dozens in Iraq's Tikrit City
At Wrecked Mosul Airport, Home Is Still Distant for Iraq's Displaced
As Syria War Rages On, Civilians the First Casualty
Suicide Bombers Strike Syrian Capital as War Enters 7th Year
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Southeast After Kurdish Militants Detonate Mine
Erdogan Is 'Stoppable,' Pro-Kurdish Lawmakers Say
Turkish Court Rejects Appeal to Release 'Die Welt' Journalist Denis Yucel
Turkey Reassures Investors, Says Dutch Business Not at Risk
Turkey May Cancel Migrant Readmission Deal With EU, Says Foreign Minister
Germany: We Reserve the Right to Bar Turkish Political Campaigners
Saudi-Led Raids Kill 12 Houthi Rebels Near Sanaa
Yemeni Tennis Hopeful Crosses War Zone to Compete
Saudi Arabia
Trump Meets Saudi Prince as US and Kingdom Seek Warmer Relations
Saudi Soldier Killed by Gunmen in Shi'ite Muslim Town: Ministry
Saudi Aramco to Resume Oil Product Shipments to Egypt Soon
UN Report: Israel Has Established an 'Apartheid Regime'
US Demands UN Pull Report Accusing Israel of Apartheid
Secret Document Reveals Israel Expelled Gazans Right After Six-Day War
IDF Skylark Drone Crashes in Northern Gaza
Gaza Rocket Explodes in Open Area; No Injuries Reported
Trump Tells Saudis He Has 'Strong Desire' for Just, Lasting Israeli-Palestinian Peace.
Afghan Officials Admit at Least 50 Died in Attack on Hospital
3 US Soldiers Wounded in Afghan IED Blast; ISIS Claims Credit
Kidnapped Australian Woman Released in Afghan Capital
Pakistan Set to Declare Gilgit-Baltistan as Fifth Province
Pakistani Army Says 3 Convicted Islamic Militants Executed
Taiwan Says Chinese Military Threat Grows, US Regional Strategy Unclear
China Detains Two South Korean Pastors for Helping North Korea Defectors: Report
Two Officers Hurt as Bangladesh Police Arrest Three Suspected Militants
Malaysia Says DNA Sample Confirms Murdered Kim Jong Nam's Identity
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