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Updated March 19, 2017 - 8:36 PM EDT
US Airstrike Hits N. Syria Mosque, Killing Scores
  Pentagon Denies Bombing Mosque, but Its Own Photo Proves It Did
  Syria Fires Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Response to Latest Israeli Attacks
Some in Pentagon Fear ISIS War 'Mission Creep'
  Airwars Tracks 1,000th Alleged Coalition Civilian Casualty Event
Saudis Attack Boat, Kill 42 Refugees Off Yemen
  Missiles Fired at Yemen Military Base Mosque, Killing 22
Tillerson: Attacking N. Korea Remains an Option
  North Korea Banks Cut Off From Swift System
Iran Questions Need to Ship Unsold Heavy Water
  Saudi General: Trump Promises Increased Support Against Iran
Trump: Germany Owes NATO Vast Sums of Money
UK Sends Troops, Tanks to Estonia
Judge Napolitano Causes Stir: Did Obama Spy on Trump?
Is Trump Abandoning the Foreign Policy That Brought Him Victory?  by Doug Bandow
The Noxious US-Saudi Relationship Should End  by Daniel Larison
Yet Another War President?  by William J. Astore
The Most Moral Army
 by Uri Avnery

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US Posts Secret Nuclear Weapons Tests Footage on YouTube
No, the Sebastian Gorka Story Has Not Unraveled
UN Official Resigns Over Israel Apartheid Report
A US 'Ally' Fired a $3 Million Patriot Missile at a $200 Drone. The Missile Won.
The War at Home
Secret Service Says Laptop Stolen From Agent's Car in New York
Trump Administration Appeals Travel Ban Ruling
Explosive Device Discovered at NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal, Suspect Arrested
US Military
The Navy's $35 Million Scandal: Hookers, Booze and a Guy Named 'Fat Leonard'
Boeing and Lockheed Martin Are the Big Winners in Trump's Defense-Heavy Budget
Coolant Leak Caused Predator Crash in 2015
Missing From Trump's Grand Navy Plan: Skilled Workers to Build the Fleet
Thousands Stage Anti-Militia Protests in Libya's Capital
Little New Damage Found as East Libyan Forces Push to Secure Oil Ports
Italy Seeks to Bolster Libya Migrant Deal as Arrivals Surge
Six Nigerian Soldiers Detained for Beating a Woman
Nigeria Militant Amnesty Program Faces Cash Crunch, Says Official
Morocco Says Arrests 15 for ISIS Links
Morocco's King Names Former Foreign Minister as New PM
Boko Haram 'Leader' Denies 5,000 Freed
Al-Qaeda Branch Rallies Jihadists to Join Forces After Mali Merger
Gunmen Kill Senior Ugandan Police Official, President Orders Cameras
Kenya's President Deploys Military to Quell Drought Violence
UN: South Sudan Govt to Blame for Famine, Still Buying Arms
Ethiopian Army Frees Six Children Kidnapped by South Sudan Gunmen
German Minister Says Europe, US Should Stick to Russia Sanctions
British PM Theresa May Attacks 'Obsessive' Scottish Nationalists
Protest Erupts in Armenia Over Activist's Death in Jail
France to Clear Hundreds of Migrants From Dunkirk Camp
German Military to Use 13 A400m Aircraft After Failing to Find Buyers
Basque Militant Separatists ETA Set to Announce Disarmament
Peace Deal in Colombia Gives Way to Murders of Rights Defenders, UN Says
UN: Rebels Turn in First 140 Weapons in Colombia Peace Deal
Weekend Reviews
Logan Eviscerates War and Demographic Planning
Eye in the Sky: Where Nihilism and Hegemony Coincide
Debunking America's 'Good' Occupation
Must It Always Be Wartime?
Another Chemical Attack in Mosul; 28 Killed in Iraq
Syria Complains Israeli Airstrikes Violated International Law
Syrian Kurdish YPG Says Raqqa Attack to Start in Early April
Tehran Rejects Comments From US-Saudi Meeting as 'Nonsense'
Iranian Pilgrims Can Participate in Hajj This Year, Saudi Arabia Says
Iran Sentences Daughter of Late President to Jail for Second Time
Israeli Troops Kill Teen on West Bank
After Israeli Attack in Syria: Russia Summons Israel's Envoy for Clarifications
Palestinians Bury Activist Basil Al-Araj
Gaza Artist Fashions Limbs From Honeycomb to Honor Wounded
Jerusalem Mapping Office Allowed to Reopen Days After It Was Shuttered for 'Tracking Palestinian Land Sales to Jews'
German Minister Expects Turkey to Uphold EU Migrant Deal
Germany Says It Can't Trust Turkey's Word on Jailed Journalist
Middle East
Jordan Finds Chunks of Debris From Syria-Israel Missile Clash
Lebanon Charges 18 With Transferring $19 Million to ISIS
Bahrain Clashes After Shiite Inmate's Funeral: Witnesses
Trump Administration Crafting Big New Arms Sales to Taiwan: Sources
China to Build on Disputed Shoal in South China Sea
In Australia, a Call for Closer Ties to China Gains Support
Trump Says North Korea 'Behaving Very Badly,' China Has Done Little to Help
Suicide Bombers Target Troops, Local Official in Afghanistan
Suicide Bomber Attacks Bangladesh Police Special Forces Base
Sirens Blare as Japan, Fearing North Korea, Holds First Missile Drill
China, Russia Block UN Council Concern About Myanmar Violence
Philippines to Strengthen Military Facilities in South China Sea
No Immunity in US Case for Haitian Politician, Coup Leader
UN Haiti Cholera Fund Still Falls Short Despite British Aid
Mexican Parents, Not Authorities, Led Search for Drug-War Mass Grave
Canada Pays Compensation to Three Canadians Tortured in Syria
Argentina Seeks Better British Ties but Falklands Claim Remains
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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