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Updated March 29, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
'Russian Hacking' Case Collapsing
  CrowdStrike Debunked, Russian 'Hack" Questioned
  What Makes a Cyberattack? Experts Lobby to Restrict the Term
US Airstrike 'Likely' Behind Mosul Civilian Deaths
  UN Urges US, Iraq to Rethink Mosul Strategy Amid Civilian Deaths
  Civilians in West Mosul Shot At by ISIS and Iraqi Forces Alike
US Denies Airstrike That Killed 33 Syria Civilians
  Russian General: US Airstrike Hit Tabqa Dam
  Fighting Pauses as Engineers Move to Fix Syria's Tabqa Dam
  40,000 Syrians Displaced by Fighting Around Hama
EU 'Ready to Intervene' if Bosnia Violence Erupts
  US Senate Backs NATO Membership for Montenegro
  US Commander Wants More Combat Troops in Europe to Fight Russia
The Surveillance State Behind Russia-Gate  Ray McGovern & Bill Binney
Mattis' Dangerous Request to Increase Support for the War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison
A Tale of Two Protests  by Justin Raimondo
Body Count for the American Century  by John Dower & Tom Engelhardt

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After 12 Rejections, Apple Accepts App That Tracks US Drone Strikes
Netanyahu and Trump Skip AIPAC Meeting
AIPAC to Lobby Against Trump Foreign Aid Cuts
Saudi Arabia Shoots Down Yemen Rebel Missiles
Heavy Fighting in Mosul's Old City; 209 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Military Releases Video of Mosul Air Strikes
US-Led Strike Should Not Have Collapsed Mosul Building: US Commander
Panic Spreads in Iraq, Syria as Record Numbers of Civilians Are Reported Killed in US Strikes
Obama's Defense Chief Doesn't See Big Changes in Iraq Campaign
Iraqi Farmers Desperate to Go Home as Cattle Perish
Trump's Peace Envoy Meets Abbas as He Returns to Region for Fresh Talks
At AIPAC, UN Envoy Nikki Haley Vows No More Resolutions Against Israel

Thousands of Ultra-Orthodox Israelis Protest Military Draft

Israeli Minister: the Bible – Not Google – Gives Israel Moral Right to Land
Middle East
Yemen Says It Captures Senior al-Qaeda Leader
Iran Says Russia Can Use Its Military Bases 'On Case by Case Basis'
Germany Opens New Probe Into Suspected Turkish Spying
DR Congo
Bodies of Two UN Investigators Found in Congo: Government
Congo Forces Fire Shots to Ward Off Protests After Talks Fizzle
South Sudan
South Sudan Rebels Say Raid Jail, Capture Town on Ugandan Border
Four of Six Aid Workers Killed in South Sudan Were Kenyans: Statement
One Soldier Killed, One Wounded by Roadside Bomb in Somalia's Puntland
ISIS Beheads Two for 'Sorcery' in Egypt's Sinai
EU Court Lifts EU Sanctions on Libyan Dictator's Daughter
Nigeria 'Ransacking' Recaptured Boko Haram Territory for Elusive Leader: Defense Minister
Ex-Ivory Coast First Lady Simone Gbagbo Acquitted of War Crimes
It Was a Brutal Killing That Shocked Afghanistan. Now, the Outrage Has Faded.
Malaysian PM Tells France Not Ready to Decide on Buying Rafale Jets
US Says Not Seeking Venezuela's Immediate Suspension From Bloc
Argentina Has 'Very Small' Budget to Buy Defense Aircraft: Minister
The War at Home
Lawsuit Seeks Data Over Searches of Electronics at US Border
Three Iraqis Living in US Accused of Hiding Ties to Kidnapper
Pelosi Reads Out J Street-Backed Two-State Letter at AIPAC Confab
Former Democratic Senators Advised Group Funding Anti-Muslim Extremist Frank Gaffney
TSA Defends Pat-Down of Texas Boy; Countless Others Creeped Out
Syrian-American Mayor Signs His Own Executive Order to Welcome Migrants In
After London Attack, Government Scapegoats Whatsapp
Scottish Parliament Passes Motion in Favor of Referendum on Independence
UK Government Rejects Scotland's Bid for Second Independence Referendum
Russia Calls US Black Sea Naval Patrols Potential Threat: RIA
NATO and Russia to Meet Again, Edge Toward Regular Talks
Hungary Opens Shipping Container Camp for Refugees
Human Rights Groups Criticize Hungary Over Detention Camps
Germany Arrests Afghan Suspected of Helping Kill US Soldiers
Despite Concerns, Germany Approves Sale of Nuclear Fuel Elements to Belgian Reactors
Tillerson to Press NATO on Defense Spending: Official
Carlos the Jackal Gets Third Life Sentence After Conviction for 1974 Paris Attack
Central European Leaders Vow Not to Be Blackmailed by EU on Migration
While Trump Is Preparing for Xi Jinping's Visit, His Pick for Ambassador to China Is Still Governing Iowa
China Army Drills on Myanmar Border Amid Tensions
Wary of Trump, China Launches EU Charm Offensive: Diplomats
China Says Taiwan Man Investigated for Harming National Security
Kashmir: Three Killed in Violent Protests After Firefight
Hardline Hindu Priest a Handful for Modi in Heartland Indian State
Attacks on Nigerian Students Shock India
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