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Updated April 5, 2017 - 9:25 PM EDT
Trump Slams Syria, US Hints at Unilateral Action
  US, Britain, and France All Blame Assad for Syria Gas Attack
  Dozens Killed in Wave of Attacks in Iraq's Tikrit
More US Strikes in Yemen Last Month Than 2016
  Yemen Forces Prepare to Move on Main Port, Civilians at Risk
US: North Korea Missile Test Ends in Fiery Crash
  White House: ' Clock Has Now Run Out' on North Korea
Air Force Preparing for 'Evolving Threat' in Space
  Stratcom Commander: Drones Might Attack US Nukes
Russia Metro Suicide Bomber Identified, 14 Dead
Bannon Loses Security Council Role in Trump Shakeup
'Extreme Vetting': Visitors Would Have to Give Passwords
More Chickenhawks on Parade for War With Russia  by Philip Giraldi
US Military Should Get Out of the Middle East  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
Reps. Invoke War Powers as Trump Mulls Pushing Yemen Into Famine  by Robert Naiman
Boomerang: 'Russia-Gate' Turns Into 'Spy-Gate'  by Justin Raimondo
The Teflon Wars  by Tom Engelhardt
Why Is Everyone So Blasé About Unconstitutional Foreign Policy?  by Bonnie Kristian

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Four More Vets Say They Were Tricked Into Lobbying for Saudis
UN: 40-50 Years Needed to Clear Weapons in Iraq and Syria
UK Navy Orders Spanish Warship Out of Gibraltar Waters
Kirkuk Flag Drama Draws in Turkey and Iran; 181 Killed in Iraq
Number of People Displaced From Mosul Exceeds 300,000: UN
Kirkuk Council Votes for Referendum on Joining Iraqi Kurdistan
Turkey's Erdogan Calls on Iraqi Kurds to Lower Kurdish Flag in Kirkuk
UN Expands Civilian Camps as Air Strikes Resume on Mosul
Suspected Syria Gas Attack 'Consequence' of US Remarks on Assad: Syria Opposition
Syrians Risk All in Flight From Raqqa
The Syrian Rebel Who Tried to Build an Islamist Paradise
EU, UN Assess Syria's Reconstruction Needs as Donors Gather
Turkey Arrests Chechen Man Carrying Explosives on Syrian Border: Military
EU Critcizes Israel's West Bank Demolitions Policy
Hamas Tells 'Collaborators' to Turn Selves in Amid Hunt for Assassins
Two Border Guards Charged With Beating Arab Man in Jerusalem
Middle East
Eight Killed in Turkish Operation Against Kurdish Militants: Governor
Arrests in Iran Show Rouhani's Difficulty Shielding Reformists Ahead of Vote
Afghanistan Sacks Top Generals Over Brazen Hospital Attack
The War at Home
Lawmakers Move to Stop Warrantless Cellphone Searches at the US Border
NYPD Officers Accessed Black Lives Matter Activists' Texts, Documents Show
FBI: ISIS Suspect Dreamed of Killing and Torturing Americans
House Panel Will Look Into Dispute Over Agent Orange Benefits for Navy Veterans
Anger as Berlin Refuses to Light Brandenburg Gate in Russian Colors After Attack
London Police Arrest Terror Suspect Trying to Leave UK on Train
Germany Waters Down Plan for Social Media Fines Over Hate Speech
Tusk Says EU Stands Firm on Keeping Balkan Migrant Routes Closed
Boko Haram Video Denies Claims of Starvation in Northeast Nigeria Forest
Nigeria's Parliament to Investigate Lack of Funds for Delta Militant Amnesty
Somalia's Al Shabaab Takes Town After Ethiopian Troops Leave, Official Says
Somali Pirates Seize Pakistani Vessel: US Media
Sudan/South Sudan
US Wants 'Proof' of Progress by Sudan's Government on Darfur
Refugees Recount South Sudan Attack: 'if You Ran, You Got Shot'
Venezuela Security Forces Battle Anti-Maduro Protesters
UN Calls for Investigation Into Killing of Paraguayan Protester
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Boomerang: 'Russia-gate' Turns Into 'Spy-gate'

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Trump's Military Budget Is Not NATO's Fault

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Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Do Orcs Love Their Children Too?

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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