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Updated April 16, 2017 - 10:14 PM EDT
Bomb Hits Bus of Syrian Evacuees, 126 Killed
  Syrian Rebels, Shi'ites Evacuate in Huge 'Town Swap' Deal
North Korea Test Launch of Missile Fails
  China Warns of North Korea Conflict 'At Any Moment'
  Pentagon Denies US May Attack North Korea Over Nuke Test Plans
  Japan Mulls Evacuation From South Korea Amid War Concerns
  Amid War Talk, South Koreans Go on With Their Lives
  Raimondo: No Military Solution to the North Korea Conundrum
MOAB in Afghanistan Yields Questionable Results
  US Refuses to Attend Moscow Conference on Afghan Peace
Turkish Referendum 'Yes' Wins Narrowly: 51.4%
US Sending Troops to Somalia; First in 24 Years
Leaks: NSA Penetrated Mideast Banking Networks
New Revelations Belie Trump Claims on Syria Chemical Attack  by Gareth Porter
Iran's 'Deep State' Could Unseat Rouhani  by Muhammad Sahimi
Trump Channels Hillary Clinton: From America First to America Last  by Doug Bandow
The Syria 'Chemical Attack': Cui Bono?  by Uri Avnery
What a Perverse Presidential Incentive System!  by Sheldon Richman
Trump, Russia, and NATO: Why Tiny Montenegro's Not Tiny Now  by Ted Snider

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Remember When Mike Pompeo Loved WikiLeaks?
US Sending F-35 Fighters to Europe for Training
Ecuador Election Council Agrees to Recount 1.3 Million Votes
Leaked NSA Malware Threatens Windows Users Around the World
Chlorine Gas Sickens Soldiers; 21 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Christians Return to Ransacked Town With Fear and Hope
Russia Warns US of 'Grave Consequences' of Further Syria Intervention
'Two Years Under Siege, and It Ends With Displacement'
Palestinian Man Fatally Stabs British Woman on Jerusalem Train
An Israeli Soldier Shot a Palestinian in Front of Her Kids. Where's Her Compensation?
Suspected Kurdish Militant Attack Kills Two in Turkey's Southeast: Military Sources
Erdogan Benefits From Split in Turkish Nationalist Opposition
Middle East
Germany Sells Arms to UAE Despite Yemen Conflict
Iran President Hassan Rouhani to Seek Second Term
Trump's Deepening Embrace of Bahrain's Repressive Monarchy May Lead to More Instability
US Defense Chief to Visit Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel Next Week
Lebanon Urged to Do More to Trace Thousands Missing From Civil War
Most Arabs Believe Foreign Intervention Gave Rise to ISIS, Survey Finds
UN Chief Warns That Libya Risks a Return to Wide Conflict
One Soldier, Three Policemen Dead in Nigeria
Three Aid Workers Killed in Restive South Sudan
Two Suspects in Congo Murder of UN Workers Arrested; One Escapes
Tanzania: Police Officers Die in Ambush Near Dar Es Salaam
Ivory Coast Convicts Ex-Soldiers for Civil War-Era Expat Murders
Riots, Looting in Venezuela; Opposition Leaders Arrested
Mexican Journalist Killed on Baja California Peninsula
North Korea Starts Celebrating Birthday of Country's Founder
Troops Mass in Pyongyang Show of Strength
North Korean Nuclear Test Will Be When Leaders See Fit, Vice Minister Says
China's Dilemma Over North Korea on Show at Border
Trump Strategy on North Korea: 'Maximum Pressure and Engagement'
Rain in Pyongyang as North Koreans Prepare for 'Day of the Sun'
Russia Urges 'Restraint' Over North Korea Tensions: Kremlin
Mike Morell, CIA Former Deputy Chief: US Making North Korean Relations Worse With 'Bluster'
MOAB Attack on ISIS Was a Baffling Choice in Cold-Blooded Terms of Cost
US: 36 ISIS Fighters Killed by Massive Bomb
ISIS Denies Any of Its Fighters Killed by 'Mother of All Bombs'
MOAB Strike Didn't Need Trump's Approval, Officials Say
'It Was the Sound of Hell' Say Afghans From the Site of the Megabomb Blast
'Right Time' to Use Huge Bomb in Afghanistan: US General
12 Killed During Military Raid in Central Pakistan
Students at Pakistani University Lynch Classmate Falsely Accused of Blasphemy
India Probes Video of 'Human Shield' in Kashmir
Doubts About Letters Claiming Islamist Motive for German Attack: Prosecutors
Kosovo Warns of Easter Attack Plots, Beefs Up Security
Russian Newspaper Fears for Staff After Chechen Clerics Vow Vengeance
More Than 2,000 Migrants Rescued in Dramatic Day in Mediterranean
Uzbekistan Says Told West That Stockholm Attack Suspect Was ISIS Recruit
Americans Still Dying
Maryland Green Beret Killed in Combat in Afghanistan
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What a Perverse Presidential Incentive System!

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