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Updated April 18, 2017 - 10:39 PM EDT
US, Syrian, and Russian Airstrikes Kill Dozens
  MIT Expert: Latest Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Was Staged
US Surprised: Volleyball Game at NK Nuclear Site
  US Carrier Strike Group Actually Nowhere Near North Korea
  North Korea: Nuclear War May 'Break Out Any Minute'
  Pence: Syria, Afghan Strikes Are Message to North Korea
  Russia, China Send Recon Ships to Track US Carrier Near N. Korea
Iraq: ISIS Could Regroup in Kirkuk Province
  Iraq VP: ISIS Seeking Alliance With al-Qaeda
  7th Month of Invasion: Iraq Troops Still Stuck in Mosul's 'Old City'
FBI Agrees to Give Records to
Karzai: Trump Committed an Atrocity With MOAB
Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Terrorist. Murderer. Federal Informant?
Pentagon Announces Start of Nuclear Posture Review
Why The Donald Should Cool It On North Korea  by David Stockman
Donald Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies in Four Countries  by Chris Ernesto
Thomas Friedman's Perverse Love Affair With ISIS  by Adam Johnson
War Cries Drown Out 'America First'  by Patrick J. Buchanan
What Russia-Gate Has Wrought  by Robert Parry
17 Rules for Foreign Interventions  by George Liebmann

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Russian State TV Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-Un
Clashes Erupt Between Sinai Tribes and ISIS Militants
Thousands of Migrants Rescued in 3 Days in Mediterranean
US to Hold UN Human Rights Meeting After Deal With Russia
Baghdadi Aide Shot to Death Near Mosul; 117 Killed in Iraq
For Syrian Evacuees, Bus Bombing a Tragic End to a Tragic Deal
Syria Forces on the Offensive in Central Hama Province
Triumphant Erdogan Swats Away Western Criticism of Referendum
Trump Congratulates Erdogan on Referendum Win: Turkish State Media
Turkey Extends State of Emergency
Turkey's Erdogan Declares Referendum Victory, Opponents Plan Challenge
Turkish Referendum Was 'Unlevel Playing Field': Monitors
US Says Notes Concerns of European Monitors in Turkey Referendum
White House Will Not Comment on Turkey Referendum Before Observers' Report
At Istanbul Rally, Erdogan Supporters Underwhelmed by His Slim Win
Wary Israel Tried to Conceal East Jerusalem's Annexation in 1967, Documents Reveal
Palestinian Leader Barghouti Placed in Solitary Over Hunger Strike; Clashes in West Bank
Settler Accused of Throwing Stones at Soldiers Released for Lack of Evidence
Iran Poll Shows Rouhani Could Lose Vote Despite Popularity
Russian Investigators Question New Suspect Over Metro Bombing
Russia Checking Threats Against Newspaper Over Chechnya Coverage
Maduro Orders Venezuela Army Into Streets
Venezuela's Maduro Seeks to Expand Armed Civilian Militias
The War at Home
The American Government's Secret Plan for Surviving the End of the World
Microsoft Mysteriously Fixed Security Gaps Allegedly Used by US Spies a Month Before They Leaked
What Windows Users Should Know About the Latest Bugs Revealed by NSA Leakers
Contractor Whose Business Model Is Price Gouging the Pentagon Has Powerful Wall St. Backers
One Soldier Dead, Two Injured in Army Helicopter Crash in Maryland
Russia Says Hopes US Will Not Act Unilaterally Against North Korea
Spicer: Trump Won't Draw 'Red Lines' on North Korea
North Korea Accuses US of Creating Situation for Nuclear War
North Korean Official Says Will Continue Missile Tests: BBC
China Reiterates Opposition to South Korea's THAAD Anti-Missile System
Violence Spikes in Indian Kashmir After Videos Inflame Tension
Pakistan Urges US to Help Defuse Tensions With India Over Kashmir
Top Trump Aide in Pakistan Says Terrorism Must Be Fought 'in All Forms': US
Indonesia Police Thwart Plan by Hardline Muslims to Guard Poll Stations
Kyrgyzstan Jails Three Opposition Members Over Coup Plot
UN Says Japanese Troops Start Withdrawing From South Sudan Mission
Al Jazeera Reporter: My 1,124 Hours of Solitary Confinement in Egypt Prison
Colombia Government Not Amused by Trump-Uribe Encounter
Paraguay President Says Will Not Run in 2018 Election
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