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Updated April 19, 2017 - 8:30 PM EDT
US, Syrian, and Russian Airstrikes Kill Dozens
  Report: US Attack on Mosque Full of Civilians 'Likely Unlawful'
Carrier Strike Group Actually Heading to Korea
  US Surprised: Volleyball Game at NK Nuclear Site
  In South Korea, War Hysteria Is Seen as an American Problem
  Pentagon To Test to Practice Shooting Down North Korean Missiles
US Marines Headed to South Afghanistan
  Hawks Seek Massive Escalation, Open-Ended War in Afghanistan
Israel Rules Out Talks With Hunger-Strikers
  Michael Oren Slams NYT for 'Journalistic Terrorism'
FBI Agrees to Give Records to
US Spies Successfully Hacked Russian, Iranian Targets
Pandora's Box 2020: The Threat of Routine Nuclear Warfare  by Jason Ditz
Pompeo vs. WikiLeaks: It's No Contest  by Thomas Knapp
When ISIS Is Defeated: Who Will Fill the Intellectual Vacuum in the Arab World?  by Ramzy Baroud
Who Really Started the Korean War?  by Justin Raimondo
The Cost of Free-Riding  by Ted Galen Carpenter
A Turkey Divided by Erdogan Will Become Prey for Enemies  by Patrick Cockburn

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Fresno Shooting Leaves Three Dead With Gunman 'Shouting Allahu Akbar'
Windows Users Urged to Update After Major NSA Hacking Tool Release
Power Crisis Leaves Gaza's Main Hospital on the Brink
Birthright Faces J Street-Led Protest Over Israel Travel Ban
Massive Air Exercise Max Thunder 17 Gets Underway on Korean Peninsula
Pence: It's Time for North Korea to 'Get the Message'
Mattis: N. Korea's Failed Missile Launch a Reckless Provocation
Pence Says Trade With South Korea Must Change
Pence Assures Japan: America Is With You '100 Percent'
A Former Spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban Surrenders
Pakistan Professor From Minority Ahmadi Sect Fatally Stabbed
Senior Afghan Aide Says Sacking Unfair, Will Further Destabilize Country
Indonesian Capital to Elect Leader as Religious Tensions Rise
Philippines Police Describe Kill Rewards, Staged Crime Scenes in Duterte's Drug War
Myanmar Publisher Who Criticized Establishment Is Found Stabbed to Death
UK Prime Minister Calls Elections in June Amid Brexit Fallout
Early UK Election Will Not Affect Brexit Timetable: Spokesman
Election a Chance for Scotland to Boost Mandate for Independence Vote: Sturgeon
Russia Metro Bombing Suspect Says He Was Unwitting Accomplice
Russia's New Arctic Trefoil Military Base Unveiled With Virtual Tour
Guns, Explosives Found at Marseille Flat in Foiled Pre-Election Attack: Prosecutor
Authorities in Azerbaijan Use Jail, Militia to Stifle Protest Movement
EU Urged to Save More Migrants at Sea, Not Patrol 'Make-Believe Border'
Warnings of Violence as Venezuela Braces for Protests
Detained Opposition Activists Say Venezuela Authorities Tortured Them
Colombian Nun Kidnapped in Mali Is Being Held by Militants: Police
Military Officer Jailed in Torture of Chile President's Father Is Freed
Temporary Bridge Opens in Mosul; 108 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Opens New Tigris Bridge Escape Route for People Fleeing Mosul
US-Allied Syrian Groups Form Civilian Council to Run Raqqasian Airstrikes Kill Dozens of Civilians
Observer Says 2.5 Million Turkish Referendum Votes Could Have Been Manipulated
Turkish Bar Association Says Electoral Board Violated Law During Referendum
Turkey's Main Opposition Says to Formally Seek Annulment of Referendum
Police Helicopter Crashes in Turkey With 12 on Board
Turkey Must Investigate Referendum Doubts: European Commission
Friendly Fire Downs Saudi Helicopter in Yemen
Houthi Attack Injures Five Civilians in Saudi Border City
Yemen War Needs a Political Solution: Mattis
Ethiopia Unrest Killed 669 in Three Regions: Report
Ethiopia Rejects UN Investigation Over Protest Deaths
'Jihadists' Kill 5 Soldiers in Mali's North
French, Mali Forces Kill 12 Extremists After Attack on Army
ISIS Claims Attack on Egypt Police Checkpoint
South Sudan Refugees Release UN Congo Mission Staff
US Denies Reports of Air Strikes in Somalia
Watchdog Says Sudan May Have Violated Arms Embargo
Libya Fishermen Find 28 Dead Migrants in Boat Offshore: Official
Hunt for Kidnapped Chibok Girls May Take Years, Nigeria General Says
Zambian Opposition Leader Charged With Trying to Overthrow Government
UN Voices Concern About Surge in Forced Disappearances, Killings in Burundi
US Marines Arrive in Darwin for Australia, China Exercises
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