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Updated April 20, 2017 - 11:16 PM EDT
US Prepares Charges to Arrest Julian Assange
ISIS Claims Credit for Policeman Killed in Paris
US Troops Fighting Afghan ISIS at Site of MOAB
State Dept Tries to Torpedo Iran Nuclear Deal
CIA, FBI Manhunt for Top-Secret Wiki-Leaker
  Assange: WikiLeaks Will Show 'All Sorts of Illegal Actions by CIA'
  Julian Assange Talks Trump, Russia, and Hillary Clinton
Missile Attack on Syria Justified With Fake Intel
  US, Iraq Trying to Quash Coverage of ISIS Chemical Attacks
  Syria Evacuations Resume, Last Rebels Leave Zabadani
Carrier Strike Group Actually Heading to Korea
  Pence to North Korea: the Sword Stands Ready
Pentagon, Aid Workers Clash Over Planned Yemen Assault
  US Drone Strike Kills Four 'Suspects' in Central Yemen
Experts: Costly US Missile Defense Probably Doesn't Work
Fears of Being Blamed for Terrorism Hamper Charity Work
UN Won't Order Russia to Stop Supporting Ukraine Rebels
Through the 'War on Terror' Looking Glass  by Nicolas JS Davies
New York Times Mocks Skepticism on Syria-Sarin Claims  by Robert Parry
Donald Trump Has Raised His Approval Ratings by Embracing His Inner Bomb  by Annalisa Merelli
How the US Government Spins the Story  by Philip Giraldi
Syria and the Danger of Elite Consensus  by A. Trevor Thrall
NATO's Real Alliance Dilemma  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Lindsey Graham Heaps Praise on Trump: 'I'm All In'
Mali Too Hot for Half of Germany's Military Vehicles
Sessions: MS-13 Gang Could Be Designated as Terrorist Organization
UN Holocaust Files Finally Released Reveal Allies' Knowledge
Flashback 2013: UN Sources Say Syrian Rebels – Not Assad – Used Sarin Gas
Sarin or Similar Used in Idlib Attack: Chemical Weapons Watchdog
Thousands Evacuated After Deadly Syria Bombing
Aleppo Bomb Blast Kills Six: Syrian State TV
Syria Moved Aircraft Out of US-Bombed Airstrip to Russian Base
Senior IDF Officer: US Attack on Syria Was No Turning Point
US Weighs Giving Saudis More Military Aid for Yemen Efforts
Houthi Attack Injures Five Civilians in Saudi Border City
Palestinian President Abbas: Ready to Meet With Trump, Netanyahu in Washington
Palestinian Prisoners Hope to Use Rare Collective Action to Force Israeli Concessions
Palestinians Slam Israel for Refusing Talks
PM's Office Slams Likud MPs for Shouting Match With Bereaved Parents
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Who Rammed West Bank Bus Stop: Army
US Aircraft Carrier Revelation Leaves South Koreans Feeling Cheated
China Seriously Concerned by North Korean Warnings on Missile Tests, Nuclear War
US Must Keep Military Options Open on North Korea: House Speaker Ryan
US Considers Restoring Pyongyang to Terror Sponsor List: Tillerson
Pakistan Military Chief Signs Death Warrants for 30 Militants
Eight Jamaatul Ahrar Terrorists Killed in Sheikhupura Shootout
We Are Victim of State-Sponsored Terrorism, Pakistan Army Chiief Tells US
Philippine Leader May Launch 'Invasion' of Abu Sayyaf's Island Lair
Philippine Senator Calls for Probe Into Police Cash-for-Kill Claim
China Names Areas in Region Disputed With India to Assert Claims
Bomb, Gun Attacks Kill Two in Thailand's Deep South
Indonesian President Faces Twin Threats From Jakarta Poll
Cash-Strapped Venezuela a Major Funder of Trump Inauguration
Boy, Woman Killed in Venezuela Mass Protests
US Concerned Venezuela Not Allowing Opposition to Be Heard: Tillerson
Bodies Floating in Tigris River; 17 Killed in Iraq
US Approves $295.6 Million Military Equipment Sale to Iraq: Pentagon
As Bodies Wash Up From the Tigris, Some See Signs of Score-Settling in Iraq
ISIS Touts Chemical Weapons Attacks, but Iraqis, US Play It Down
Iraqi Unit With US and Australian Advisers Hit by ISIS Chemical Weapon
German FM in Baghdad Pledges Continued Support to Iraq
Turkey's Erdogan: Barack Obama Deceived Us Over PKK
White House: Trump's Call to Erdogan Wasn't an Endorsement of Referendum Results
Trump to Meet Turkey's Erdogan Ahead of NATO Summit in May
Impossible to Know Scale of Unstamped Turkish Votes: Lawyer
Turkey's Election Board Rejects Appeals to Annul Referendum
Turkey's Main Opposition Party to Stay in Parliament
Erdogan Death Penalty Vow Likely to Be Tough Sell in Divided Turkey
Middle East
Emirates Cuts Flights to US, Citing Less Demand Under Trump's Policies
Revolutionary Guard General Takes Over as New Iranian Ambassador in Iraq
UN Discovers 17 Mass Graves in Central Congo
Egypt Police Kill Gunman Linked to Attack Near St. Catherine's Monastery
UN Says 82 Aid Workers Killed in South Sudan's Three-Year War
Nigeria's Army Launches Month-Long Operation to Stem Deadly Ethnic Violence
Ugandan Army Calls Off Search for Joseph Kony
Zimbabwean Opposition Leaders Ally to Challenge Mugabe
UN Court Orders Russia to Halt Discrimination of Crimean Tartar Minority
Chechen Leader Denies Arrest of Gays
France Election Terror Plot: ISIS Flag and Wig Found Alongside Explosives at Home of Extremists
Suspect in Foiled French Election Attack Also Sought by Belgium
UK Parliament Votes in Favor of Snap Poll
Small Explosive Device Damages Eurobank Offices in Athens, No Injuries
Finland Aims to Fast-Track New Intelligence Laws to Avert Terrorism
Ecuador Vote Recount Confirms Moreno as Next President
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