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Updated April 24, 2017 - 11:22 PM EDT
Taliban Attack on Afghan Army Base Kills 163
  Results of US MOAB Strike in Afghanistan Remain Unknown
Jane's: ISIS Would Benefit From Assad's Downfall
  Israel Attacks Syrian Army Base, Killing Three
  Al-Qaeda Chief: Syria Jihadists Should Wage 'Patient' Guerilla War
US to Increase Support for Saudis in Yemen
Tensions With North Korea Rise as Volleyball Game Ends
Serbia: Albania Bid to Annex Kosovo Could Lead to War
Why Do We Want a Cooperative Relationship With Russia?  by George D. O’Neill Jr.
CIA Fights Disclosure of Secret Aid to Israel  by Grant Smith
Why the Heck Is No One Talking About Nukes?  by Alexander Zaitchik
Whither France?  by Justin Raimondo
US 'Deep State' Sold Out Counter-Terrorism to Keep Itself in Business  by Gareth Porter
Is Turkey Still a Bridge to the West?  by Doug Bandow

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'Silent Protest' Over 20 Deaths in Venezuela
10,000 Windows Computers May Be Infected by Advanced NSA Backdoor
Transcript of AP Interview With Trump
As US Prioritizes Julian Assange Arrest, UK Hints Sweden Comes First
Civilians Killed in Mosul Clashes; 180 Killed in Iraq
Western Iraq Ambush on Military Convoy Kills 10
Hundreds More Join Mosul Exodus as Iraqi Forces Retake Two More Western Districts
ISIS Attacks Iraq Police Base, One Killed
Born in the 'Caliphate': the Iraqi Children Without a Country
Pitched Battles in Syria Reported Near ISIS Raqqa Stronghold
Opposition: Missiles Knock Out Hospital in Syria's North
Russia Upset Over Being Blocked From Syria Chemical Weapons Investigation
UK Labour Party Leader Corbyn Says Could Suspend Syria Air Strikes if Elected
Major Highway From Aleppo to East Syria Reopened for the First Time in Five Years
Plight of Palestinian Refugees Now Spans Five Generations
Child Injured in Hebron by Israeli Settler
Clashes Erupt After Settlers Said to Attack Palestinian Homes in West Bank
Israel-China Construction Deal Reportedly Bans Settlements
Israeli Sets Up New 'Jewish-Arab' West Bank Outpost, to Chagrin of Settler Neighbors
Four Israelis Wounded in Tel Aviv Stabbing Spree
Israel Cautiously Optimistic as Abbas Inches Toward Summit
UN Gaza Staffer Out After Allegations of Hamas Ties
Turkey Claims Killing 13 PKK Guerrillas
Turkey Releases Two Pro-Kurdish Lawmakers in Diyarbakir: Basnews
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Elected to UN Women's Rights Commission
Saudi Arabia Restores Civil Service and Military Allowances
Middle East
Trump Team Raises Rhetoric Against Iran
Yemen Missile Seriously Wounds AFP Photographer, Officer
Lebanese Army Says ISIS Leader Killed, 10 Arrested Near Syria Border
US Defense Secretary Visits Qatar
US Counting on French Anti-Terror Ops in Africa: Mattis
Two Suspected ISIS Adherents Killed in Russia
Russian Soldier Killed by Knife Attack in Armenian City
American Monitor Killed in Ukraine When Mine Hits Vehicle
German Intelligence Spied on Interpol: Spiegel
Lockerbie Bombing: Megrahi Family to Launch UK Appeal Bid
'Shortage of Coffins' After Taliban Slaughter Unarmed Soldiers
Taliban Leader Killed in US Airstrike
Taliban Attack Prompts Resignation Calls in Afghanistan
Chances of Imminent War With North Korea 'Wildly Overblown,' US Experts Say
US Carrier Heading for Korea Trains With Japanese Destroyers
North Korea Is Said to Detain Another US Citizen
Peaceful Outcome for Korean Peninsula Still Possible: Pence
Army Says Bomb Kills Four Soldiers in Southwest Pakistan
Hundreds of Baloch Rebels Surrender to Pakistan Govt
Abu Sayyaf Militants Behead Kidnapped Philippine Soldier: Army
Philippine Troops Shoot Down Three More Kidnappers on Bohol
ISIS-Linked Abu Sayyaf Leader Killed on Philippine Resort Island
Critic of Duterte Lauds Policemen Over Cash-For-Kills Claim
China, Philippines Spar Over Military Visit to Island
Chinese Jihadis' Rise in Syria Raises Concerns at Home
China Tries to Drive Away Planes Carrying Top Filipino Officials
Five Indian Families, Including Children, Disappear to Join ISIS
Prominent Blogger Stabbed to Death in Maldives Capital
Roadside Bomb Kills Eight Soldiers in Somalia's Puntland
Al-Shabaab Warns Against Western Education
Gunmen Wound Celebrated Conservationist Gallmann in Kenya
Kenya Cancels Elections After Too Many Voters Turn Up
Morocco, US Stage Joint Military Exercise
Morocco Summons Algeria Envoy Over Syrian Refugees
Egypt, US Start Joint Naval Drills in Red Sea
Pentagon Chief Visits Djibouti, Home to Key US Base
As ISIS Grows in Tunisia, a Family Hurts From Within
Dutch Arms Trafficker to Liberia Given War Crimes Conviction
Six Bodies Found Buried in Ditch Outside Mexico's Acapulco
Nine Killed in Drug Gang Shootout in Mexican Mountain Village
Venezuela Opposition Boss Asks Wall Street to Cut Off Maduro
Director of Guatemala Prison Holding Gang Members Is Slain
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