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Updated May 2, 2017 - 10:22 PM EDT
Trump: Would Be ‘Honored’ to Meet Kim Jong-un
  Trump: Americans 'Probably Not Safe' From North Korea
Shi'ite Militias Using Mosul for Revenge on Sunnis
  4,033 Killed in Iraq During April
US Dropping Bombs Quicker Than They Can Be Replaced
  Congress Adds Billions in Military Funding; Trump Seeks More
  Agency Responsible for US Nukes Is Lax in Fighting Fraud
In Palestinian Power Struggle, Hamas Moderates Stand
Afghanistan Civilian Casualties at Record Highs
FBI Translator Went Rogue and Married an ISIS Terrorist
Trump Defends Inviting Philippines President to WH
UAE Shows Growing Regional Military Ambitions
Preident Trump: You Can't Fight the Whole World  by Eric Margolis
Trump Surrenders to the Iron Law of Oligarchy  by Dan Sanchez
Do Any of Candidate Trump's Foreign-Policy Promises Still Stand?  by Doug Bandow
How the Russia Spin Got So Much Torque  by Norman Solomon
Abbas Fears the Growing Influence of Barghouti  by Jonathan Cook
The Folly of Wilsonism  The American Conservative

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Pentagon: 14,900 Sexual Assaults in US Military Last Year
Oliver Stone Interviews Putin for Showtime Series
UN Rights Chief 'Watching US Very Carefully' Under Trump
Protesters Storm Macedonian Parliament
Military Photographer Among 64 Killed in Iraq
US-Backed Militias Oust ISIS From Syria's Tabqa Old City
Erdogan: Turkey to Hold Referendum on EU Membership
Police Fire Tear Gas, Detain 165 After Istanbul May Day Protests
UN Rights Chief Questions Due Process in Turkey Purges
Hamas Accepts Palestinian State With 1967 Borders
Israel Says Hamas Trying to Fool the World With New Policy Paper
Right-Wing Protesters Disrupt Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremonies
Trump to Continue Talking to Netanyahu About Settlements
Israel Refuses to Extradite Alleged War Criminal Wanted in Argentina
UN Rights Chief Warns Against Saudi-Led Attack on Yemen Port
Facing Protests, Venezuela's Maduro Triggers Constitutional Shakeup
Venezuela Congress Head Calls on Venezuelans to Rebel
Tear Gas Chokes May Day in Volatile Venezuela
US Supreme Court Sides With Venezuela Over Oil Rigs Claim
Shootout Leaves Eight Dead Near Mexico's Los Cabos Tourist Hub
Eight Killed as Military Plane Crashes Near Colombia Capital
US Issues Travel Alert for Europe, Citing Threat of Terrorist Attacks
Echoes of Colonial Conflict in Algeria Reverberate in French Politics
US Urges Macedonia to End Political Crisis, Form New Govt
Swedish Police Make Arrest in Arson Probe Into Shi'ite Mosque Fire
South Korean Media Is Warning About 'Trump's Mouth' Threatening US Alliance
Trump: Americans Probably Not Safe From North Korean Nuclear Threat
Mike Pompeo, CIA Chief, Visits South Korea as Tensions Grow With North
South Korea Says US Anti-Missile System Is Operating and Can Defend Against Potential North Korean Missiles
Trump Calls Thailand, Singapore Leaders Amid Looming North Korea Threat
NATO Chief Says Alliance Could Increase Troops in Afghanistan in Face of Intensifying Insurgency
Canada Defense Minister Sorry for Exaggerating Military Role in Afghanistan
Death Toll Among Afghan Forces at 807 in Jan-Feb, Says Report
India Says Two Soldiers Killed, Mutilated by Pakistani Troops
Pakistan Extends House Arrest of Islamist Blamed for Mumbai Attack
Japan Sends Biggest Warship to Protect US Supply Vessel
Philippines' Duterte Gives China Free Pass Over Sea Row
Sri Lanka Intercepts Boat Carrying 30 Rohingya Refugees
Thai Navy Defends Submarine Purchase, Shrugs Off Criticism
ISIS Militant Reportedly Burned Alive in Act of Revenge by Members of Bedouin Tribe in Egypt's Sinai
South Africa's Zuma Quits May Day Rally After Boos From the Crowd
NPR Reporter Freed in South Sudan After Three Nights in Jail
Algerians to Elect New Parliament Amid Apathy, President's Absence
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Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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