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Updated May 22, 2017 - 11:23 PM EDT
Likely Suicide Bombing Kills Several in UK
In Riyadh Speech, Trump Cozies Up to Saudis
  US Sets $350 Billion Arms Deal With Saudis on Trump Visit
  Defense Stocks Soar to All-Time Highs on US-Saudi Arms Deal
  Donald of Arabia: A Disgusting Spectacle
After Decisive Vote, Rouhani Pushes Diplomacy
  Trump Ignores Landslide Win for Iran's Reformists: Doesn't Fit Script
Mattis: Escalation Doesn't Threaten Civilians
  Iraq Special Forces Declare Victory in Mosul, but ISIS Remains
ISIS Bombs Kill 20 Rival Islamists in N. Syria
  ISIS Executes 19, Including Civilians, in Eastern Syria
Israel Made Gestures to Palestinians at Trump's Behest
  Israeli Police Evict Old City Residents Ahead of Trump Visit
Gulf States, US to Ink Agreement Against Terror Financing
Surprise Taliban Attack Kills 25 Police in S. Afghanistan
Killing CIA Informants, China Crippled US Spying Ops
Michael Flynn to Decline Subpoena, Invoke 5th Amendment
item Trump Puts US on Sunni Side of Bitter Sectarian War With Shias  by Patrick Cockburn
item Chelsea Manning Is Free – but Whistleblowers Still Face Prison  by Janine Jackson
item The Real Meaning of 'Sensitive' Intelligence  by Philip Giraldi
item Donald of Arabia: A Disgusting Spectacle  by Justin Raimondo
item Not Remembering the USS Liberty  by Ray McGovern
item The US-South Korea Alliance Is Now Asia's Oddest Couple  by Doug Bandow

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ISIS in the Caribbean: Why Trinidadians Fight in Syria and Iraq
White House Looking at Ethics Rule to Weaken Special Investigation
East Libyan Forces Launch Strikes After Base Attack
Yemen: Thousands Protest for Southern Secession
Julian Assange: 'WikiLeaks Will Always Be the Bad Boy'
Suicide Bombers Attack Soldiers in Mosul; 120 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Special Forces Declare Their Mosul Mission Complete
At Refugee Camp, Trump Envoy Haley Vows More Aid for Syrians
Syrian Rebels Begin to Leave Last Opposition-Held Homs District
Assad Vows to Continue Working With Iran After Rouhani Win
NBA Player Blames Anti-Erdogan Views for Detention in Romania
Turkish Police Kill Two Suspected ISIS Militants in Raid: Media
Turkey's Erdogan Vows Fight Against Enemies as Returns to Lead Party
Turkey's Pro-Kurd Party Elects New Co-Leader to Replace Jailed Predecessor
NATO Chief in Talks With Germany, Turkey Over Air Base Spat
Fuming Netanyahu Orders Ministers to Attend Trump's Reception After Most Refuse to Show Up
Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Compare Top IDF Official to Hitler, Army Service to Auschwitz

How Israel Is Targeting Palestinian Institutions

Western Wall Will Always Be Israeli, PM Says Ahead of Trump Visit
Israel Jails Writer Ahmad Qatamesh Without Charges
Israel Wants Trump to Stop Palestinian Payments to Prisoners and Families of Martyrs
Hamas Sentences Three Palestinians to Death Over Commander's Killing
US Embassy Move Would 'End Peace Process': PLO Official
Israeli, Indian Firms Ink $630 Million Missile Defense Deal
Hamas Decries Trump's Terror Allegation
Saudi FM: Trump Can Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal, and We'll Help
German Woman, Afghan Guard Killed in Kabul Guesthouse Attack
Three Killed, Dozens Wounded as Gunmen Storm Bank in Afghanistan
Kabul: There Is No Guarantee of Security
Police: Gunmen Kill Six Policemen in Attacks in Pakistan
30 Injured as Two Student Groups Clash at an Islamabad University
26 Militants Lay Down Weapons in Balochistan
North Korea
North Korea Says Missile Test Confirms Warhead Guidance
North Korean Missile Reached Altitude of About 560 Km: Official
UN Security Council to Meet Tuesday on North Korea Missile Test
North Korea Vows to Strengthen Nuclear-Strike Ability
Gunbattle Kills Four Rebels, Three Indian Soldiers in Kashmir
India Announces Policy for Strategic Partnerships in Defense
Three Years After Coup, Junta Is Deeply Embedded in Thai Life
Shut Out of UN Forum, Taiwan Slams China's 'Coercion and Threats'
Spain: Catalan Leader Won't Debate Secession in Parliament
New French Defense Minister Vows to Push EU Cooperation
Rescuers Pull 2,121 Migrants to Safety in Mediterranean
5,000 Refugees Rescued on Route to Italy From Libya
Saudi Arabia
Full Transcript of Trump's Speech to the Muslim World From Saudi Arabia
Trump Opens Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology With Egypt's Al-Sissi, Saudi Arabia's Salman
US-Saudi Arms Deal Includes Plan to Assemble 150 Blackhawks in Saudi Arabia: Official
White House Defends Trump's Saudi Speech as 'Tough'
Saudi Women Disappointed Trump Is No Obama When It Comes to Human Rights
GE Announces $15 Billion of Business Deals With Saudi Arabia
Saudi King Says Iran Is Terror Spear Tip
Blackstone, Saudi Fund to Invest $40 Bln in US Infrastructure
Saudi King Says Iran at Forefront of Global Terrorism
Israeli Minister Expresses Concern Over US-Saudi Arms Deal
Saudi King Salman Speech at the End of President Trump's Visit
Brooding Iran Hardliners Say They Must Still Be Heard After Rouhani Win
Iran's Zarif Urges Trump to Discuss Avoiding Another 9/11 With Saudis
Iran Strikes Back at US With More Reciprocal Sanctions
Tillerson: US Talks With Iran Will Come When Timing Is Right
Tillerson Says He Hopes Rouhani Ends Iran Missile Program in New Term
US Calls on Iran to Halt Support for 'Destabilizing Forces'
Trump Confirms US Ties With Bahrain Won't Face Tension
Bahrain's Top Shi'ite Cleric Gets One Year Suspended Jail Sentence
Middle East
Qatar Claims It Is Victim of Terror Smear Campaign
Yemen Foreign Minister: 'Our Enemies Want to Starve Us'
Lebanon Detains Iraqi Allegedly Spying for Israel
DR Congo
Congo Military Kills 47 Rebels
Two UN Experts Killed in Congo Had Little Preparation and No Protection
Deutsche Welle Calls for Release of Arrested Correspondent in DR Congo
22 Dead in Clashes Over Central African Republic Town: UN
Suicide Bombers Hit Nigerian University
Tunisia Protesters Close Oil Pumping Station After Army Standoff
One Killed in Northern Kenya After Rally Attended by President Kenyatta
UN Refugee Chief Urges Libya to Free Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Ethiopia Slams EU Call to Free Opposition Politicians
Egypt Refers 48 ISIS Suspects to Military Court Over Church Bombings
Venezuela Toll Rises to 48 Dead After Protester Is Killed
Venezuela's Maduro Attacks 'Fascist' Protesters for Setting Man Alight
Venezuelans Shut Down Capital Roads to Protest Government
Ecuador 'Did Its Duty' by Giving Assange Asylum, Correa Says
Protesters Call for Temer Resignation as Uncertainty Grips Brazil
The War at Home
Army to Test Microwave Weapon in New Mexico
Navy to Search Alaska Ocean Floor for WWII-Era Explosives
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