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Updated May 25, 2017 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Bombs East Syria Village, 50 Civilians Killed
  US Airstrikes Kill 16 Civilians West of Raqqa
US Admits Killing 105 Civilians in Mosul Strike
  US Troops in Firing Range of ISIS Fighters in Iraq
  US Army Lost Track of $1 Billion in Arms in Iraq in 2016
Israel Marks 50 Years Since Conquering Jerusalem
  Report: US Urging Israel to Transfer More of West Bank to PA Rule
  Why Jerusalem Is Not the Capital of Israel
Trump Demands More NATO Spending
  NATO Will Formally Join Anti-'ISIS' Coalition
Manchester Bomber Wanted Revenge for US Strikes in Syria
  UK Police Say US 'Breach of Trust' Over Manchester Leaks
US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Spike Ahead of Troop Decision
ISIS Forces Rampage Through S. Philippines City, Kill 21
item Manchester Bomber Was Product of West's Libya/Syria Intervention  by Daniel McAdams
item The $110 Billion Myth of Supporting Saudi Arabia's Defense Needs  by Patrick T. Hiller
item Trump Makes Netanyahu, and Adelson, Very Happy  by Philip Weiss
item Can Trump Salvage His Presidency in Syria's War?  by Shamus Cooke
item New Cracks in Russia-Gate 'Assessment'  by Robert Parry
item A Question for Every Parent: Is US Foreign Interventionism Worth It?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

More Viewpoints

Trump No Longer Considering Joe Lieberman as FBI Director
Navy Looks to Replenish Tomahawk Stockpile After Syria, Yemen Strikes
Qatar Claims Emir's Iran Comments Faked
ISIS Claims First Suicide Attack in Somalia
Egypt Blocks 21 Websites, Including Al Jazeera
Militants Blow Up Home With Civilians Sealed Inside; 103 Killed in Iraq
New Bridge Reunites Mosul as Iraqi Forces Gear Up for Final Assault
US, Russia Military Increase Communication in Skies Over Syria
Syrian Army Says Senior ISIS Militant Killed
Turkey's Erdogan: if Berlin Wants to Pull Troops, We'd Say 'Goodbye'
Turkey Orders Arrest of Scores of Municipality, Ministry Staff: Media
German MPs Cancel Turkey Visit After Security Detail Dropped
French Journalist Held by Turkey Begins Hunger Strike: Activist Group
Five Dead, 286 Arrested in Bahrain Raid
Bahrain Foreign Minister Blasts Hezbollah
Decades of Israeli Occupation Boil Down to a Single Word for Palestinians: Frustration
DM: 'Israel Doesn't Need Green Light From Washington for Settlement Building
Israeli Defense Chief 'Not at Peace' With Trump's Massive US-Saudi Arms Deal
Israel Alters Intelligence Sharing With US
Israel Defense Chief Appears to Confirm Trump Leaked Intel
Amnesty: Palestinian Writer Is 'Prisoner of Conscience'
Hamas to Execute Three Alleged Assassins Days After Found Guilty

Netanyahu: Temple Mount Will Be Under Israel's Control Forever

Middle East
Iran Slams US Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia
Australian National Kidnapped in Yemen Freed After 7 Months
Somali Islamists Kill Eight Kenyan Officers With Roadside Bombs
Al Shabaab Bombing in Somali Capital Kills Five, Injures Six
US, Britain, UN Wary of South Sudan Ceasefire Announcement
More Than 30 Migrants, Mostly Toddlers, Drown Off Libya: Rescuers
Egypt's Sisi Rejects Bashir Accusations, Says Not Conspiring Against Sudan
EU to Impose Sanctions on More Congo Officials: Diplomats
Ethiopian Court Convicts Journalist for Incitement of Violence
Venezuela Attorney General Blames Police for Injuries
Embattled Brazilian President Orders Troops to Restore Order
Socialist Lenin Moreno Sworn in as Ecuador President
Attack in Manchester
Manchester Attack: 'Fury' at US 'Evidence' Photos Leak
US Officials Leak More Manchester Details Hours After UK Rebuke
Photos Show Manchester Bomb Designed for Maximum Damage
Police: Manchester Bomber Was Part of Terror 'Network'
Libyans in UK 'Warned About Manchester Radicalisation for Years'
British Police Say Military to Guard Key London Sites
Manchester Bomber's Father, Brother Arrested in Tripoli
Manchester Bomber's Father Says He Did Not Expect Attack
Police Find More Explosives in Searches Following Manchester Bombing
Trump Tells Duterte of Two US Nuclear Subs in Korean Waters
Trump Calls North Korea Leader 'Madman' Who Cannot Be Let on the Loose
China Says No One Should Bring Chaos to Korean Peninsula
Philippines' Duterte May Place Entire Country Under Martial Law
Little-Known Maute Militants Becoming Formidable Force in Philippines
Mindanao: Churchgoers 'Taken Hostage' Amid Marawi Siege
Duterte Fires Drugs Board Chair for 'Contradicting Government
Defiant Duterte Threatens Harsh Measures as Thousands Flee Philippines Unrest
Trump Administration Expected to Reduce Military Aid to Pakistan
Pakistan Captures Taliban Leader Blamed for Three Bombings in Restive Southwest
Two Chinese Language Teachers Kidnapped in Pakistan
US Warship Sails Within 12 Miles of China-Claimed Reef
Ceasefire Violation: Indian Troops Target UN Military Observers Group Vehicle at LoC
Suspected Suicide Bombers Kill Three Police Officers, Wound 10 in Jakarta
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Seeks to Revive Peace Process With Fresh Talks
Nepal PM Resigns Ahead of Final Round of Local Elections
Sri Lanka Police Blamed for Not Stopping Attacks on Muslims
Thousands Protest Trump in Belgium
With Threat 'Very High', France Set to Extend State of Emergency
German Police Say Detain Nine Men Over Drugs, Four of Them Islamists
Finnish Court Clears Two Iraqi Men of Mass Killing Charge
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