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Updated May 31, 2017 - 10:55 PM EDT
UAE Forces Seize Aden Airport From Saudi Forces
Blast in Kabul's Diplomatic Quarter Kills 90
Report: 200 Iraqi Civilians Killed in Mosul Strikes
  ISIS Hits Baghdad Ramadan Observers, Kills 31
Russia Fires Cruise Missiles at ISIS in Syria
  Mismanagement Shadows US Arming Syrians
  US Arms Arrive in Syria, to Be Delivered to Kurdish Forces
  Syria Rebels: US Sending More Arms to Fight 'Iran-Backed Militias'
US Eyes $1.1 Trillion 2018 Nat'l Security Budget
  US Missile Defense 'Success' Doesn't Mean Battlefield Readiness
  America's $1.1 Trillion National Security Budget
S. Korea President 'Shocked' US Deployed More Missiles
Facing Deadline, Trump Still 'Undecided' on Embassy Move
UN: Yemen Faces 'Total Collapse' From Continued War
item The Trump Administration's Iran Policy Is Dangerous and Flawed  by Emma Ashford
item Trump's Visit to Israel: How Palestine Disappeared From US Media Coverage  by Ramzy Baroud
item You Cannot Fight a War Against Terror  by Mark E. Andersen
item Angela Merkel's Tears  by Justin Raimondo
item The Meaning of Assange's Persecution  by Marjorie Cohn
item WAPO Keeps Running Op-Eds by Lobbyists Pushing Their Clients' Weapons  by Adam Johnson

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Police Believe Manchester Bomber Salman Abedi Largely Acted Alone
More Than 80,000 American Service Members Remain Missing in Action
British Lawyer Shines Light on 'Dark Shadows' of Colonial Evictions
How Television Sold the Panama Invasion
Bloodshed in Baghdad; 84 Killed in Iraq
France Is 'Hunting Down Its Citizens Who Joined ISIS' in Iraq
Mosul Dam Risks Devastating Failure as Iraq Government Keeps Stalling
Australian Girl on Vacation Killed in Baghdad Car Bomb Blast
Iraq Approves $5 Billion Oil Refinery Project in Kurdistan's Kirkuk
UN Aid Chief Accuses Syria of Using Suffering as War Tactic
Syrian Held in Germany Over Berlin 'Suicide Attack Plan'
Turkey Declares Curfew in 43 Villages in Diyarbakir
Still Not Possible to Open Incirlik Base to Germany: Turkey Minister
As Yemen Faces Famine, UN Works to Avert Attack on Food Port
Oman Mediating Between Yemenis Over UN Peace Plan: Official
Israeli Forces Raid Palestinian-Jewish Protest Camp for Third Time in 10 Days
After Pressure From Israel, Denmark Reexamining Donations to Palestinian NGOs
Middle East
Iran's Vetting Body Certifies Rouhani's Re-Election
Two Saudi Policemen Hurt in Bombing in Restive Shi'ite Town
British Police Release Three Men Arrested in Connection Manchester Attack
Cyprus President Warns of Potential Deadlock in Peace Talks
German Police Detain Islamist; Official Says He Planned Berlin Attack
Greek Urban Guerrilla Group Claims Responsibility for Eurobank Attack
Macedonia's New PM Vows to Pursue Economic Reform, EU and NATO Membership
Colombia and FARC Rebels Extend Weapon Hand-In Deadline
Five Policemen Killed in Mexico Ambush Ahead of Key State Vote
Man Sentenced to 40 Years for Killing Guatemalan Journalist
The War at Home
US Says Expanding Laptop Ban 'Still on the Table'
UN Chief Warns if US Pulls Back, Others Will Fill Leadership Role
'Shadow Brokers' Threaten to Sell Spy Tools in July
Mississippi National Guardsman Dies, Three Injured in California Training
Kenyans Forced Off Tea Highlands by British Colonialists Seek Justice
Amnesty Says Egypt Law Threatens to Annihilate Rights Groups
As Many as 30 Migrants From Libya Feared Dead as Mediterranean Toll Tops 1,700: UN
South Sudan Soldiers Accused of Rape, Murder of Aid Workers Appear in Court
With Few Memories of Biafra War, Young Nigerians Renew Calls for Independence
UN Urges Algeria, Morocco to Release Trapped Syrian Refugees
Diplomats Concerned Over Rwanda Social Media Controls
Central African Republic Abuses May Be Crimes Against Humanity: UN
North Korea
US Believes China Is Trying to Stop North Korea Tests
China's Top Diplomat Wants Peaceful Resolution Over North Korea
Philippines Urges Islamist Rebels to Surrender as Battle Enters Eighth Day
Report: Maute Armed Group Using Child Soldiers in Marawi
Pakistanis Protest Against Increasing Power Cuts During Ramadan
Video Appears to Show Myanmar Soldiers Beating Captives
Gunmen Kill Aide of Afghan Insurgent Hekmatyar, Who Made Peace With Kabul
Indian PM's Party Leaders Charged Over 1992 Mosque Demolition
Australia Excluded From Indian Navy Drills
Venezuelan Opposition Condemns Goldman for $2.8 Billion Bond Deal
Venezuela Legislature to Ask US Congress to Probe Goldman Sachs Deal
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