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Updated June 1, 2017 - 11:17 PM EDT
UAE Forces Seize Aden Airport From Saudi Forces
Report: 200 Iraqi Civilians Killed in Mosul Strikes
  ISIS Closes Off Area at Key Mosul Mosque, Preparing for Major Fight
Blast in Kabul's Diplomatic Quarter Kills 90
  Kabul Bombing Adds to Hawks' Push for US Buildup in Afghanistan
Manila Casino Attack Kills 34, Not Terrorism
Trump Signs Waiver Delaying Israel Embassy Move
Russia Fires Cruise Missiles at ISIS in Syria
Egypt Likely Bombing the Wrong Targets in Libya
Blame Game for Cyber Attacks Grows Murkier
Gulf Arabs Increasingly Split Over Qatar's State Media
item Spying on You, Spying on Me, Spying on the President  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Censorship Tale
 by Bill Kauffman
item How the 1989 War on Noriega's Panama Super-Charged US Militarism  by Greg Grandin
item Mad Dog Shows His Bite  by Ray McGovern
item Libya & the Manchester Connection  by Alastair Sloan
item What Did John Brennan and Anonymous Sources Really Say?  by Philip Giraldi

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Snowden Says Democracy Under Threat by Attacks on 'Fake News'
New York Times Eliminates Its Public Editor
Trump Administration to Return Russian Compounds in Maryland and New York
UN: Israel Main Cause of Palestinian Suffering
When Zbigniew Brzezinski Almost Became Iran's Foreign Minister
Hundreds Reported Killed in Mosul Airstrikes; 117 Killed in Other Iraq Violence
13 Turkish Troops Die in Helicopter Crash Near Iraq Border
US-Led Coalition Strike Kills Founder of ISIS Media Outlet: Brother
Turkey Says US Support for Syrian Kurdish YPG 'Not Befitting' of an Ally
The Forgotten Syrian Secrets of the Golan Heights

Oil Tanker Attacked in Key Shipping Lane Off Yemen

The UAE's Military and Naval Reliance on Eritrea Makes the War in Yemen Even Riskier for US
Bahrain Outlaws Main Secular Opposition Group
Bahrain Opposition Leader Calls for UN Probe Into Protest Deaths
UN: Palestinian, Israeli Fatalities Drop in 2016
Israeli Documents From Days After War Have Familiar Ring 50 Years On
Middle East
Two Dead in School Shooting in Saudi Arabia; No Children Present
Three Turkish Soldiers Killed Fighting Kurdish Militants in Southeast: Security Sources
Three Army Officers and a Soldier Killed in Western Egypt
Roadside Bomb Targeting Police Kills Five in Kenya's North Coast
Over 40 Migrants Reported Dead in Sahara After Truck Breakdown
Aides of Ivory Coast Parliament Speaker Questioned Over Arms Cache
Venezuela Devalues Currency in Crisis Dollar Sale
Canada's Defense Minister Threatens Boeing Fighter Deal in Speech
US Homeland Security Chief Meets With Haitian Leaders
Two Peru Policemen Killed in Ambush by Suspected Drug Traffickers
French Jihadis Assassinated Abroad Deserve Their Fate: Government Spokesman
Amnesty Says France Using Terrorism Powers to Curb Peaceful Protests
The War at Home
Trump Seeks to Spend More on Nuclear Weapons but Buys Little Added Capability
Trump Expects Saudi Arabia to Invest Billions of Dollars in the US
US-Vietnam Deal Worth Billions: Trump
Florida Man Digging Pool in Backyard Finds Military Trash
Top Defense Contractor Left Sensitive Pentagon Files on Amazon Server With No Password
Why the EFF Is Suing the FBI for Records About Best Buy Geek Squad Informants
Kabul: Taliban Deny Involvement and Condemn the Attack
Kabul Bomb: Afghans Blame Haqqani and Pakistan
At Least 11 US Citizens Injured in Kabul Blast
Kabul: 'Would People Notice if We Call Explosion MOAB?'
Explosion in Kabul, Extensive Damage to German Embassy
Egypt Says Embassy Building 'Significantly' Damaged in Kabul Blast, Strongly Condemns Attack
Philippine Official Says Airstrike Killed 11 Soldiers in 'Friendly Fire' in City Attacked by Militants
Philippines President Duterte Says He 'Will Not Talk to Terrorists'
South Korea Defense Ministry 'Intentionally Dropped' THAAD Units in Report: Blue House
Japan Flustered by UN Human Rights Concerns
Myanmar to Probe Video That Appears to Show Soldiers Beating People
Manchester Attacker Bought Most Bomb Parts Himself: Police
British PM May Could Lose Majority in June 8 Election: YouGov Projection
Russia Says Expels Five Moldovan Diplomats in Tit-for-Tat Move
Russia Says Expels Two Estonian Diplomats in Retaliatory Move
Montenegro's PM Says Russia Has Secret Entry Ban for Its Officials
Cypriot Leaders to Meet UN Chief in New York on Sunday
Germany Seeks to Block NATO Summit in Turkey: Report
Lawyer Says Independent Azerbaijani Journalist Abducted in Georgia
Macedonia's Parliament Endorses New Government
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