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Updated June 2, 2017 - 11:28 PM EDT
Trump Moves to Keep CIA Torture Report Secret
US Hikes 'Combat Power' in Southern Syria
  Report: Syria Used IED to Target Southern Rebels
  Russia Says 'Systematically' Bombing ISIS Forces Fleeing Raqqa
Israel Rejects PA Demand to Cut Gaza Electricity
  Trump Signs Waiver Delaying Israel Embassy Move
3,050 Killed in Iraq During May
NATO Might Invoke Article 5 Over a Cyberattack
Top General: ISIS in Caribbean on the Rise
Manila Casino Attack Kills 36, Not Terrorism
item Kabul's Horrific Bomb Attack Reminds the World of the Afghan Conflict  by Patrick Cockburn
item Will America Once Again Undermine Iran's Pro-Democracy Movement?  by Trita Parsi
item Abolish the Dept of Homeland Security  by Anthony L. Fisher
item Haven't We Had Enough of Afghanistan?  by Justin Raimondo
item How China Rolled Up a CIA Network  by Philip Giraldi
item The Saudi Deal Shows Just How Broken the US Arms Export Process Has Become  by A. Trevor Thrall

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Avoiding War
With China

by Chas W. Freeman Jr.
France Says No Trace of Russian Hacking Macron
Britain's Concentration Camp in Palestine
1968 Poll Shows What Jewish Jerusalemites Thought of Palestinians
Retired Generals, Admirals Urge Supreme Court to Hear Guantanamo Case
Russia Says Will React to NATO's Eastern Boost
3,050 Killed in Iraq During May
Dozens of Fleeing Civilians Killed, Wounded by ISIS Mortar Fire in Mosul
Turkish Military Says Kills Six Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq
Fleeing Raqqa, 10,000 Refugees Mass at Camp North of Syrian City
In Turkey, a Hunger Strike Divides a Country in Turmoil
Putin Says He's Ready to Sell S-400 Anti-Aircraft System to Turkey
Trump Was 'Angry' in Bethlehem Meeting, Abbas Reportedly Confirms
Rivlin: Under Peace Deal, Jews Will Continue to Live in Hebron
Middle East
Two Killed in Saudi Blast: Official
Report: After Iranian Elections, Tehran-Hamas Ties Warming Up
Taliban Warns Against Retaliation Over Kabul Attack
Germany Suspends Afghan Deportations After Kabul Blast
North Korea
US Sanctions More, Including Russians, Over North Korea Arms
Russia Says Alarmed by US Sanctions Over North Korea
Draft UN Resolution Would Add 15 North Koreans to Blacklist
Three Killed in Disputed Kashmir in Shelling Between India and Pakistan
China Bans Ramadan Observance in Muslim Region
Rolling Back Cuba Policies Would Cost US $6.6 Billion: Report
Cuban Parliament Approves Communist Party Roadmap
The War at Home
California Senate Passes Surveillance Transparency Bill
The US Air Force Wants Cheap, Disposable Killer Drones
Trump Administration Approves Tougher Visa Vetting, Including Social Media Checks
Four Wounded in Attack on Algerian Patrol Claimed by ISIS
Algeria Accepts Syrians Trapped on Morocco Border: Ministry
44 Migrants, Including Babies, Die of 'Thirst' in Niger Desert
Gunmen Kill Six Niger Security Agents Near Mali Border
French Soldiers Wounded in Mali Mortar Attack: Army
Libya's UN-Backed Govt Moves to Secure Tripoli's Main Airport
Al Shabaab Overtook Boko Haram as Africa's Most Deadly Terror Group in 2016
UK Police Arrest Woman Over Alleged Torture During Liberia Civil War
South Sudan: Army General Accused of Using Position to Gain Millions
French Security Chief Warns of Risk for 'Permanent War' in Cyberspace
Putin Says US Missile Systems in Alaska, S. Korea Challenge Russia
Austria Releases Suspect Accused of War Crimes in Ukraine
Venezuela Judge Shot Dead, Prosecutor Says Democracy Dying
Venezuela Prosecutor Takes on Govt Over Crisis Reforms
Canada's Quebec Wants Constitutional Talks Despite Trudeau Opposition
Haitian Women Press for Recognition From UN Peacekeeper Fathers
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