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Updated June 4, 2017 - 11:25 PM EDT
'Low Sophistication' London Terror Attack Kills 7
  Theresa May Pushes Internet Regulation After London Attack
US Strikes Hit Raqqa Apartments, Kill 43 Civilians
  Fleeing Civilians Targeted in Mosul; 202 Killed in Iraq
  US Report Dramatically Undercounts Civilians Killed in Airstrikes
Lockheed, Boeing See Many Billions in Saudi Arms
  House Members Seek to Block Proposed Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
IAEA: Iran Continues to Comply With Nuclear Deal
  CIA's New Iran Chief Is a Sign of Trump's 'Hard Line' on Iran
Trump Moves to Keep CIA Torture Report Secret
Suicide Bombers Kill 19 at Kabul Funeral for Slain Protester
Israel to Announce 2,600 New WB Settlement Units
ISIS, Gen. Hifter's Forces Both Attacking Libya 'Unity' Govt
Former Officials Brag They Derailed Reset of US-Russia Ties
Trump Protesters Could Be Facing Decades in Prison
'Sensitive' UK Terror Funding Inquiry May Not Be Published
item This Ramadan Could Be Even Bloodier Than Previous Years  by Patrick Cockburn
item Missing the Real Noriega Story  by Jonathan Marshall
item Does South Korea Really Want These American 'Friends'?  by Doug Bandow
item Hiding the Ugly Business of Torture by Ray McGovern
item The Atrocious US-Backed War on Yemen Continues  by Daniel Larison
item Will Donald Trump Embark on an Endless Crusade in Afghanistan?  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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In 1943, America Killed Its Own Troops With Poison Gas
During WWII, US Accidently Bombed Switzerland
President of Moldova Says His Country Cannot Join EU in Current Form
Children Strapped With Explosives Kill Nine in North Cameroon
Fleeing Civilians Targeted in Mosul; 202 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Take One of Four Districts in Mosul's ISIS-Held Enclave
No Syrian 'Marshall Plan' but Rather Protracted War: Red Cross
Russia Considers New Grain Aid for Syria: Deputy PM
Turkish Authorities Briefly Detain Spokesman for Pro-Kurdish Opposition: Lawmaker
Father of Turkish NBA Star Detained in Gulen Investigation: State Media
Bomb Blast Kills Six in Northern Yemen Market: Officials
UNICEF Fears Yemen Cholera Outbreak Could Hit 300,000 in Coming Weeks
What I've Seen in 30 Years of Reporting on the Israeli Occupation
Who Is and Isn't Allowed Into Jerusalem on Ramadan
Palestinian Girl, Shot After Stabbing Israeli Soldier, Dies: Army
Settler Leaders Say Government's Construction Plans Insufficient
Did Israel Seize the Golan Heights From Syria Because of a Photograph?
Middle East
Goldman Sachs Applies for Saudi Equities Trading License: Sources
As US Targets Hezbollah, Lebanon Lobbies Against More Sanctions
East Libyan Forces Advance in Strategic Desert Town
France Says Security Conditions Not Right to Reopen Libya Embassy
French Soldiers Kill 20 Jihadis in Mali Near Burkina Faso
Morocco Police, Protesters Clash in Northern Town: Witness
Weekend Reviews
Empire, Conquest, and the War America Forgot
That Old-Time Civil Religion
How the Threat of Apocalypse Justifies American Empire
Veteran ABC Cameraman Reflects on His Decade Spent Documenting Vietnam War
'War Makes Mortal Enemies of People Who've Never Met'
Interview With Peter Van Buren: Moral Injury in a State of Endless War
The War at Home
Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Revive Travel Ban
New Hampshire Passes Bill to Prohibit Warrantless Stingray Spying
Judge: Lawsuit Over NYPD's Use of Sound Cannons Can Proceed
Trump to Nominate Richard Spencer for Navy Secretary
NSA Conducted Blanket Surveillance of Salt Lakers During 2002 Games, Former Official Says
North Korea
US Carriers in Sea of Japan in Show of Force to North Korea
Russia Says Will Not Veto UN North Korea Resolution: Tass
China 'Fully Committed' to Stopping North Korean Missile Program
UN Expands North Korea Blacklist in First US, China Sanctions Deal Under Trump
After 37 Die in Attack at Manila Resort, Questions Mount
'ISIS' Claims Responsibility for World Manila Attack
Philippine Police Looking at 'Person of Interest' in Connection With Casino Attack
General Leading Philippine Battle With Islamists Relieved of Command
Duterte Says Philippines Will Stop Taking Second-Hand US Military Equipment
Putin Says Snowden Was Wrong to Leak Secrets, but Is No Traitor
Ex-Kosovo President Banned From Book Promotion in Serbia
German Rock Am Ring Music Festival Halted Over Terror Threat
Shaming 'Chavistas': Venezuela Activists Decry Officials' Luxury Lifestyles
Venezuelan President Moves Forward on Constitution Assembly
Five Dead in Northern Mexico Border Shootouts
Mexican Journalist Loses Part of Ear in Attack
Colombia Peace Deal Security Gains Will Take Decade: General
50 Years On: Guadeloupeans Remember French Brutality
Chile Judge Jails Over 100 Ex-Agents of Pinochet Dictatorship
Americans Still Dying
Boston (MA) Native, Father of Two, Killed in Syria Rollover on First Deployment
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Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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