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Updated June 5, 2017 - 11:17 PM EDT
Leaked NSA Doc Says Russia Hacks US Voter Role
  US Charges Contractor for Leaking Top-Secret NSA Document
'Low Sophistication' London Terror Attack Kills 7
  Theresa May Pushes Internet Regulation After London Attack
Dozens of Civilians Killed Fleeing Western Mosul
  Growing Evidence of Summary Executions by Iraqi Forces in Mosul
  ISIS, Coalition Strikes Deadly to Civilians in Mosul; 245 Killed in Iraq
Syrian Army Expels ISIS From Key Aleppo Town
  Syrian Army Kills 70 ISIS Fighters in Deir Ezzor
Philippines Truce Crumbles, Civilians Trapped
  ISIS Gains in Philippines Sew Fear Across Southeast Asia
Mattis: US Committed to Global Intervention
Saudi-Led Alliance Cuts Qatar Ties as Gulf Crisis Escalates
Suicide Bombers Kill 19 at Kabul Funeral for Slain Protester
item The Kissinger Backchannel to Moscow  by Gareth Porter
item Hillary Clinton's War in Libya Continues to Wreck Our National Security  by Matt Purple
item Trump Submits to Neocon Orthodoxy  by Daniel Lazare
item Beyond 'Blowback': Islam and Terror  by Justin Raimondo
item What Would War Mean in Korea?  by Rajan Menon & Tom Engelhardt
item The Real Danger in Demonizing Putin's Russia  by Marc Joffe

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Saudi Arabia Lobbying Efforts in the Spotlight
Saudis Lavish Conservative UK Officials With Gifts, Travel, Plum Consultancies
Trump, Who Pledged to Overhaul Nuclear Arsenal, Now Faces Increased Costs
Erik Prince's Dark Plan for Afghanistan: Military Occupation for Profit
ISIS, Coalition Strikes Deadly to Civilians in Mosul; 245 Killed in Iraq
Iraq to Probe Use of White Phosphorus in Mosul
$112 Billion in Iraq Is Missing: Official
Shiite Militants Push ISIS Out of Key Iraqi Town of Baaj
Jordanian Forces Kill Militants at Syrian Border
Syrian Army Advance Helps Secure Aleppo Road
Kurdish YPG Says 'Major Operation' on Syria's Raqqa to Start in Days
Syrian Troops Pound Daraa After Rebel Attack
US-Backed Syrian Forces Seize Dam West of Raqqa From ISIS
Syrian Army Captures 1,400 Square Km From ISIS in Desert
Astana to Host Next Round of Syria Peace Talks on June 12-13: RIA
Syria's Assad Says War's 'Worst Is Behind Us'
Turkish Police Detain Prime Minister's Top Aide Over Alleged Gulen Links
Eight PKK Militants Killed in Eastern Turkey
Turkey Arrests Editor-In-Chief of Aydinlik Opposition Newspaper
Fighting Continues in Yemen's Taiz, 30 Killed
UN Flight Ban Reduces Yemen Access at Critical Time
Qatar Says Six of Its Soldiers Wounded on Saudi-Yemeni Border
UN: 3,000 to 5,000 Suspected New Yemen Cholera Cases Daily
Hacked Emails Show Top UAE Diplomat Coordinating With Pro-Israel Think Tank Against Iran
Iran's Leader Lashes Out at Trump, Saudis for Anti-Tehran Alliance
The Complex Story of Polish Refugees in Iran
Nikki Haley: UN Must Stop Wrongly Singling Out Israel for Criticism
Western Wall Must Be Under Jewish Sovereignty: Palestinian Official
Israeli Researcher Refutes NYT Report That Israel Had Nuclear Bomb in '67
Israeli Ex-General: Setting Off Nuke in Sinai in 1967 Would've Hurt Israel
Israel Had a Plan to Nuke Sinai in 1967. but How Close Did It Really Get to Pushing the Button?
Israel Says Relations Restored With Senegal After Spat
Sanders in Video to Israelis: 50 Years of Occupation Must End
Hamas' Main Backer Qatar Said to Expel Several Members
Some Palestinian Ex-Prisoners in Gaza Say Their Salaries Withheld
Denmark Freezes $8 Million in Palestinian NGO Funding
Bahrain Shuts Down Prominent Newspaper Amid Crackdown
Banging on Empty Pots, Venezuelans Protest Food Shortages
Venezuela Eyes Assembly Vote in July; Man Set Ablaze Dies
United Airlines Ends Flights to Venezuela, Further Isolating Country
US Considers Possible Sanctions Against Venezuela Oil Sector
Gunman Attacks Bar in Northern Mexico, 6 Killed, 22 Hurt
Another Journalist Shot, Seriously Wounded in South Mexico
Tech Firms Oppose May's Call for More Regulation
21 of the 48 Injured in the London Attack Are Critical
Londoners Fought Back as Killers Rampaged
People Escorted Away From London Bridge 'Hands on Head'
Hero Taxi Driver Describes Trying to Stop Terrorists During London Attack by 'Ramming Them'
Police Arrest 12 in Connection With London Terror Attack
Manchester Bomber Met With ISIS in Libya, Officials Say
After London Attack, Facebook Says Aims to Be 'Hostile Environment' for Terrorists
German Foreign Minister Gabriel Calls for Peace Talks With Taliban
Getting the Story Sometimes Means Slowing Down
Pakistan Army Kills Five Indian Troops at LoC
Indian Paramilitary Says Four Rebels Killed in Kashmir Attack
Pakistan Says 12 Militants Killed in Military Operation
Pakistani Police Say Lynching Organized by Student's Enemies
Philippine Sectarian Bloodshed Unites Muslims and Christians
Dozens Flee ISIS Gunmen in Besieged Philippine City
Indonesia Says 1,200 ISIS Operatives in Philippines
Battle for Marawi, Philippines
Philippines' Duterte Says ISIS Not Behind Casino Attack
Manila Casino Attack Suspect Was in Debt, Hooked on Gambling, Philippine Police Say
North Korea
Mattis Praises China's Efforts on North Korea, Dials Up Pressure on South China Sea
North Korea Says Rejects New Sanctions, to Continue Nuclear Program
US Defense Chief: North Korea a 'Clear and Present Danger'
Japan Defense Minister Backs All US Options on North Korea, Seeks Deeper Alliance
Unsure of US, Asia Builds New Alliances to Counter China
Muslim Children Forced to Drop 'Religious' Names in W. China
Southeast Asian Nations Step Up Cooperation as ISIS Threat Mounts
Vietnam's White House Lobbying Coup Secures Strategic Gains
Lesotho Votes Just Two Years After Previous Election Amid Instability
Lesotho Probes Soldiers' Presence Near Polling Stations
W. Africa Seeking 50 Million Euros From EU for Anti-Islamist Force
Libya Strongman's Forces Say Take Southern Desert Base
Tunisia Militants Behead Shepherd Near Algeria Border: Sources
Egypt and Sudan Remain Deadlocked Over Disputes
Moroccan Police Stifle Women's Protest in Northern City
Thousands Rally in Angola Demanding Fair Election
German Minister Advocates for Rule Change to Allow Surveillance of Children
Afghan Man Kills Russian Boy in Germany, Shot Dead by Police
Austria Jails Two Couples for Taking Their Children to ISIS-Controlled Syria
Malta Election: PM Joseph Muscat Wins Snap Poll
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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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