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Updated June 6, 2017 - 11:24 PM EDT
Leaked NSA Doc Says Russia Hacks US Voter Role
  US Charges Contractor for Leaking Top-Secret NSA Document
  How The Intercept Outed NSA Leaker
US Blames 'Russian Hackers' for Qatar-Saudi Split
  Trump Takes Credit for Gulf Split With Qatar
  Pentagon Praises Qatar as US Tries to Stay Out of Split With Saudis
  Arms Makers' Contributions Loom Over Vote on Saudi Arms Sales
  What's Happening in the Persian Gulf
  Qatar's Tensions With GCC Took Root During the Arab Spring
Attacker Shot Outside Paris's Notre-Dame
Netanyahu: Israel Must Keep Control of Jordan Valley
Police Chief: UK Attacks Have 'Domestic Center of Gravity'
Montenegro Joins NATO, First New Member in a Decade
Australia PM Declares Melbourne Siege an 'Act of Terrorism'
Why Saudi Arabia and Its Allies Have Suddenly Cut Ties to Qatar  by Patrick Cockburn
What's Happening in the Persian Gulf  by Derek Davison
The Unwanted 'Bride': Can the 1967 War Offer Opportunity for Peace?  by Ramzy Baroud
Will the Neocons' Long War Ever End?  by Nicolas JS Davies
CIA Torture Report: Where's Our Next Heroic Whistleblower?  by Thomas Knapp
The Problem With Taking Sides in Syria  by Daniel L. Davis

More Viewpoints

US Poised to Warn UN Rights Forum of Possible Withdrawal
Supreme Court to Decide if Fourth Amendment Applies to Cellphone Records
Attacks Increasing in East Iraq; 116 Killed in Iraq
US-Backed Anti-ISIS Forces to Announce Raqqa Assault Start Date on Tuesday
Turkey Says Journalists Being Used as Spies in Turkey
German Troops at Incerlik, Turkey 'Ready for a Transfer'
Turkey Says Germans Can Visit Konya Base Rather Than Incirlik
50 Years: Israeli Occupation Longest in Modern History
Government Source: Israel Not Limiting Settlement Construction to Large Blocs
US Senate Unanimously Passes Bill Marking 50 Years Since Jerusalem Reunification
Banned Play on Palestinian Prisoners, Occupation Throws Israeli Theater Festival Into Turmoil
Weary Afghan Army Fights on as US Weighs Troop Increase
Aftermath of Bloody Afghan Blasts Stokes Government Tensions
As China Pulls Trade From North Korea, Russia Gets Cozy With Kim Jong Un
South Korea Will Return Four North Koreans 'if They Want to Go Back'
Militants in Philippines City Dug in for Long Siege
US Army Pacific Chief in Bangkok Amid Regional Security Concerns
Colombia to Provide Some Initial Funding for Rebels' Political Party
Colombia's ELN Rebels Propose Ceasefire for Pope's Visit
Venezuela Opposition Sit-In Blocked, Lawmaker Says Pushed in Manhole
Mexico Ruling Party Narrowly Fends Off Leftist in Major State Election
Peru Asks Ecuador to Halt Construction of Border Wall
UN Breaks Cyprus Impasse, Talks to Resume in Geneva This Month

Qatar Split Raises Problems for US With Iran, ISIS

US Military Lauds Qatar, Says Flights Unaffected by Gulf Rift
Lieberman Hails Qatar Schism as Opportunity for Israel
Iran Blames Donald Trump for Escalating Qatar Diplomatic Crisis
Iran Says Severing Ties With Qatar Not a Solution for Regional Crisis
Hamas Commander Involved in Kidnap of Israeli Teens Expelled From Qatar
Business Impact of Qatar-Gulf Rift
Qatar Diplomatic Crisis: How It Affects Air Travel
Saudi Arabia
US State Department Approves $1.4 Billion in Military Sales to Saudi Arabia
US State Department Approves $750 Million Saudi Training Program Sale: Pentagon
Middle East
Houthis Rejects UN Special Envoy From Yemen for Alleged Bias
Isolation by the West Fuels a Tech Startup Boom in Iran
Asian Stocks Stumble, Oil Creeps Up as Markets Ponder Fallout of Mideast Tension
Al Shabaab Claims Bomb Attack on Somali Police Station
38 Killed in Tribal Clashes in South Sudan
EU Commits 50 Million Euros to Combat Militants in West Africa
Bodies of Seven African Migrants Recovered From Truck in Libya
US Embassy in Egypt Bans Personnel From Visiting Religious Sites Outside Cairo
US Urges UN Chief to Look Into Who Killed Investigators in Congo
UK Police Reveal Names of London Attackers, Say One Investigated Before
Man Featured in a Documentary Called 'The Jihadis Next Door' Was One of London Attackers
Authorities Begin to Unravel Deadly London Plot, Carry Out New Raids
Imams Refuse Funeral Prayers to 'Indefensible' London Bridge Attackers
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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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