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Updated June 8, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
UK Exit Polls: Tories Lose Seats, Hung Parliament
UN: US Airstrike Kills Up to 80 Civilians in Mosul
  Iraqi Kurds to Hold Independence Referendum in September
ISIS Attacks Iran's Khomeini Tomb, 13 Killed
  Trump Attributes Iran Terror Attack to 'The Evil They Promote'
  Consequences of Attacks in Tehran Will Be Felt Around the World
Saudis Give Qatar 24 Hours to Give in to Demands
  United Arab Emirates Threatens 'Qatar Sympathizers' With Prison
  In a Reverse, Trump Offers to Help Resolve Qatar-Gulf Split
  Qatar Seeking Food, Water Supplies From Turkey and Iran
US Says Downs Syria Drone Firing on Troops
  Syria Warns US to Stop Attacking Allies in Syria
  Pentagon Says Attack on Mosque Was Legal, Denies Dozens Killed
  Battle to Liberate Raqqa From ISIS 'Will Be Over Quicker Than Mosul'
South Korea Suspends US Missile Deployment
ISIS Attacks in Tehran Expose
US-Saudi Lies About Iran
 by Muhammad Sahimi
The Atrocious US-Backed War on Yemen Continues  by Daniel Larison
The Qatar Spat Exposes Britain's Game of Thrones in the Gulf  by Paul Mason
The Iranian Question (and the Same Old Saudi Answers)  by JP Sottile
Remembering the USS Liberty  by Philip Giraldi
Whither the Palestinian Authority?  by Uri Avnery

More Viewpoints

Canada to Increase Military Spending 70% in 10 Years
DoD Officials to Lawmakers: Let Us Close Bases
How Britain Aided Israel's 1967 War
How Saudis Strong-Armed Qatar, Blindsided US
Turkish Parliament Approves Bill to Deploy Troops in Qatar
Moscow: 'Zero' Proof Russian Hackers Involved in Qatar Crisis
Bahrain Foreign Minister Says All Options Open on Qatar
Germany Sees No Impact From Gulf Crisis on Economy, Anti-ISIS Coalition
Qatar Asking Turkey, Iran About Providing Food, Water: Government Official
Chemical Attack in Mosul; 84 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Jails Hidden Among Ordinary Villas in Mosul
Hezbollah Says Footage Shows Iranian Drone Tracking US Drone Over Syria
Turkey Arrests Amnesty International Head and Lawyers in Gulenist Sweep
Turkey Detains 60 Soldiers, Issues Detention Orders for 128 People
Germany Withdraws Troops From Anti-ISIS Base in Turkey Row
Palestinian Children's Lives Are Shaped by 50 Years of Military Occupation
Obama's Detailed Plans for Mideast Peace Revealed – and How Everything Fell Apart
ISIS Attacked Near Northeastern Israeli Border
Envoy Haley Says US Won't Let the UN 'Bully' Israel Anymore
US Says 'Both Sides Will Be Forced to Compromise' for Mideast Peace Deal
Filipino Muslim Saves 64 Christians From Execution by Islamist Militants
Militants in Philippines Had Planned to Set Up an Islamist Enclave
Pakistan Army Tells Kabul to 'Look Inward'
China Slams Pentagon Report on Building Military Base in Pakistan
South Korea: North Fires Surface-to-Ship Missiles
Debris From Myanmar Military Plane With 120 Dead Found in Sea
Fourth Arrest in Killing of Mexican Journalist
Mexican Prison Riot Brought Under Control, Seven Dead
Teen Dies at Protest as Venezuela Political Unrest Persists
Colombia's FARC Rebels Have Handed Over 30 Percent of Weapons
US-Cuba Policy Looms at Aviation Industry Conference
Argentina Dictatorship Children Sorry for Fathers' Crimes
Tehran Attackers Were From Iran: Senior Iranian Official
Democrats Move Forward on Iran Sanctions After Tehran Attack
Iran's Sunni Militants Boosted by Regional Sectarian Tension
ISIS Warns of More Attacks in Iran: Statement
Iran's Guards Says Saudi Arabia Behind Deadly Attacks in Tehran
Terrorist Attacks Targeted One of Iran's Most Sacred Spaces
Senate Democrats Look to Tie New Iran Sanctions to Anti-Russia Penalties
Five Suspects Arrested Following Attacks in Tehran: Head of Police
UK Bombs 'Used in Multiple Unlawful Attacks in Yemen', Say Campaigners
Pentagon: Oil Tanker Hit by Three RPGs Near Yemen in the Bab El-Mandeb Strait
London Attackers Slipped by Despite an Avalanche of Warnings
UK Internet Crackdown Effort Fizzles in Last Days of Campaign
London Attack: Death Toll Rises After Body Found in Thames
UK Police Arrest Two More Men Over Manchester Attack
UK Police Carry Out Controlled Explosion Near Site of New US Embassy
Spain Says Delay on Identifying London Attack Victims 'Strange'
Paris Attack: Notre-Dame Assailant Identified
France to Get New Counter-Terrorism Center
US, Partners Plan Euro Military Exercise With 25,000 Troops
German NGO Seeks Arrest Warrant for Donald Trump's Deputy CIA Director
Sweden Says to Tighten Laws to Fight Terrorism
Georgian Journalists Don Black Hoods on TV to Protest Colleague's Arrest
Dozens of Boko Haram Fighters Attack Northeast Nigeria Town
France Seeks UN Backing on West African Terror Battle
Anyone Could Beat Egypt's Sisi in a Fair Vote, Says Would-Be Candidate
Cameroon Court Denies Bail to Anglophone Protesters
The War at Home
Trump Not Under Investigation by FBI Over Russia Ties, Says Comey
Intelligence Officials Rogers, Coats Say They Won't Discuss Private Talks With Trump
Black Troops Far More Likely to Face Military Punishment in Every Service Branch
James B. Comey: Statement for the Record, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Arrest in NSA News Leak Fuels Debate on Source Protection
Trump to Nominate Ex-Justice Department Official to Lead FBI
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