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Updated June 9, 2017 - 11:24 PM EDT
Trump Slams Qatar Over 'Its Extremist Ideology'
  Qatar Vows 'No Surrender' on Foreign Policy
  Emir Won't Visit US While Qatar Is Under Blockade
  Saudi Arabia Issues New Qatar 'Terror' Blacklist
  Egypt Wants UN Inquiry Into Accused Qatar Ransom Payment
UN: US Airstrike Kills Up to 80 Civilians in Mosul
  ISIS Bomber Kills at Least 31 Civilians South of Baghdad
  ISIS Ramps Up Attacks on Civilians; 477 Killed in Iraq
  Rough Justice: One Man's Path to Mass Execution by the Roadside
  State Dept. Warns Kurdish Independence May 'Distract' From War
  US Shoots Down Pro-Syrian Drone Firing on Coalition Forces
Theresa May Reaches Deal With DUP For Slim Majority
Trump Faces Mounting Senate Resistance on Saudi Deal
Israel Advances Settlement Plans Despite Trump Plea
Trump Backs Snooping Powers He'd Previously Criticized
Terrorism in Tehran: Reality Confounds Rhetoric  by Paul R. Pillar
Trump's Iran Obsession and the Tehran Attacks  by Daniel Larison
Kim Jong-un Isn't Crazy and China Doesn't Have a Solution  by Doug Bandow
International Terrorist Attack Against Iran  by Simin Royanian
A Half-Century of Oppression  by Alon Ben-Meir
The Evil of Killing Children  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Comey Rips Media for 'Dead Wrong' Russia Stories
North Korea's Antiship Missile Test Aims to Show It Can Repel Assault
US Claims Hezbollah Plot to Attack Israelis in New York, Panama
Catalonia Poised to Call Vote on Split From Spain
Bahrain and UAE Criminalize 'Sympathy' for Qatar
Al Jazeera Media Platforms Under Cyberattack
Trump 'May Not Have Known' US Has 11,000 Troops in Qatar When He Bashed Country on Twitter
Qatar FM: Hamas in Doha to Facilitate Palestinian Unity
Food, Families, and Flights: Anxiety and Confusion Descend on Qatar
Iran Revolutionary Guards 'Protecting Qatar's Sheikh Tamim Inside His Palace'
Qatar Rebounds but Oil Price Plunge Drags Down Saudis
S&P Downgrades Qatar Debt
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Central Bank Warns Lenders on Qatar Exposure
US Senate Democrats Rallying Votes Against Saudi Arms Sale
Sen. Rand Paul Plans to Block Part of Trump's Saudi Arms Deal
Amnesty International: Impending Saudi Arms Deal Would Trample Human Rights in Yemen
North Korea Says Leader Kim Supervised Test of New Anti-Ship Missiles
Two Rescued North Koreans Ask to Defect to South: South Korea
Pakistan Says Raid on Cave Hideout Stops ISIS 'Foothold'
ISIS Says It Killed Two Chinese Teachers Kidnapped in Pakistan
Wreckage of Missing Myanmar Military Plane Found
Myanmar Journalists Campaign for Free Speech Outside Myanmar Trial
In War-Shaken Philippine City, Civilians Struggle to Escape
Philippines Says Islamist Fighters on Back Foot in Besieged City
Australian Police Conducting 'Counter-Terrorism' Raids
Australian Police to Get Greater Powers to Shoot in Militant Sieges
Prosecutor Urges Venezuelans to Reject Constitution Rewrite
ISIS Ramps Up Attacks on Civilians; 477 Killed in Iraq
UN Warns of Increasing Civilian Deaths in Battle for Iraqi City of Mosul
Germany Worried That Kurdish Independence Vote Will Worsen Iraq Tensions
Syria Peace Talks in Astana Postponed: Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry
Iran Attackers Fought for ISIS in Syria, Iraq: Ministry
Iran Says White House Statement on Tehran Terror Attacks Was 'Repugnant'
Senior Israeli Politicians Celebrate Book That Says Arabs Should Be Incarcerated in Camps
Israel's Commitment to Press Freedom Questioned After Journalist Shot
Israel Angry Turkish Ambassador Hosted Islamist at Iftar
Middle East
Rights Group Concerned for Gulf Citizens Amid Fallout
Yemen Cholera Cases Pass the 100,000 Mark: WHO
Al Shabaab Takes Over Somali Town, Claims Killing 61 in Military Base Attack
Gunmen Kill 14, Wound 35 in Ambush on Main South Sudan Highway: Police
13 Dead, Including Boko Haram Attackers, in Nigerian City
With Eyes on Libya, France Cements Egypt Security Ties
US Wary of French Push for UN to Back Sahel Force: Diplomats
UN Expert Mission Assists Ivory Coast Arms Cache Investigation
Officials Probe US Cleric's Possible Influence on London Attackers: Sources
UK Police Search Manchester Property in Bomb Probe, Release Three
Kosovo ISIS Commander Killed, Police and Family Say
Explosive Device Thrown Into US Embassy Compound in Kiev: Police
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