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Updated June 13, 2017 - 10:48 PM EDT
Senate Vote Fails To Block Saudi Arms Deal
Trump Will Leave Afghan Troop Levels to Mattis
  US Troops Kill Three Civilians After Afghan Suicide Bombing
Israel Cuts Gaza Electricity at Abbas' Request
  Israeli DM Lieberman: Al-Jazeera Is 'Nazi-, Soviet-Style Propaganda'
  Report: Israel Hacked ISIS Computers, Trump Leaked It to the Russians
Qatar FM Slams 'Illegal' Sanctions, Urges Dialogue
  Qatar Finance Minister Downplays Impact of Blockade
US Cyberweapons a Disappointment Against ISIS
  Fighting Rages in Southern Syria as Govt Forces Advance on Rebels
N. Korea Frees US Student as Rodman Arrives
Kosovo's 'War Wing' Declares Victory in General Election
General: US Bombers in UK Prove 'Commitment' to NATO
NBC's Kelly Hits Putin With a Beloved Canard  by Ray McGovern
The Problem Isn’t Willie Pete –
The Problem is War Crimes
 by Thomas Knapp
Placating the Gulf States Distorts Middle East Policy  by John Glaser
Why Are We Attacking the Syrians Who Are Fighting ISIS?  by Ron Paul
The US Hand in the Libyan/Syrian Tragedies  by Jonathan Marshall
Trump's Destabilization of the Persian Gulf  by Paul R. Pillar

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ICE Arrests in Metro Detroit Terrify Iraqi Christians
Mattis to Scold Congress Over Budget Inaction
COVFEFE Act Would Make Social Media a Presidential Record
UN Approves EU Ships to Seize Illegal Arms Off Libya
Sen. Rand Paul's Bill Will Combat Indefinite Detention
UK Urges Gulf States to Ease Blockade Against Qatar
Kuwait: Gulf Rift May Lead to Undesirable Consequences
Hundreds of Food Containers on Their Way to Qatar From Oman
Mass Food Poisoning at Mosul Displacement Camp; 99 Killed in Iraq
Iran Police Kills Four Islamic Suspects in South
Iran's Khamenei Blames US for Regional Instability, Creation of ISIS
1,800 Rabbis Call on Israel to End Occupation and Create Palestinian State
Hamas Warns: Israel's 'Disastrous' New Power Cut Would Spark an Explosion in Gaza
Catastrophe Looms as PA Gets Israel to Cut Power to Gaza
Israeli Ministers Support Building Island Off Gaza, No Decision Reached Because of Lieberman's Objection
Israel, Palestinians Have Failed to Prosecute War Crimes: UN
Middle East
Saudi Soldier Killed by Explosion in Qatif Province
Al-Qaeda Claims Yemen Army Camp Attack That Killed 12
Manchester Bombing Was Planned for Months, Libya Says
Britain, France to Join Forces to Combat Online Extremism: May
Navalny Jailed, 1,500 Arrested After Protests Across Russia
Four Syrian Brothers Face Terrorism Charges in Germany
Norway Proposes Ban on Full-Face Veils in Schools
EU to Open Case Against Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic Over Migration
The War at Home
Reality Winner Appears to Have Already Leaked 'Documents' Plural
Panama Ex-President, Accused of Political Espionage, Arrested in Florida
Egypt Bans Scores of News Websites in Growing Censorship Crackdown
Egypt Needs More Freedoms to Attract Investors: Germany
'Freed' Gadhafi Son Still Wanted by Libya Court: Prosecutor
Kenya Foils Terror Attack Planned by Somali Militants
Somalia: An Electoral Delegate Shot Dead in Mogadishu
Nigeria Army Says It Killed Boko Haram Leader, Frees Nine Kids
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Says UN Rohingya Probe Would Increase Tensions
Arrests and Clashes as Police Evicts Hundreds From Myanmar Slum
South Korea
South Korea's Moon Says Historical Issues Blocking Ties With Japan
South Korean Professor Hurt by Explosive Device in Office
Mattis Says Options on Afghanistan to Be Presented to Trump 'Very Soon'
Panama Switches Diplomatic Recognition From Taiwan to China
Pakistan Says Chinese Killed by ISIS Were Preachers
Blasts Rock Besieged City as Philippines Marks Independence Day
Another Marine Aircraft Makes 'Precautionary Landing' in Japan
Singapore Mother Arrested for Planning to Marry ISIS Fighter
Venezuela Court Rejects Call to Stop Constitution Rewrite
Venezuela's Chief Prosecutor Says Government Harassing Her Family
Peru Calls for Regional Action to Avoid Venezuela 'Sea of Blood'
Australian Police Arrest Man for Allegedly Supplying Gun in Deadly Siege
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