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Updated June 15, 2017 - 10:43 PM EDT
US to Send 4,000 More Troops to Afghanistan
Senate Votes for New Sanctions on Iran, Russia
'Staggering' Civilian Deaths From US Air Strikes
  US Deploys Rocket Artillery to Southern Syria in Latest Buildup
  ISIS Drones Attack US Troops Involved in Raqqa Invasion
  Iraq Repels ISIS Counter-Attack in Western Mosul
  Heavy Fighting in Mosul; 396 Killed in Iraq
US Signs $12 Billion Deal to Sell F-15s to Qatar
  Bahrain Begins Jailing People for Not Endorsing Anti-Qatar Policy
  Egypt Wants Anti-Qatar Siege to Also Include Turkey
  Tillerson: Banning Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorists 'Problematic'
Scores of Dead Line War-Torn Philippines City
  US Troops Are Inside ISIS-Held Philippines City of Marawi
Senate Votes to Impose New Sanctions on Russia
Rep. Scalise, Others Shot at Baseball Practice
Syria: From 'No Boots on the Ground' to (Not So Secret) Forward Operating Bases  by Brad Hoff
Assassination Is Murder, Even When the CIA Does It  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Netanyahu Wants the UN Out of the Way to Be Able to Achieve His Objective  by Jonathan Cook
Despite Fear-Mongering, US Is Not Beset by Grave Threats  by John Glaser
Putin, Ukraine, and What Americans Know  by Robert Parry
US Intel Community Can Share Your Personal Info With Other Govts  by Brett Max Kaufman

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Urban Warfare Takes Heavy Civilian Toll in Syria, Iraq, Yemen
Turkish Guards Will Be Charged in DC Embassy Protest, Officials Say
Cholera Epidemic in Yemen Infecting One Child Every 35 Seconds
Saudis Say Yemen Rebels Fired Missile at UAE Ship
US Navy Boats in Qatar for Joint Exercise
Qatar Withdraws Troops From Djibouti-Eritrea Border Mission
Qatar Airways Says Majority of Network Unaffected by Airspace Restrictions
Turkish Minister Lands in Qatar Aiming to Help Ease Gulf Rift
'Are You With Us or With Qatar,' Saudi King Asks Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif
Why Iran Approaches Qatar Crisis With Caution
Iran Kills Members of Sunni Jihadist Group in Southeast
No Military Solution in Afghanistan, UN Chief Says on Kabul Visit
ISIS Captures Territory Around Former bin Laden Stronghold in Afghanistan
Pentagon to Address Missile Defense System Delays With South Korea
Beijing Protesters in Rare Clash With Police Over School Dispute
Japan Eyes Weapons Sales to Southeast Asia to Counter Chinese Clout
Venezuela Raid Leaves 23 Detained, Buildings in Shambles
Venezuelan Journalists 'Broadcast' Live on Buses to Reach New Viewers
Senior Venezuela Official Quits Over Crisis Reforms
Cuba Kicks Off Electoral Process Leading to Castro Handover
Taiwan's Central American Allies Coy on Panama's Beijing Embrace
HRW Concerned About Phosphorus Use by US Coalition in Raqqa
US Expands Presence in Syrian Desert, Rebels Say
Russian Event Urges New Look at Syria's 'Liberated' Aleppo
Heavy Fighting in Mosul; 396 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Repel ISIS Counter-Attack in West Mosul
Mistaken Paint Jobs Blamed After Dozens of US-Funded Trucks Surface in Iraq With Afghan Logos
Turkish Opposition Member Receives 25-Year Sentence for Leaking That Turkey Sent Weapons to Syrian Rebels
Reading Erdogan's Ambitions in Turkey's New Mosques
Israeli and International Groups Warn of Looming Gaza Disaster
Israel in Talks With Egypt, Europeans in Bid to Solve Gaza Electricity Crisis
Russian President Says Snowden Did Not Leak US Intelligence to Moscow
Kosovo Charges Nine With Plotting Attacks at Israel-Albania Soccer Match
Greece, Macedonia Resume Troubled Talks on Name Row
Many Hostages Held, 17 Killed in Attack at Somalia Restaurant
Egypt's Parliament Approves Red Sea Islands Transfer to Saudi Arabia
UN and AU Recommend Big Cuts to Darfur Peacekeeping Force
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