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Updated June 20, 2017 - 11:28 PM EDT
State Dept Now Against Saudis’ Boycott of Qatar
  Qatar Will Not Negotiate Unless Blockade Is Lifted First
US, Russia, Iran Edge Closer to All-Out War in Syria
  Russia Will Target US Coalition Planes in Syria
  Australia Halts Syria Air Strikes After Russia Warning
  US Looks to Restore Military Hotline With Russia
America's Role in Syrian War Is Widening
  US Repositioning Aircraft Over Syria Amid Growing Tensions
Israel Is Providing Growing Aid to Syrian Rebels
  Reported Jerusalem Freeze Could Halt 6,000 Settlement Units
  Israeli Settlement Construction Rates Soaring Across West Bank
Iran Denies Saudis Captured Iran Rev. Guards
  Israel Unimpressed by Iran Missile Strikes on ISIS
Blast Rocks Brussels Train Station; Suspect 'Neutralized'
Massive Ethnic Cleansing Campaign in South Sudan
After the ISIS War, a US-Russia Collision?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Trump Turns Back the Clock With Cold War Cuba U-Turn  by Ron Paul
America Will Regret Helping Saudi Arabia Bomb Yemen  by Medea Benjamin
Poll: Most Americans Aren't Zionists  by Grant Smith
Potential Savings in the Defense Budget  by Ivan Eland
Hurling 4,000 US Troops Into a Strategic Void  by Daniel L. Davis

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Otto Warmbier, US Student Sent Home From North Korea, Dies
Nov. 2001: US Airlifted Karzai to Pakistan After He Survived Taliban Attack
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Deadly Attack at Mali Resort
Libya's Misrata, Tawergha Sign Reconciliation Pact
Terror Suspect Ploughs Into Muslims Before Yelling: 'You Deserve It...i Did My Bit.'
Imam Stops Angry Muslims Assailing London Van Suspect
Paris Attack on Police Vehicle, Driver Dead in Blast
Paris' Champs Elysees Evacuated Following 'Deliberate Attack'
EU Extends Crimea Sanctions, Same Seen for Curbs on Russia
120 Migrants Feared Dead at Sea After Boat's Motor Stolen: IOM
Finnish Police Investigated Terror Threat on Sunday in Helsinki
DR Congo
Congo to Withdraw UN Troops Accused of Misconduct
Congo Rejects UN-Led Kasai Investigation: Minister
16 Killed in Double Suicide Attack in NE Nigeria
Central African Republic Foes Sign Church-Mediated Peace Accord
Somali Soldier Sentenced to Death for Minister's Killing
Using Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican Journalists and Their Families
Mexico: Four Security Agents, One Suspect Killed in Ambush
Activists and Journalists in Mexico Complain of Government Spying
Israeli Firm's Software Behind Surveillance on Mexican Civilians
Another Youth Killed as Venezuela Protesters Flex Muscle in Street Clashes
Venezuela Walks Out of Americas Summit in Mexico
On Buses and Trains, Opposition Leaders Protest Maduro
Venezuela Soldiers Guard Chavez Symbols in Seething Heartland
92 Killed in Iraq, Including French and Kurdish Journalists
Mosul Old City Battle Goes House to House as ISIS Fighters Defend
EU Considers Iraq Security Mission After Mosul Falls: Diplomats
Iraqi Journalist Killed, Three French Wounded After Mosul Mine: Sources
Iraqi PM Abadi Heads to Saudi Arabia at Start of Mideast Tour
US-Backed SDF Will Retaliate if Syrian Govt Attacks Again: Spokesman
Egyptian, Abu Dhabi Leaders, Eying Qatar, Discuss Terrorism Funding, Role of Media
Assertive New Gulf Leaders at Heart of Qatar Rift
Lieberman Discloses Confidential Memo to Prove Netanyahu Lied About Palestinian City Expansion
Gaza Under Siege: Seeking Solace in Religion
Beit El Settlers Slam Netanyahu: 'He's Acting Like Erdogan, Lying to Us'
Middle East
Arabs Account for Over Half of World's Refugees
Greece Says Court Decision Not to Extradite Turkish Soldiers Must Be Respected
Japan Investigating Delay in Report of Deadly US Destroyer Collision
Indonesia Launches Patrols With Neighbors in Lawless Waters
Two Pakistan Navy Men Killed in Balochistan Attack
Argentina Army Website Hacked With Images Supporting ISIS
Two Dutch Journalists Kidnapped in Colombia by ELN Rebels
The War at Home
Anti-Nuclear Bomb Activists Arrested at US Mission to UN
Mattis Under Pressure to Reverse Obama Administration's Approval of Transgender Troops
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Potential Savings in the Defense Budget

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Let's All Calm Down About Russia

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Is Wonder Woman War Propaganda?

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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