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Updated June 21, 2017 - 11:06 PM EDT
NATO F-16 Buzzes Russian DM’s Plane
NSC Wants Wider Syria War, Pentagon Objects
  Our Rush to War in Syria: Justin Raimondo
  Senate Considers New Authorization for Global Terror War
  Australia Halts Syria Air Strikes After Russia Warning
  Syria's War Complicates as Forces Converge on Euphrates Valley
Saudi King Makes Hawkish DM New Crown Prince
  State Dept Now Against Saudis’ Boycott of Qatar
  Turkish Troops Arrive in Qatar Amid Growing Gulf Tensions
  Qatar Says News Agency Hacking Linked to States Boycotting Doha
  Saudi Arabia's King Replaces Nephew With Son as Heir to Throne
Mich. Airport Police Stabbing: 'Possible Terror'
US: Chelsea Manning Leaks Caused No Harm
Israel Begins Work on First New Settlement in 20 Years
Armed US Icebreakers Could Disrupt Arctic Cooperation
Trump Admin. Considers Hard Line Toward Pakistan
Blast Rocks Brussels Train Station; Suspect 'Neutralized'
Trump's Love Affair With the Saudis  by William Hartung
American Influence Does Not Depend on Intervention  by Bonnie Kristian
Militarization of US Latin America Policy Is Deepening Under Trump  by Jake Johnston
Our Rush to War in Syria  by Justin Raimondo
US Risks Wider War by Downing Syrian Plane  by Gilbert Doctorow
I Was in Pyongyang When Otto Warmbier Was Released  by Doug Bandow

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Reporters Face 70 Years Over Anti-Trump March
GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of 200 Million American Voters
'Worth Killing Over': How a Plane Mogul Dodged US Scrutiny
Did Somebody Illegally Record Gitmo Legal Meetings?
Chemical Weapons Report in Mosul; 84 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Army Encircles ISIS in Mosul's Old City: Military
Iran's Leader Warns Iraq Not to Weaken Shi'ite Militias
Iraq, Saudi Arabia Aim to Upgrade Diplomatic Relations: Statement
Covering Mosul: A Deadly City in a Dangerous Country
Syria Troops Position Themselves at Heart of War on ISIS
Rebels Say Syrian Army, Iranian-Backed Militias Launch Offensive in Eastern Desert
Syrian Forces Resume Bombardment of Deraa
American Warplane Shoots Down Iranian-Made Drone Over Syria
UN Chief Hopes US, Russia Calm Tensions Over Syria
US-Led Coalition: Syria Strike Killed 'Top ISIS Cleric' in May
Russia Says Has No Confirmation of ISIS Leader's Death: Interfax
Eyeing Syria Conflict, France Courts Russia After Previous Tough Ties
Trump Administration Pressuring Israel to Move Ahead With Peace Deal, Senior Israeli Minister Says
Haley Calls for UN Resolution to Condemn Hamas as Terrorist Organization
Campaign of Collective Punishment After Jerusalem Attack
Israeli Troops Shoot, Kill Palestinian Who Tried to Stab Them: Army
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Israeli Consul General Share Iftar Together
Middle East
Qatar Accuses UAE of Supporting 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks as Gulf Crisis Deepens
Yemeni Security Forces Clash With Gunmen in Aden, Seven Civilians Killed
Syrian Refugees: A Boom for Lebanon's Economy?
Turkish Opposition Leader Accuses 'Dictator' Erdogan of Judicial Interference
Russia Says New US Sanctions Will Not Alter Moscow's Course
NATO Chief Warns Russia During Baltic Military Drills
Lavrov: New US Sanctions 'Regrettable', 'Russophobia' Beyond All Bounds
European Court Angers Russia With 'Gay Propaganda' Ruling
US Sanctions to Stay Until Russia Quits Eastern Ukraine: White House
Ukraine Leader Says Trump Voiced Strong Support for Kiev During Talks
Champs Elysees Attacker Was ISIS Loyalist, on French Watchlist
Migrants Held in France After Driver Killed at Calais Roadblock
Colombia Rebels Begin Turning Over Last Individual Weapons
Government Spying Allegations in Mexico Spur Calls for Inquiry
GOP Senator Wants Congress to Vote on Cuba Travel Bill
Dagger, but No Cloak: Brazil's Top Spy Exposes CIA Officer
US Sends Supersonic Bombers in Show of Force Against North Korea
Trump Says China Tried but Failed to Help on North Korea
South Korea Confirms Drone Discovered in June Was From North Korea
The Tour Company That Took Otto Warmbier to North Korea Halts Trips for Americans
South Korea's Moon Urges North Korea to Return Detainees Swiftly
Philippines Launches Offensive in Hope of Recapturing Marawi by Weekend Festival
Rebels Attack Philippine Village, Possibly to Divert Troops
Gunmen Storm Pigcawayan School in Philippines
Killing of Eight Afghan Guards Shows Bitter Change at Bagram
India Arrests 15 for Cheering Pakistan in Cricket Champions Trophy
Survey: Hong Kong Youths Turn Their Backs on Chinese Identity
Singapore Detains Auxiliary Policeman, Bans Publications Over Radicalism
Suspect Admits to Blasts in Thailand, Says Acted Against 'Coup Government'
Egypt Says 15 Militants Killed in North Sinai, Alexandria
'He Said He Was Christian, They Shot Him,' Says Son Who Saw Father Die
Car Bomber Dies in Failed Attack Near Libya's Es Sider Oil Port
Children of ISIS Militants in Libya Reunite With Families in Khartoum
Hundreds of Migrants Rescued in Boats Off Libyan Coast
DR Congo
Militia Mutilates Toddlers, Burns Villages in Central Congo: UN
Fighting Kills More Than 3,000 in Congo's Kasai Region Since March: Catholic Church
South Sudan
New Report Blames South Sudan Military for Civilian Deaths
Splintering of South Sudan War Makes Peace More Elusive: United Nations
At Least 42 Dead in Central African Republic Clashes: Mayor
At Least 15 Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Somalia's Mogadishu
France Softens Proposed UN Backing for Sahel Force to Appease US
Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill Two in Police Ambush in Northeast Nigeria: Police
Mali Ex-Rebels Reject National Charter on Peace Deal Anniversary
'You Want War?' Venezuela Spars With Rivals at OAS Meeting
Venezuela President Fires Military Brass Amid Unrest
Venezuela Chief Prosecutor to Face Charges as Crisis Deepens
Venezuelan Opposition Lawmakers Protest at Military Base
From Paintings to Flash Protests, Venezuelan Artists Raise Voices
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