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Updated June 23, 2017 - 11:24 PM EDT
Obama Ordered Cyber-Sabotage on Russia
How America Armed Terrorists in Syria
  Iraq PM: Destruction of Mosul Mosque Proves ISIS Is Defeated
  Turkey: US Promised to Take Back Kurds' Arms After ISIS Defeated
In Yemen's Prisons, UAE Tortures, US Interrogates
  You Can Hear the Screams: Inside Yemen's Secret Prisons
  The Images Saudi Arabia Doesn't Want You to See
House Panel Advances $640 Billion Pentagon Bill
  US Navy Ballistic Missile Intercept Test Fails
S. Korea President: US Only Supposed to Install One THAAD
  Preemptive Strike Against N. Korea Not an Option: Ex-Pentagon Chief
Separate Blasts Kill 47 in Pakistan
Car Bomb Hits Afghanistan, 34 Dead, 60 Wounded
White House Lobbying to Water Down Russia Sanctions Bill
Pakistan: We Won't Tolerate Drone Strikes on Our Soil
Is There a Western Plot to Overthrow Assad?  by William Van Wagenen
Trump's Cuba Policy Will End Up Strengthening Dictatorship  by Doug Bandow
Pro-Israel Group Desperate to Suppress This Video?  by Peter Beinart
Trump's Massive Afghanistan Mistake  by A. Trevor Thrall & Erik Goepner
Our President's Word Wars  by Olivia Alperstein
Saudi Bullying of Qatar: A Spurious Game of Thrones Crumbling  by Emile Nakhleh

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Trump Appointee Is a Saudi Government Lobbyist
Imprisoned Ex-CIA Officer Jeffrey Sterling Loses Appeal of Leak Conviction
Teenagers Blown-Up by Old Landmine; 46 Killed in Iraq
Anger in Mosul as ISIS Destroys Historic Mosque
Iraq PM: Mosul Liberation to Be Announced in Few Days
French Special Forces Not Specifically Targeting Jihadis: Chief
Canadian Sniper Shattered World Record, Killing ISIS Fighter From Two Miles Away, Report Says
UN: Aid Trucks Bring 'Humanitarian Breakthrough' to Syria's Qamishli
'Highly Likely' ISIS Leader Killed in Airstrike, Russia Says
Two Turkish Soldiers, One Village Guard Killed After Clashes With Kurdish Militants: Army
Blast Damages Wall Next to NATO Military Area in Turkey: Media
Qatar Airways Seeks Stake in American in 'Puzzling' Move
Pakistan to Stay Neutral in Saudi-Qatar Dispute
Turkey Sends Qatar Food and Soldiers, Discusses Gulf Tensions With Saudi
US Military Says Kills al-Qaeda Leader in Key Yemen Province
Amnesty International on Yemen: Urgent Investigation Needed Into UAE Torture Network and Possible US Role
Netanyahu Announces Promotion of 300 Housing Units in West Bank Settlement by September
Americans Disproportionately Leading the Charge in Settling the West Bank
Gaza Power Plant Back On, With Help of Alliance of Old Foes
Israel Accuses Hezbollah of 'Dangerous Provocation'
Empty Book on Palestinian History Becomes Instant Best-Seller on Amazon
Firebrand Anti-Leftist Group, Which Slams Foreign Funding of Israeli NGOs, Received Over $1 Million From US Donors
Hundreds of Former Israeli Generals Warn US Taylor Force Act Could Create Security Risks for Israel
Iran Calls on Riyadh to Free Saudi-Detained 'Fishermen'
Egypt's Police Kill Seven in Connection to Violence Against Christians
Egypt to Extend State of Emergency for Three Months
Egypt Renews Detention of Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Hussein
Car Bomb Kills Seven at Police Station in Somali Capital: Police
16 Dead as Militants Clash With Troops in Eastern DR Congo
Morocco Protest Leader Beaten During Arrest: NGOs
The War at Home
Trump Says He Has No 'Tapes' of Comey Conversations
US Judge in Michigan Blocks Deportation of 100 Iraqis
Bowe Bergdahl's Lawyers Seek to Know if Jurors Voted for Trump
Brutal Kangaroo: CIA-Developed Malware for Hacking Air-Gapped Networks Covertly
F-16 Jet Catches Fire at Houston Airport; Pilot Ejects
Air Force Drone Crashes in Remote California Area
ACLU Sues DoJ to Find Out More About Spy Statute
Virginia Man Charged With Giving Secret Documents to China
China Asked US Officials to Remove THAAD From South Korea
North Korea Tests Rocket Engine: US Officials
US on Track to Supply India With 22 Guardian Drones: Source
India Drops Sedition Charge Against Pakistan Cricket Team Supporters
These Afghan Army Uniforms Cost American Taxpayers $28 Million 'in the Name of Fashion'
Australia to Send Surveillance Planes to Help Philippines Fight Militants
Thai Parliament Approves Bill Which Critics Say Will Prolong Military Role
Three Killed as Suspected Rohingya Insurgent Camp Found in Myanmar: Newspaper
Russia's Lavrov Says New US Sanctions Harm Ties With Washington
EU Confirms Rollover of Russia Sanctions
German Intelligence 'Spied on White House'
German Lawmakers Okay Plan to Put Messages Under Surveillance
Man Died of Injuries in Van Attack on Muslims in London: Police
Paris Attack Was Work of Jihadist With Gun License: Prosecutor
Rights Courts Finds Italy Guilty of Torture at 2001 Genoa Summit
US, Europeans to Meet Next Week on Aviation Security
Minnesota Will Still Engage With Cuba Despite Trump Setback
US, Cuba Still Cooperating on Stopping Drug Smugglers
Venezuelan Troops Fire on Protesters; One Killed
US Marines Will Meet a 'Swift Response' if They Dare Intervene, Says Venezuelan Official
Colombia's Marxist ELN Rebels to Free Two Dutch Journalists
Chile Publishes Details of Nazi Spy Rings in World War Two
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