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Updated June 26, 2017 - 11:17 PM EDT
White House Appears To Plan Attack on Assad
  Hersh: Intel Said No Sarin, Trump Attacked Anyway
  Israel Continues Airstrikes Against Syria, Killing Two Civilians
  US Would Have 'No Problem' With Syrian Forces Attacking ISIS
Saudis Give Qatar 10 Days to Accept All Demands
  Turkey Spurns Demands, Says Troops Will Stay in Qatar
  UAE Warns of 'Parting of Ways' if Qatar Doesn't Accept Demands
Yemen to Probe Interrogation Abuses by UAE, US
Russia Warns Norway: US Marines 'Destabilizing' Region
Tensions Mount as the New Saudi Prince Takes Charge  by Eric Margolis
A Baseless Justification for War in Syria  by Dennis J. Bernstein
The First Shots of America's New War for Eastern Syria Have Already Been Fired  by Marko Marjanovic
Who Tried to Kill Putin – Five Times?  by Justin Raimondo
A Wide World of Winless War  by Nick Turse
I Picked Prison Over Fighting in Vietnam  by David Harris

More Viewpoints

Trump CIA Director Blames 'Worship of Edward Snowden' for Rise in Leaks
CNN Retracts Story Linking Trump Ally Scaramucci to Russian Fund
Palestinian Sources: Trump May Drop Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Dems Push Leaders to Talk Less About Russia
The War at Home
Kasich's Website Hacked to Show Pro-ISIS Message
Tornado Damaged Two US Air Force E-4b 'Doomsday' Planes
TSA Considers Forcing Airline Passengers to Remove Books From Carry-Ons
Does US Have Right to Data on Overseas Servers? We're About to Find Out
Pakistan, Accused of Terrorist Infiltration, Starts to Fence Its Border With Afghanistan
10 Afghan Security Members Killed Near Herat's Salma Dam
Pakistan: 'Toy' Bomb Kills Six Children, Wounds Two
Fighting Resumes in Marawi After Eid Ceasefire
US Most Wanted Terror Leader May Have Fled Philippine City
Philippine Envoys Talk With Islamist Militant Leader During Brief Truce
China, US Agree on Aim of 'Complete, Irreversible' Korean Denuclearization
Rebels Kill One Indian Soldier, Wound Three in Kashmir
Myanmar Releases 67 Child Soldiers
Indonesian Policeman Killed in Knife Attack by Suspected Militants
Reporter Seeks Justice for 'White Van' Torture in Sri Lanka
South Sudan
AWOL US Soldier and Two Veterans Reportedly Detained Trying to Enter South Sudan
South Sudan Said to Lift Ban on Foreign Journalists
DR Congo
Crisis in DR Congo Worsens as Death Toll Rises and Refugees Flee
Angola Expels 8,000 Congolese Fleeing Violence, UN Says
Egypt's Sisi Ratifies Agreement Transferring Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia
Haftar Forces Make Gains in Libya's Benghazi
Morocco Recalls Its Netherlands Envoy Over Protest Supporter
Mali Relaunches Beleaguered Peace Process
DW Correspondent's Detention in Nigeria Draws Protest
Russia Recalling Kislyak Amid Election Controversy: Report
Bill Regulating Online Anonymizers Unanimously Passes First Ruling in Russian Duma
Thousands March in Greece Against NATO 'Imperialists'
UK Parliament Targeted by Cyber Attack
German Police Raid 36 Homes Over Hateful Postings on Social Media
Spain Rescues More Than 200 Migrants From Mediterranean
Hawija Displaced Found Dead; 200 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Say Major ISIS Attack Blocked Outside Old City of Mosul
Third Journalist Dies of Mosul Blast Wounds
Syria Warns Israel of 'Dangerous Repercussions for Aggressive Action'
Erdogan Dismisses Pledges Over Weapons for Kurds in Syria
Car Bomb in Syria's Idlib Province Kills 10: War Monitor
US-Backed Syrian Groups Take Raqqa District From ISIS
Amnesty Declared for 83 ISIS Members in Syria's Raqqa
Amnesty for Militants in Syria's Raqqa Aims to Promote Stability
Syrian Government Says Frees 672 Prisoners
Turkish Soldier Killed in PKK Attack
Istanbul Bans Gay and Transgender Pride March for Second Year
Tillerson: Some Demands on Qatar Very Difficult to Meet
US Says Qatar Has Started Reviewing Demands From Neighbors
Iran's Rouhani Backs Qatar, Rejects 'Siege'
Turkish President Says Qatar Ultimatum Is 'Against International Law'
In Tense Meeting, Jared Kushner Reportedly Protested Abbas' Refusal to Condemn Jerusalem Terror Attack
Palestinians in Gaza Reflect on 10 Years of Siege
How Israel Gains From Egypt-Saudi Red Sea Islands Deal
Lieberman: Assad Regime Will Continue to Suffer Consequences
Israel Bars UNESCO From Hebron, Citing 'Politicization' of Holy Site
Energy Minister: Israel Should Restore Full Power Supply to Gaza
Settlers Throw Rocks at Israeli Forces Who Take Down Illegal Building in Yitzhar
Palestinians Say US Is Not Demanding End to Terrorist Stipends as a Precondition to Talks
17-Year-Old Palestinian Injured With in Kafr Qaddum Clashes
Middle East
Bahrain Newspaper, Shut Down by Government, Lays Off Staff
Iran Foils 'Plot to Bomb Religious Centers'
Yemen Cholera Cases 'Pass 200,000'
Venezuelan Protesters, Security Forces Clash at Air Base
Criminal Gangs Kill 11 in Mexico's Veracruz State
Colombian Police Arrest Eight in Mall Bombing Probe
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