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Updated June 29, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
House Panel Votes Repeal AUMF, 'Out of Order'
Mattis Claims White House Threat to Syria 'Worked'
  Cluster Bomb Attack on East Syrian Village Kills 30 Civilians
  Mattis: Syria Fight Will Get More Complicated After Raqqa Captured
  US Special Forces Deployed to Kurdish City on Turkish Border
UAE: Qatar Faces Sanctions, 'Permanent Isolation'
  UN: Demand to Shut Al Jazeera a Threat to Media Freedom
Cyberattacks Draw Attention to NSA Weapons
Senate Panel OKs $700 Billion Pentagon Bill
ISIS Looks to Expand Presence in N. Afghanistan
Russia: Trump and Putin Probably Should Talk at G20
South Korea Leader Reverses, Backs Trump Against NK
Advise, Assist, Arm: The United States at War  by Mel Gurtov
Russia-Gate Is No Watergate or Iran-Contra  by Robert Parry
Trump Setting Up His Generals as Fall Guys for Afghanistan  by Andrew J. Bacevich
How Israel Manages Its Message  by Philip Giraldi
Who Is Making US Foreign Policy?  by Doug Bandow
US Buildup All About Iran  by Sharmine Narwani

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Decades of Failed Peace Talks: How Israel Negotiates With Itself
US Demands More Security on International Flights Coming to US
30 Nuclear Experts Inhale Uranium After Alarms at a Weapons Site Switched Off
ISIS Tunnel Collapse Kills Family; 66 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Military Pushes Deeper Into Mosul's Old City
Iraqis Fight House to House for Costly Victory in Mosul
Israel Attacks Syrian Position After Mortar Lands in Golan Heights
Russia Says Will Respond 'With Dignity' if US Mounts Syria Strike
ISIS Turned on Dissenters as Raqqa Assault Neared
Saudi Arabia
Deposed Saudi Prince Is Said to Be Confined to Palace
Palestinian Authority Considering 'Changing Status' of Gaza to 'Rebel'
US Jewish Leaders Decry Israel's 'Delegitimization' of Non-Orthodox Jews
Hamas Creates No-Go Security Zone on Border With Egypt
Israeli Military Forces Kill Palestinian in Hebron
Netanyahu to Meet With Senior AIPAC Officials on Thursday Amid Western Wall Crisis
Nicolas Maduro Puts Venezuela's Army on Alert
Venezuela Actor Behind Copter Attack on Government Buildings
Venezuela High Court Restricts Chief Prosecutor
Mexican Journalists Cry 'SOS' After 6th Colleague Murdered
Philippines Says Beheaded Civilians Found in Rebel-Held Town
Philippine Muslims Fear Marawi Fighting May Deepen Communal Discord
China Passes Tough New Intelligence Law
China Launches New Class of Naval Destroyer
North Korea Calls for Execution of Ex-South Korea Leader Over 'Assassination' Plot
Protests Held Across India After Attacks Against Muslims
Indonesia Imposes Travel Ban on Trump's Business Partner
Myanmar Army Files Charges Against Journalists for Contacting Rebel Group
Nigerian University Builds Trench to Stop Boko Haram Attacks
Militant Group Withdraws Threat to Attack Niger Delta Oil Industry
Nigerian Corruption Investigator Shot and Wounded as He Leaves Work
Libyan Official Says Gunmen Capture, Release Two UN Staffers
European Union Extends Russia Sanctions Until January 2018
Moscow Prepares Retaliation for US Seizure of Russian Diplomatic Compounds
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