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Updated June 30, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
House Panel Votes Repeal AUMF, 'Out of Order'
  House Votes to Make 'Space Corps' the Sixth Branch of Military
US Troops 'Just Getting Started Good' in Raqqa
  Syria: US Chemical Accusations Are Baseless Plot to Justify Attack
Iraq Recaptures Mosul Mosque, Rubble Remains
  Great Mosque Captured in Mosul; Over 975 Killed in Iraq
  Congress Threatens to Cut Iraqi Kurds' Funding if They Secede
Options Prepared for Trump to Attack North Korea
Cyberattacks Draw Attention to NSA Weapons
Netanyahu: I Had to Give in to Ultra-Orthodox Demands
Qatar Working With US on Response to Saudi Demands
US, NATO Allies Wrangle on Troop Levels in Afghanistan
An America First Korea Policy  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Fighting the War You Know (Even if It Won't Work)  by Danny Sjursen
How the Conflict Between the US and Iran Is Escalating Toward War  by Jefferson Morley
Why the Elites Hate Putin  by Justin Raimondo
Rekindle the 'Spirit of Glassboro'  by Norman Solomon
Tyranny at Home to Fight Tyranny Abroad  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Trump to Meet With Putin at G-20 Gathering Next Week
Trump Administration Issues New Visa Criteria for Six Muslim Nations
Senate Committee Approves Boeing Exec Shanahan as Deputy SecDef
Putin Receives Former US Diplomat Henry Kissinger in Kremlin
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
US Plans to Sell Taiwan About $1.42 Billion in Arms
China's Xi Tells Hong Kong He Seeks 'Far-Reaching Future' for Its Autonomy
US Targets Chinese Bank, Company, Two Individuals Over North Korea
Trump to Press South Korea Leader on Trade as North Korea Looms
Thousands Protest in Pakistan to Demand Security After Deadly Bombs
Blogger Gets 10-Year Prison Term for Defaming Vietnam Govt
'Just Doing Their Jobs': Families Decry Case Against Myanmar Reporters
Turkey Warns Cyprus Talks Are Last Chance for Reunification
Security Riddle Holds Answer to 40-Year Cyprus Conundrum
Driver Arrested for Trying to Hit French Mosque; No One Hurt
Court Says Slovenia Should Have Corridor to International Waters in Dispute With Croatia
Moroccan National Suspected of Role in Civil Unrest Arrested in Netherlands
Hundreds of Nigerians Are Deported to a Bombed-Out Hellscape
Widows of Executed Nigerian Activists Seek Shell Apology, Compensation
French Military to Work With G5 Sahel Troops
South Sudan Says Aid Workers Can Not Go to 'Insecure' Rebel-Held Areas
UN Approves Drawdown of Peacekeepers in Sudan's Darfur Region
Council Calls on UN Force to Help Mali Extend Security
Burundi Warns New UN Envoy Against Opposition Bias
Police Officer Killed in Congo Jail Raid, Kabila Misses TV Speech
Great Mosque Captured in Mosul; Over 975 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Reverts to Insurgent Roots to Pose Long-Term Threat: Study
Khamenei's Representative Says ISIS's Baghdadi 'Definitely Dead'
Canada Extends Mission in Iraq to March 2019
Syrian US-Backed Forces Seize Last Route Into Raqqa
US Amassing Spy Planes Off Syria, Carrier Visits Israel for First Time in 17 Years
Edelstein Tells Moscow: Syria Spillover a 'Red Line' for Israel
UAE's PM Pens Poem, Urges Qatar to 'Return to GCC Fold'
Norway Press Groups Protest Al Jazeera Closure Call
Saudi Arabia
$27,000 Fine for Saudi Hotels Airing Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia Denies Report Former Heir Is Confined to Palace
Yemen Troops, Rebels Killed in Battle for Central Province
UAE Sends Yemeni Terror Suspects to Eritrean Prison
Former Israeli PM Olmert, 71, Wins Early Release From Prison
Israel to Russia: Concerned Your Tensions With the US Might Endanger Our Border
Israel Apologizes After Turkish Journalists 'Humiliated' by Guards
Palestinian Goes to the Beach for First Time in Decades, Gets $200 Fine From Israeli Fashion Police
US Envoy Slams UN Security Council for Inaction on Iran
Experts: Mexico Opposition Party Targeted by Spyware
Mexico: Activist Slain in Revenge for 'Disappeared' Search
Venezuela Prosecutors to Question Ex-National Guard Chief on Human Rights
Australia, United States Begin Their Biggest Joint Military Exercise
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Why The Elites Hate Putin

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Potential Savings in the Defense Budget

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Let's All Calm Down About Russia

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Is Wonder Woman War Propaganda?

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Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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