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Updated July 3, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
Saudi Arabia Demands Capitulation by Qatar
  Qatar Given Another 48 Hours to Comply With List of 13 Demands
  Qatar Ready to Defend Itself From Neighbors
  Al-Jazeera, Insurgent TV Station, Faces Closure
Iraq Plans Mosul 'Victory' Party as Battles Rage
  US Increases Role in Mosul, Leading to Rising Civilian Death Toll
  US General: Troops Should Stay in Iraq Long After ISIS Defeat
  4,928 Killed in Iraq During June
Suicide Car Bomber Kills 21 People in Damascus
  Syrian Airstrikes Stray Across Jordan Border
  Syria's Tabqa City Is a 'Dry Run' for Trump's Post-ISIS Strategy
Surprise War Vote Points to Shift in GOP
Gunmen Open Fire Outside French Mosque, Eight Injured
A Poetic Masterpiece of War and Redemption  by Edward Curtin
Americans and South Koreans Want Peace. Will Trump Listen?  by Christine Ahn
Saudi Arabia's Ruthless Crown Prince Threatens Neighbors, Unsettles Middle East  by Doug Bandow
What Trump Can Expect From Putin  by Ray McGovern
How Israeli/Saudi 'Alliance' Plays Trump  by Alastair Crooke
Ex-Weapons Inspector: Trump's Sarin Claims Built on 'Lie'  by Scott Ritter

More Viewpoints

The American Way of War
by Sheldon Richman
Former Pentagon Chief Panetta Sees Long-Term US Mission in Afghanistan
Jewish Philanthropist Ends Aid to Israel Over Kotel, Conversion Controversies
UN Troops Hit by New Allegations of Sex Abuse
UK's Jeremy Corbyn: Halt Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Russian Anti-Virus CEO Offers Up Code for US Govt Scrutiny
The War at Home
How the Pentagon Uses 'Jeopardy' to Train Its Special Operations Forces
Trump Administration Stalls on Transgenders in Military
Former Pentagon Money Man to Oversee Defense of NATO Computer Networks
No Longer 'Unknown,' WWII Airman Is Laid to Rest in His Iowa Hometown
China/Hong Kong
Navy Destroyer Sails Near Disputed Island Claimed by China
China's Xi Talks Tough on Hong Kong as Tens of Thousands Call for Democracy
Xi Jinping Warns of 'Red Line' as Hong Kong Marks 20 Years of Chinese Rule
Two Civilians, Two Rebels Killed in Kashmir Fighting
Defiant Kashmiri Militant Denounces US Terrorist Designation
Philippines' Duterte Threatens to Jail Martial Law Critics
US, Philippines Hold Naval Patrol to Deter Islamist Militants
Philippines, Indonesia Jointly Patrol Celebes Sea to Cut Off Militants
Afghan Officials: Taliban Kill 13 Local Militiamen in Ambush
Four Killed in Plastic Bomb Blast in Pakistan
Suspected Militant Shot Dead After Stabbing Indonesian Policemen in Mosque
Five North Koreans Sail Across Tense Border to South Korea
Macron in Mali for Talks With Leaders of Africa's Sahel
Militant Video Purports to Show Westerners Held in Mali
Roadside Bomb Kills Two Near Somalia's Capital Mogadishu
At Least 15 Killed in Fresh Central African Republic Clashes
Female Suicide Bombers Kill One in Cameroon's Far North
Boko Haram Fighters Found Posing as Refugees: Nigeria
French and West African Presidents Launch Sahel Force
Egyptian Court Sentences 20 to Death for Killing Policemen
Sudan Extends Ceasefire Ahead of Expected Lifting of US Trade Embargo
Mexico Police Kill 19 Gunmen in Big Sinaloa Shootout
Mexico State Sees Spike in Violence: 30 Dead in a Weekend
Why So Many Journalists Are Disappearing and Dying in Mexico
Venezuela Confirms Four More Deaths in Anti-Government Protests
Suicide Bomber Attacks Refugee Camp; 193 Killed in Iraq
Suicide Bomb Blast Kills Iraqis at Camp for Displaced
Mosul Mosque Where ISIS Took World Stage Lies in Rubble
Iraqis Mark First Anniversary of Devastating Baghdad Blast
US-Backed Force Enters Syria's Raqa From South: Monitor
Syrian Government Dismisses Report on Sarin Attack
Israeli Army Unit Crosses Blue Line on Lebanon's SE Border
Fire Destroys Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon, Kills One
Suicide Bombers Hit Refugee Camps in Lebanon; Seven Injured
Lebanese Army Detains Militant at Palestinian Camp: Sources
Israel Says UN Force Presence in Lebanon Is 'Unnecessary'
Lebanese Military Rejects Claims of Abusing Syrian Refugees
Qatar FM: The List of Demands Was Meant to Be Rejected
Qatar Hires Law Firm to Probe Violations From Blockade
Wealthy Qatar Weathers Siege, but Personal and Political Costs Grow
Al Jazeera Demands Press Freedom
Drone Kills Two Qaeda Suspects in Yemen
At Least 1,500 People Killed by Cholera in Yemen: WHO
Two Ruling Party Officials, 13 Militants Killed in SE Turkey
On the Road With Protesters Marching Across Turkey to Condemn Erdogan's Purge
Trump Aides End All Doubt About Whose Side They'll Be on in the Next Great Peace Process
Jewish Home, Likud to Collaborate on 'Unified Jerusalem' Bill
IDF Officer Suspected of Staging Own Death as Terror Act
Ahead of UNESCO Vote on Hebron, Israel Bars Fact-Finding Mission From City
Israel Rearrests Palestinian Lawmaker for Involvement in PFLP
In First, Israel Files $2.3 Million Lawsuit Against Palestinian Terrorist's Widow and Children
Middle East
Saudi King Orders Newspaper Columnist to Stop Piling on the Praise
Iran to Sign Gas Deal With France's Total and China's CNPC
Abu Dhabi Airport Now Exempt From US Laptop Ban
Man Held for Theft of Rocket Launchers From French Train
German Authorities Evacuate Regensburg Prison Over WWII Bomb
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