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Updated July 6, 2017 - 11:23 PM EDT
Trump Warns N. Korea of 'Pretty Severe Things'
  A 'Surgical Strike' Against N. Korea Could Lead to Full-Scale War
  Envoy Warns China Risks US Trade Over North Korea 'Dealings'
Syrian Kurds Expect War With Turkey 'In Days'
  Tensions Rise as Iraqi Troops Detain Civilians Fleeing Mosul
  Syrian Government Says Turkey Blocked New Astana Agreement
Blockade States Slam Qatar for Rejecting Demands
  Qatar FM: Blockade Is Result of Saudi Aggression
East Libyan Military Declares Victory in Benghazi
Report Calls for Inquiry Into Gulf Funding of UK Extremism
2nd US Airstrike This Week on Suspected Somali Militants
The Trump-Putin Meeting and the Fate of the Earth  by Norman Solomon
Why Can't Right-Wing Leaders Support Smaller Govt?  by Ivan Eland
'Let's Get Back to Russia': Media's Interest in Narrowing Trump Story  by Eoin Higgins
What Does War Generate?  by Kathy Kelly
Time for Fresh Thinking on the North Korea Crisis  by Doug Bandow
The Espionage Act: One Hundred Years of Murky Law  by Grayson Clary

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NPR Tweeted Declaration of Independence – Some People Got Angry
Trump Aides Want Kremlin Critic in Putin Meeting
China Demands India Leave Himalayan Plateau in Rising Spat
Congress Targets Iran
Militant Attacks South of Mosul; 102 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Commander Says 300 ISIS Fighters Holed Up in Mosul
Basic Infrastructure Repair in Mosul Will Cost Over $1 Billion: UN
Turkey Says It's Not 'Declaring War' in Syria, but Ready to Respond
In Syria's Raqqa, Corpses Left to Rot in the Streets
Russia Bombs ISIS Targets in Syria With Newest Missiles: Agencies
Russia, Turkey, Iran to Continue Talks on Syria De-Escalation Zones
Turkey's Erdogan Says Loyal to Qatar, Arab States' Demands Unacceptable
Qatar Says Saudi Arabia and UAE Leading Its Isolation
Germany's Gabriel Urges Gulf Deal to End Financing of Terrorism
Qatar Airways Launches New Routes After Gulf Crisis Snips Network
Qatar Says Needs a Healthy, Constructive Relationship With Iran
Turkey Detains Six ISIS Suspects Planning Attack on Opposition March: Governor
Before G20, Erdogan Accuses Germany of 'Committing Suicide'
EU Lawmakers Call for Freeze in Turkey Accession Talks
US Rabbis Just Got a Close-Up Look at Occupation in the West Bank and It's Not a Pretty Sight
Improving Ties Between Egypt and Hamas Unsettle Palestinian Politics
Hamas Leader Hails Turning of 'New Page' With Egypt
Abbas to Meet With Egypt's Sisi Amid Reports of Hamas Deal
Hamas' New Top Leader Delivers First Speech in Gaza City
Palestinian Authority Forces 6,000 Gazan Employees Into Early Retirement
Israeli Polls Suggest New Labor Leaders Won't Overtake Netanyahu's Likud
Middle East
Human Rights Watch Urges Lebanon Probe of Syrian Deaths in Custody
Emirates, Turkish Airlines Say Laptop Ban Lifted on US Flights
Boko Haram Attacks Military Bases in Northeast Nigeria
Nigeria and the Biafran War: Ending the Silence
Trump Administration Plans to Slash US Aid for Tunisia
Five People Killed by Shelling on Tripoli Beach
Zambia's President to Seek Parliament Backing for State of Emergency
Russia Says Military Force Against North Korea Should Be Excluded
US, South Korea Fire Missiles After North's ICBM Test
South Korea Calls for Tougher Sanctions Against North Korea After Missile Test
Trump Urges Egypt's President to Support Sanctions Against North Korea
Philippines' Duterte Proposed Deal to End City Siege, Then Backed Out
Philippine Troops Arrest Marawi Militants' 'Main Financier'
Uzbekistan Says Won't Rejoin Russia-Led Security Bloc
ICC: New Information Delays Decision on Afghan War Crimes Investigation
Tajik Police Kill Four Relatives of ISIS Warlord: Security Sources
Myanmar Policeman Fled Deadly Mob Attack on Rohingya Men
New Hong Kong Leader Strikes Conciliatory Tone in First Week in Office
European Nuclear Weapons Program Would Be Legal, German Review Finds
German Kindergarten Evacuated After Teachers Find WW2 Bomb on Shelf
Poland Promises to Create Cheering Crowds to Appease Trump During Visit: Reports
Poland Is Busing Trump Supporters to Warsaw to Ensure Cheering Crowds
Five Arrested in Belgian, French Terror Raids
Italy Passes Law Making Torture a Crime, Critics Say Full of Holes
US Considering Appointing Envoy to Ukraine Peace Agreement: Official
Ruling Granting Tony Blair Immunity From Prosecution Over Iraq War to Be Reviewed
Spanish PM Urges Calm in Face of 'Authoritarian Delusions'
Azeri Woman and Child Killed by Rebels Near Nagorno-Karabakh Boundary: Defense Ministry
Austria Plays Down Spat With Italy Over Border Controls
At Least 26 Dead, Hospitalized in Mexico Shootout: Government
US Homeland Security Chief Talks Drug Crackdown With Mexican President
Spurned by Trump, Mexico and China Talk About a Trade Deal
Venezuelan Lawmakers Beaten, Besieged in Latest Violence
Colombian Dissident FARC Rebels Free Captive UN Official: Government
Haiti Plans Recruitment for Small Army: Defense Minister
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