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Updated July 7, 2017 - 11:28 PM EDT
Trump Caps Increase of US Troops to Afghanistan
Trump Says 'Very, Very Good Talks' With Putin
  Polish Govt Manufactures a Warm Welcome for Trump
US, Russia Agree on Ceasefire in SW Syria
  Tillerson: US, Russia Discuss Syria No-Fly Zones
  Team Probing Syria Chemical Attacks Under Political Pressure
Trump Warns N. Korea of 'Pretty Severe Things'
  In Contrast With Trump, Mattis Downplays North Korea ICBM
  Gap Between US, China on North Korea Policy Widening
Iraq Accuses 'ISIS Families' of Fighting in Mosul
  Mosul: Last Days of the Shrinking ISIS Enclave in the Old City
US Warns Qatar Crisis Could Drag on for Months
  Arab Sanctions Stir Defiance, Patriotism in Wealthy Qatar
Global Nuke Ban Approved in 122-1 Vote
Attack on Sinai Checkpoint Kills 26 Egypt Soldiers
Sikkim Stand-Off: China and India Collide in the Himalayas
Niger Soldiers Kill 14 Civilians Mistaken for Militants
Why Imperial Washington Should Cool It on North Korea  by David Stockman
Trump Shouldn't Follow McMaster, Mattis Advice  by Bruce Fein
After 1,379 Days, NYT Corrects Bogus Claim Iran 'Sponsored' 9/11  by Adam Johnson
Sikkim Stand-Off: China and India Collide in the Himalayas  by Justin Raimondo
Two Impulsive Leaders Fan the Global Flames  by Dilip Hiro
Myth of a 'Palestinian Economy'  by Nur Arafeh

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Why Am I Facing 75 Years in Prison for Protesting Trump?
Poland Signs Memo to Buy Patriot Missiles From US: Report
Mennonite Church to Divest in Protest of Israeli Policies
UN Chief: Talks on Cyprus Reunification Have Failed
New Map Records Sites of Australia Colonial Massacres
Iraqi Commander Shot Dead in Mosul; 136 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Defeated, but Not Destroyed, as Terror Group Still Holds Strategic Swaths of Iraq
Iraqi Kurdish Leader Says No Turning Back on Independence Bid
More Than 5,500 Buildings in Mosul's Old City Need Repair, UN Says
Syria Says It Extends Ceasefire in Southern Syria Till Saturday
Blast in Syria's Government-Held Hama Kills Three, Wounds Others: TV
France, Russia Discuss Syria, Sidestep Differences on Chemical Weapons
Energy Giants Seek Role in Qatar's Gas Expansion
Qatar Airways Removed From US Laptop Ban List
Qatar Airways: No Plans to Cancel Airbus Order
The Israeli Military Is Buying Copter Drones With Machine Guns
Israeli Commander Killed While Pretending to Be Palestinian Assailant
Israel Won't Destroy Homes of Trio Who Killed Palestinian Teen
Middle East
Saudi Security Officer Killed in Eastern Province Attack
Turkey Police Hold Rights Activists Including Amnesty Chief
Bahrain FM: Muslim Brotherhood Is a Terrorist Group
Amnesty: Rwanda Polls Marred by Chilling 'Climate of Fear'
Eight People Killed in Malawi Independence Day Stampede
At Least 123 Venezuelan Soldiers Detained Since Protests
28 Killed, 3 Injured in Mexico Prison Fight: Official
The War at Home
Federal Judge Denies Hawaii's Challenge to Trump Travel Ban
Ethics Director Who Clashed With Trump Resigns
US Judge Allows Twitter Lawsuit Over Surveillance to Move Forward
How Dearborn, Michigan Became the Heart of Arab America
South Korea Seeks Reunions for Families Split by Korean War
Chinese Official Warns US Not to Use North Korea as Excuse for Imposing Sanctions
UN Diplomats Say Russia Blocked North Korea Statement
China's Xi Urges Peaceful Resolution to North Korea Issue
China Can Do More to Pressure North Korea to Curb Arms Program: US State Department
Rare Footage Shows Korean 'Comfort Women' From WWII
US Military in Afghanistan Will Delay Casualty Reports
Malaysia's Mahathir Says Would Back Old Foe Anwar as Prime Minister
Pakistani Politician Shot Dead in Baluchistan Province
Philippines' Duterte Says He Will Never Talk to 'Terrorists'
Hong Kong Student Leaders Say They Won't Contest Occupy Protest Charge
Japan and Europe Counter Trump With Colossal Trade Deal
Vietnam Renews India Oil Deal in Tense South China Sea
Sri Lanka Leader Pledges to Consult Buddhist Leaders Over New Constitution
Putin Calls Sanctions a 'Covert Form' of Protectionism
Russia Disagrees With Trump Its Behavior 'Destabilizing': Kremlin
Russia Jails Hacker for Spilling Top Government Officials' Secrets
Russian Investigators Raid Election Offices of Putin Critic Navalny
German Police Fire Water Cannon at G20 Demonstration
Dozens of Police Injured in G20 Protests as Merkel Seeks Consensus
Hungary Sees Russia as 'Expansionist', but Not Aggressive: Government Aide
Belgium Seeking Further Suspected Militants After Arresting Two
Sir John Chilcot Accuses Tony Blair of Not Being 'Straight With the Nation' Over Iraq War
France Extends Emergency Rule Until November 1
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Sikkim Stand-Off: China and India Collide in the Himalayas

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