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Updated July 11, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
US to Dramatically Escalate Libya Involvement
Syrian Kurds in Clashes With Turkey Near Afrin
  Iran: Ceasefire Should Be Expanded to Cover All of Syria
  Syrian Troops Attack Rebel Villages in Southeast
Tillerson to Tour Gulf to Mediate Qatar Dispute
  Gulf States Claim Qatar Demands Based on Previous GCC Deals
  Jared Kushner Tried and Failed to Get a Bailout From Qatar
UK High Court Refuses to Block Saudi Arms Sales
Did Trump Jr. 'Collude' With Putin – Or Was He Set Up?
US Deploys Advanced Missiles in Baltics for First Time
'But Sir, It's an American Ship' 'Never Mind, Hit Her!'
Ambassador Nikki Haley vs. President Trump  by Daniel McAdams
Diplomacy Needed in the Trump White House  by John Glaser
Price of Ignoring Human Rights: Lost Credibility, Brutal Allies and New Enemies  by Doug Bandow
A Bipartisan Vote to Put the Brakes on War  by Peter Certo
Growing Danger of War With Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
Trump and the New Mideast Paradox  by Alastair Crooke

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Study: High Military Casualties Led to Votes for Trump Over Clinton
Hawaiian Soldier Arrested, Accused of Trying to Support ISIS
Marine Refueling Plane Crashes in Miss., 16 Killed
Cheap Missiles Threaten British Navy's Billion Pound Warships, Think Tank Warns
PM Visits Mosul; 113 Killed in Iraq
Turkey's Erdogan Says Iraq Should Avoid Independence Referendum
UN Lauds US-Russian Truce in Syria, but Warns on Partition Risk
Rep. Cicilline Seeks to Block Sale of Fighter Jets to Turkey in Response to DC Brawl
Turkey Orders 72 University Staff Detained in Coup-Related Probe: Anadolu
Austria Bars Turkish Economy Minister for Event Marking Coup Anniversary
Swedish Lawmakers File 'Genocide' Complaint Against Erdogan
Suspected Cholera Cases Pass 300,000 in Yemen, Red Cross Says
Four Saudis Sentenced to Death in Yemen for 2014 Beheadings
Likud Minister Backs Absorbing Settlements Into Jerusalem
Palestinian Tries to Run Down, Stab Israeli Soldiers, Shot Dead: Army
In Deal With Israel, PA Takes 'Historic' Step Toward Energy Independence
Qatar Envoy to Gaza Pledges Continued Support
Suspects Remanded in Israel-Germany Submarine Deal Probe
Anti-Terror Fantasy Camps Are Popping Up Throughout Israel and the West Bank – and Tourists Are Eating It Up
Middle East
US, UK, Kuwait Urge Swift Negotiated Solution to Qatar Crisis
Bahraini Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab Sentenced to Two Years in Jail
Buoyed by Lopez Release, Venezuela Opposition Rallies for 100th Day
Venezuela National Guard Official Charged for Congress Raid
Russian, Venezuelan Leaders Discuss Cooperation, Energy Projects: Kremlin
North Korea
Diplomats: US Drafts New Sanctions Resolution Against North Korea
Japan Calls on Russia to Take Bigger Role on North Korean Threat
Seven Hindu Pilgrims Killed in Kashmir Bus Attack
Investigation Into Alleged Killing by Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan
US Carrier Group Leads Biggest Yet Drills With India and Japan
Turkey Warns Greek Cypriots, Oil Companies Against Offshore Energy Grab
Cypriot President Says Wants Zero Forces, Guarantees From Turkey
Kremlin: Possible NATO Membership for Ukraine Won't Boost Stability
Israel Backs Hungary, Says Financier Soros Is a Threat
Central European States Urge EU to Speed Up Enlargement in West Balkans
Kenyan Military Says It Launches Strikes Against Al Shabaab Forest Base
Kenya: Fears of Rigging Ahead of Election
Ten Mali Soldiers Missing After Ambush by Suspected Islamists
Fighting Persists East of Libya Capital, Residents Displaced: Town Official
Security Forces Kill Six Suspected Militants in Shootout in Southern Egypt
Grenade Attack Kills Eight in Burundi Village, Police Say
Colombia: President Santos Grants FARC Members Amnesty
New UN Mission in Colombia to Focus on Reintegrating FARC
Honduran Video Journalist Seeking Refugee Status Shot to Death in Mexico
Peru Recalls Ambassador From Ecuador in Row Over Border Wall
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