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Updated July 12, 2017 - 11:13 PM EDT
Amnesty: US-Led Forces Violated Int'l Law in Mosul
  Heavy Gunfire, Shelling Continues in Post-Victory Mosul
  US-Trained Elite Iraqi Forces Lost 40% of Manpower in Mosul
Video Shows US-Backed Kurds Torture Detainees
  Syrian Observatory Claims ISIS Leader 'Confirmed' Dead
  British Man, Two Americans Killed in Fighting Against ISIS in Syria
  US-Backed Forces Seize ISIS Town Near Raqqa
Tillerson Ends Qatar Talks, No Sign of Progress
  Egypt: US Should Expel Qatar From Anti-ISIS Coalition
South Korea: North Lacks Re-Entry Technology for ICBMs
  THAAD Missile Defense Test Hits Target
Did Trump Jr. 'Collude' With Putin – Or Was He Set Up?
15 Marines, One Sailor Killed in Corps' Deadly Crash
Israel Bill Gives Priority to Jewishness Over Democracy
Why Trump's Foreign Policy Is Dangerous  by Hillary Mann Leverett
Why the Media Really Hates War Machine  by Scott Beauchamp
Trump Is on Course to Get a Hot War Going With North Korea  by Jefferson Morley
Was Trump Junior Framed?  by Justin Raimondo
Risk of Unleashing 'Mad Dog' Mattis  by David Marks
War With North Korea Would Be Sheer Madness  by Doug Bandow

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Julian Assange: I Urged Trump Jr to Publish Russia Emails Via WikiLeaks
Afghan Files: Defense Leak Exposes Deadly Secrets of Australia's Special Forces
Taiwan Says Chinese Carrier Sails Into Its Defense Zone
Philippines Military: Death Toll in Marawi Tops 500
Encryption Activists Fighting Mass Surveillance
ISIS Capture Town Near Mosul; 14 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Tightens Grip on Village Near Mosul After Defeat
Amnesty Representative: US-Led Coalition Violated International Law in Mosul
US Can't Confirm if ISIS Chief Is Dead
ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Is Likely Dead, Say Turkish Security Officials
No Big Change Seen to US Troop Levels in Iraq After Mosul Victory
Iraq Starts Drilling at Oilfield on Iranian Border
Rebels Strike Syrian Warplane East of Damascus
Turkish Air Strikes Kill 11 Kurdish Militants in Southeast: Army
Cleric Gulen Says He Would Not Flee US to Avoid Extradition to Turkey
Turkish Opposition Gains New Momentum
German Military Resumes Tanker Flights After Move From Turkish Base
Avi Gabbay Sweeps Israeli Labor Party Primary, Beating Peretz
Chief Rabbinate Blacklist of US Rabbis Points to Widening Rift?
How Gazans Manage to Keep Cool and Carry On
Gaza May Already Be 'Unlivable': UN Official
Fatah Official: US Ambassador to Israel Not Wanted in Ramallah
Expansion Plan Highlights Crowded West Bank City's Plight
Netanyahu Confronts Irish FM Over Support for Hostile NGOs
Former Israel Navy Chief Grilled in Submarine Fraud Probe
Israel Arrests Netanyahu Allies Over German Submarine Deal
Middle East
UN: Yemen Unlikely to Get Cholera Vaccine as First Planned
Iran Deal 'Does Not Belong to One Country': EU's Top Diplomat
Lebanese Army Kills ISIS-Linked Militant: Sources
Saudi Arabia Executes 4 People Convicted of Terrorism in Qatif
China Says 'China Responsibility Theory' on N. Korea Has to Stop
Thailand Approves $258-Million Purchase of South Korean Fighter Jets
Vietnam Plans Talks With Catholic Officials Over Monastery Dispute
Biggest Single Boondoggle?
F-35 Program Costs Jump to $406.5 Billion in Latest Estimate
The F-35 Costs Even More When You Fly It
Defense Department to Spend $5.6 Billion on 74 More F-35 Fighter Planes
Pentagon Officials Brief Germany on F-35 Fighter Jet
The War at Home
Intercept to Support Defense of Reality Winner in Espionage Act Prosecution
John McCain Faces Questions in Trump-Russia Dossier Case
Small DARPA Drones Fly Without Human or GPS Help
Federal Government Cancels Costly, Decade-Long Search for a New FBI Headquarters
ATF: Explosion at Air Force Recruiting Center Was Domestic Terrorism or a Horrible Prank
US, Qatar Sign Deal to Combat 'Terrorism Financing'
Tillerson in Qatar as Leaks Spark Fresh Gulf Tension
Four Arab States Say Sanctions Against Qatar Still in Place
Despite Arab Anger, Qatar to Continue Support for Gaza
Qatar Says More Turkish Troops Have Arrived at Military Base
Kuwait's Emir Says Feels Bitter Over Gulf Rift, to Push Ahead With Mediation
Qatar Has $340 Billion in Reserves: Central Bank
State Department Approves $3.9 Billion Missile Defense Sale to Romania
Moscow Steps Up War of Words in Diplomatic Row With US
DR Congo
East Congo Militia Violence Forces 80,000 to Flee Home, UN Says
US Threatens More Sanctions for Hindering Democracy in Congo
Electronics Ban on Egypt-US Flights to Be Lifted Wednesday
Sudan Says It Has Fulfilled US Conditions for Sanctions Relief
UNICEF Says Three Contractors Detained in South Sudan
Tunisia Tries 21 Over Deadly Museum Attack
Zambia Ratifies 90-Day State of Emergency
Leaked Video of Jailed Protest Leader Sparks Anger in Morocco
Haiti to Create New Army After 20 Years Without
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