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Updated July 13, 2017 - 11:04 PM EDT
US Says Troops Are Operating Inside Raqqa
  Suicide Car Bomber Kills 12 al-Qaeda Fighters in Northern Syria
Pentagon Braces for ISIS Insurgency After Mosul
  Drone Video Shows Mosul Civilians Still Trapped in ISIS Fighting
Gaza Blackout as Last Power Plant Grinds to Halt
  Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinian Civilians in Jenin Raid
Tillerson Ends Qatar Talks, No Sign of Progress
Aussie Forces Killed Afghan Children, Tried to Cover It Up
NATO, Russia Fault Each Other for Baltic Jet Maneuvers
Israel's Sadistic Reprisals Help Shore Up a Sense of Victimhood  by Jonathan Cook
Fighting the Wrong Enemy:
Why Americans Hate Muslims
 by Ramzy Baroud
Did 17 Intelligence Agencies Really Come to Consensus on Russia?  by Scott Ritter
Nuclear Ban Approved, Now What?  by Tharanga Yakupitiyage

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Iran and Oman Agree to Boost Ties Amid Gulf Crisis
UK Refuses to Publish Report on Saudi 'Funding of Extremism'
Chinese Warships Conduct Live-Fire Drills in Mediterranean
Satellites Reveal Secret US Bases Emerging in the Desert
Kidnap Victims Slaughtered; 79 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Strikes ISIS in Mosul Days After Declaring Victory
Refugees Return to Syria From Lebanon in Hezbollah-Mediated Deal
Turkish Police Kill Five in Raid on ISIS Cell
Turkish President Says Lifting Emergency Rule Out of Question
Saudi Prince Discusses Defense Ties With Turkish Minister
Turkey Sent Some 200 Cargo Planes to Qatar Since Dispute Began: Minister
German Milk Cows Arrive in Qatar as Saudi Boycott Continues
UN Envoy Says the Conflict in Yemen Is Intensifying Daily
'Unfathomable Pain and Suffering' in Yemen
State Department: US May Have 'Upgraded' Ties With Palestinians
New Head of Israel's Labor Party, Palestinian President Abbas Talk: 'We Must Build Trust'
Fears of Instability Cut Into US Support for Slashing PA Funding
Israeli Minister Said Trying to Broker Direct Flights to Mecca
Erekat: US Told Netanyahu to Curb Israeli Settlement Building
Ireland Fails to Condemn Palestinians, Says Netanyahu
Philippine Air Strike on Rebels Kills Two Soldiers, Injures Several
The Calibri Font Is Threatening to Bring Down Pakistan's Govt
China Envoy Says North Korea Trade Growth Picture 'Distorted'
Steve Bannon Wants to Use Mercenaries to Solve Afghanistan
Sri Lanka: Navy Officer Arrested in Case of 11 Missing Youth
Kremlin Derides US Media Buzz of 'Russian Meddling' as Bordering on TV Soap Opera
Russia Appears to Deliver More Turbines to Crimea
Kaspersky Lab Says It Has Become Pawn in US-Russia Geopolitical Game
US Set to Approve $4 Billion Defense Sale to Romania
Trump to Postpone London Visit Until 2018
Number of Fatal Terrorist Attacks in Western Europe Increasing, Data Show
German Military Aviation Command Launches Cyber Threat Initiative
Slovenia May Turn to EU Over Croatia Border Dispute
Suicide Bombers in Northeast Nigeria's Maiduguri Kill 17: Police
McCain Vows to Restore Federal Aid to Tunisia
Sudan Halts Talks With US After Decision on Lifting Sanctions Postponed
South Sudan Forces Launch Fresh Offensive Against Rebels
China Sends Troops to Open First Overseas Military Base in Djibouti
Tuareg Separatists Seize North Mali Town in Battle
Kenya: Six Police Officers Killed by Herders in Land Invasions
More Mass Graves Found in Congo: UN
US Confirms It Has Lifted Laptop Ban on Egyptair Flights
Police Spray Zimbabwe Protesters With Tear Gas and Water
Ex-Brazil President Lula Sentenced to Nearly 10 Years for Corruption
Chile Asks US to Extradite Ex-Dictatorship Police Agent
Peru's Ex-President Humala Faces 18 Months in Jail Before Trial
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