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Updated July 17, 2017 - 11:30 PM EDT
US Officials Pin Anti-Qatar Hacking on UAE
  Qatar's Openness Earns Ire of More Restrictive Neighbors
Netanyahu Opposes US-Russia Syria Ceasefire
  Syrian Observatory: 330,000 Killed in Syrian War
  Rival Jihadists Clash in Northwestern Syria
  US Building a Third Military Airport in Syrian Kurdistan
  Russia Upbeat About Talks, Citing Growing Acceptance of Assad
Revenge Attacks in and Around 'Liberated' Mosul
  Before and After Satellite Images Reveal Mosul Devastation
House Votes to Limit US Support of Yemen War
  House: Prosecute Erdogan Security as Condition for Arms Sales
  Congress Trying to Sneak Through Giveaway to Defense Contractors
Space Cadets and Sex Changes: Our 'Defense' Budget Is a Bad Joke  by Justin Raimondo
Trump's Tweets Are Not Harming National Security  by Philip Giraldi
The Saudi Agents Next Door  by Brian P. McGlinchey
Moral Corrosion of Drone Warfare  by Ray McGovern
Mythical Powers of Memorial Wall  by Lawrence Davidson
Attacks in Israel Make Headlines, Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Ignored  by Adam Johnson

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White House Says Budget Deficit to Be $99b Higher This Year
US Govt Debates Need for Military Space Corps
The War at Home
US Military Cyber Operations Headed for Revamp After Long Delay
Australia-US Refugee Swap Again in Doubt as Officials Exit Nauru
Mattis: Multiple Candidates for US Army Secretary Still in Play
Air Force Cancels Northrop Air Operations Network Upgrade
Officials Still Working on New Strategy for Afghanistan: Mattis
As Washington Ponders Afghan Mission, Marines Toil in Helmand
Four Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Indian Shelling in Kashmir
Pakistan Launches 'Major' Military Operation Against ISIS in Tribal Areas
Christian Teenager Detained in Pakistan for Blasphemy
India to Get Head of State From Lowest Caste
Tibetan Student Self-Immolates in India
Three Killed in Rakhine Explosion: Myanmar Police
Rohingya Villagers Tell Media of Abuses During Army Crackdown
Prominent Rights Activist Xu Zhiyong Freed From Chinese Jail
Telegram Blocks Terror Content After Indonesia Threatens Ban
Egypt Says Nine Militants Killed in Sinai
Cairo Police Clash With Nile Island Residents, at Least One Dead, 56 Injured
Egypt Approves $2.2 Million Plan to Renovate Ancient Synagogue
Head of Libya's UN-Backed Govt Calls for Polls in March
Benghazi Airport Reopens After Three-Year Closure During War
Nigeria: Boko Haram Straps Suicide Belt on 10-Year-Old Fulani Boy, Kill One
Northern Nigeria: Refuge for IDPs Fleeing Boko Haram
Five DR Congo Park Rangers Killed in Joint Army Operation to Rescue US Journalist
Cameroon Army Vessel Capsizes at Sea, Dozens Missing
Gunmen Attack Military Bases in Ivory Coast Cities Abidjan, Korhogo
Rwandan Academic Gets Life in Jail for 1994 Genocide
Head of South Sudan State Television Arrested: Wife
Thousands March Against Referendum, Extra Powers for Mali President
Opposition Cries Foul as Republic of Congo Votes for Parliament
Australia to Make It Easier to Deploy Military for 'Terrorist Incidents'
Australia Says MH17 Perpetrators May Be Tried in Absentia
Venezuela Opposition Says Two People 'Apparently' Shot Dead During Vote
Cuba Will Continue to Normalize US Relations 'Despite Recent Setback', Says President Castro
Canada: Workers Find Live British Cannonball From 1700s in Quebec
Shells Hit Russian Embassy Compound in Syria
Air Raids Kill 10 in Syria's Eastern Ghouta: SOHR
ISIS Leader Baghdadi Still Alive in Syria: Iraqi Interior Ministry Official
Syrian Army Takes More Oil Fields From ISIS in Raqqa and Eastern Desert
1,000 Mosul Children Searching for Families; 44 Killed in Iraq
Return to Mosul a Distant Dream for Many Displaced
France Calls for Lifting of Sanctions on Qatar Citizens
France Aims to Be 'Facilitator' in Gulf Crisis Talks
Lebanon Interior Ministry Bans Demonstrations 'To Preserve Security and Civic Peace'
Fresh Israeli Breach of Lebanese Airspace
Erdogan Backs Death Penalty on Turkey Coup Attempt Anniversary
Turkey Marks Coup Defeat Anniversary With Mass Rallies
NATO Chief Mediates Talks With Senior German, Turkish Diplomats
Yemen Troops Killed in Suspected Qaeda Attack: Army
Former State Dept War Crimes Expert: US and UK Acting Above the Law to Support the Saudi War in Yemen
Three Killed in Clashes in SE Iran After Shelling From Pakistan
Iran Police Fatally Shoot Knife Attacker in Tehran Metro: TV
Iran Says Jails US Dual National for 10 Years for Spying
Iran Judiciary Detains President Rouhani's Brother in Corruption Case
Israel Reopens Sensitive Holy Site, but Muslims Refuse to Enter
Minister Mulls Home Demolitions for Arab Israelis After Temple Mount Attack
Amid Tensions, Scuffles Break Out at Temple Mount Entrance
Hamas Calls for Attacks on Israelis After Temple Mount Closure
Premature Babies and Sick Children at Risk From Gaza's Constant Blackouts
Former Palestinian Officer Opens Fire on Israeli Troops, Is Shot Dead
Stun Grenade Hurled at Mosque in Slain Israeli Policeman's Hometown
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Police Kill Three Terrorists in Disturbed Qatif Region in Eastern Province
5,000 NATO, Partner Troops Stage Exercises in Romania
Romania Says Any Patriot Missile System Buy Meant to Boost Defense
Protesters in Paris Rally Against Israeli PM's Visit
Protests in Poland Condemn Controversial Judicial Reforms
Spain Rescues 19 Migrants From Algeria in Mediterranean
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