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Updated July 31, 2017 - 11:17 PM EDT
Trump Looks at Afghanistan Pullout as an Option
US Imposes New Sanctions After Venezuela Vote
North Korea ICBM Failed, but US Hypes Threat
  US Bombers Overfly Korean Peninsula in Show of Force
  Intel Chief: N. Korea Learned From Libya to 'Never' Give Up Nukes
Putin: 755 US Diplomats Must Leave Russia
  Kremlin Stops Waiting for Trump and Moves to Retaliate
Gulf States Put Conditions on Qatar Talks
  Qatar Denies GCC Granted Emergency Air Corridors
  Centcom: Qatar Blockade Hinders Long-Term Planning at Airbase
  UAE Building Relationship With DC Think Tanks To Push Its Agenda
  FM Says Call to End Saudi Control Over Hajj a 'Declaration of War'
40 Killed in Fighting Over SW Yemen Port
8,000 to Evacuate Syria-Lebanon Border Under Ceasefire
'Transferring' Palestinian Citizens of Israel Become Policy
The Tweet That Is Shaking the War Party  by David Stockman
CNN Crashes and Burns With 'Exclusive' Report on Russia Arming the Taliban  by Jared Keller
Trump's Love of 'Winning' Could Lead America Into a Costly War  by Christopher A. Preble
Robert Mueller, Conspiracy Theorist  by Justin Raimondo
Donald Trump Shouldn't Start Second Korean War  by Doug Bandow
Media Mourn End of CIA Killing Syrians & Strengthening al-Qaeda  by Ben Norton

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Libya: Pro-Haftar Fighters Storm Assembly
Gaza: My Child Died Before My Eyes
Australia Police 'Foil Terror Plot to Bring Down Plane'
Century-Old Belgian Battle Sums Up Horrors of WWI
'Once We Move Into Space With Weaponry, Other Nations Will Follow'
Suicide Bomber Attacks ISIS Gathering; 59 Killed in Iraq
Bloody Revenge Stalks the Ruins of Mosul
Iraqi Shiite Scholar Al-Sadr Visits Saudi Arabia
Four People Injured by Turkish Artillery in Iraq
Lost Children Are Legacy of Battle for Iraq's Mosul
Four US-Backed Syrian Rebels Defect to Government
'Russia Today' Says Its Reporter Killed in Syria
Assad Troops Enter ISIS-Held Town of Al-Sukhna in Homs
Besieged Syria Area Gets First Aid in Five Years: UN
Former British Soldier Held in Turkey Over 'Pro-Kurdish Propaganda'
Thousands Rally in Istanbul Against Israel's Al-Aqsa Mosque Measures
Turkish Women March in Rights Protest in Istanbul
Iran Says New Tensions Between Revolutionary Guards and US Navy
Iran's Missile Program to Continue 'With Full Power'
Former Iranian President Ahmadinejad Facing Sentencing Over Misuse of Funds
Palestinians to Be Removed From Jerusalem Census
Security Cooperation With Israel to Resume 'Gradually,' PA Official Says
West Bank Villagers Decry Collective Punishment
Israel Concerned: Abbas' Health Deteriorating as West Bank Simmers
Re-Entering Al-Aqsa: A Bright Day in the Gloomy Skies
Al-Jazeera Says to Fight Any Bid to Shut Its Jerusalem Office
Amid Heavy Jordanian Pressure, Israel Announces Probe Into Amman Embassy Attack
Palestinian Boy Seriously Wounded by Israeli Army Gunfire Near Separation Barrier
Hebron Shooter Loses Manslaughter Appeal, Israeli Soldier to Serve Full 18-Month Sentence
Middle East
Policeman Killed, Six Wounded in Eastern Saudi Arabia Attack
Qatar Accuses Saudi Arabia of Politicizing Hajj
Houthis Claim Attack on UAE Ship Off Yemen's West Coast
Venezuela's Constituent Assembly: What We Know
Police Officers Injured in Venezuela After Explosion at Protest: Witness
Venezuela Troops Attack Protesters With Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas
US Calls Venezuela Vote a 'Sham,' Says Will Not Accept Result
Venezuela Vote Triggers Deadly 'War' in the Streets
Japan-US Leaders Did Not Discuss Military Action Against North Korea: Japan Government
Donald Trump Says China Does 'Nothing' to Thwart North Korea's Nuclear Quest
US THAAD Missile Hits Test Target Amid Growing Pressure From North Korea
China Concerned by South Korea's Decision to Deploy More US Anti-Missile Units
No Point in UN Security Council Emergency Session on North Korea With No Results: US Ambassador to UN
Pakistan: Veteran Lawmaker Abbasi Designated Interim Prime Minister
Pakistani Opposition Leader Derides Ousted PM's Choice of Successor
After Campaign to Oust Pakistan PM, Imran Khan Looks to Take the Job
Imran Khan, Strongest Contender to Lead Pakistan, Is No Shoo-In
Philippine Mayor, Six Others Killed in Raid Linked to Drugs
Israeli-Made 'Stink Bomb' Not Smelly Enough to Deter Indian Protesters
Vietnamese Activists Arrested in Widening Crackdown
Southeast Asian States Vow Cooperation on 'Growing' Militant Threat
Somalia Militants Claim 39 AU Troops Killed in Ambush
Car Bomb in Somali Capital Mogadishu Kills Six, 20 Wounded: Police Officer
Landmine Blast Injures Two in the Outskirts of Mogadishu
Boko Haram Ambush Death Toll Hits 69
Suicide Bombing Kills 14 People in Northeastern Nigeria
Fighting Between South Sudan Rival Rebel Groups Wounds Two
Gunman, Police Officer Killed in Attack on Kenya Deputy President's Home
Egyptian in Red Sea Knife Attack Supported ISIS, Sources Say
Moroccan King Pardons More Than a Thousand Protesters
Senegal Parliamentary Elections Marred by Voting Problems
German Police Rule Out Terrorism After Fatal Disco Shooting; Iraqi Gunman Dead
Putin Bans VPNs to Stop Russians Accessing Prohibited Websites
Georgia Begins US-Led Military Exercise a Day Before Vice President Pence Visit
EU Starts Action Against Poland Over Judiciary Reforms
London Police Arrest One at Violent Protest Over Death of Detainee
The War at Home
Amazon Is Under Federal Investigation for Selling Goods to Someone on the Terrorism List
New Night Vision Means Soldiers Can Shoot Around Corners
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