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Updated August 1, 2017 - 10:51 PM EDT
Trump Looks at Afghanistan Pullout as an Option
  Suicide Bomber Targets Shia Mosque in Herat, Deaths Soar to 50
  US Watchdog: 'We're Drowning Afghans in Money'
  Report: Top Pakistani Taliban Commander Defects to ISIS
North Korea ICBM Failed, but US Hypes Threat
  US: Time for Talk Is Over on North Korea
  China: US and North Korea Should Ease Tensions Themselves
'Furious' US Complains of Russia's 'Lockout'
  Germany Urges EU Retaliation Over US Sanctions on Russia
US Imposes New Sanctions After Venezuela Vote
3,799 Killed in Iraq in July; Kurds Believe Toll Much Higher
Qatar Faulted for Hosting Taliban, UAE Also Wanted Them
North Korea or Iran... Where Will President Trump Attack First?  by Ron Paul
Trump Gives Rubio Free Rein on Venezuela Policy  by Daniel Larison
TSA Justifies Pat Downs With Op-Eds – Is My Paper Trail to Blame?  by James Bovard
Shall We Fight Them All?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Time to Hit the Reset Button on US-Korean Policy  by Medea Benjamin
The Architects of Torture Are Using an Intriguing Defense Strategy  by Charles P. Pierce

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Tennessee's John Duncan Won't Seek Re-Election
Bid to Prosecute Blair Over Iraq War Rejected by Court
Bitcoin Technology Faces Split, May Create Clone Virtual Currency
Anthony Scaramucci Sacked as Trump Media Chief
3,799 Killed in Iraq in July; Kurds Believe Toll Much Higher
Iraqi General Sees Easy Victory Over Exhausted ISIS Fighters in Tal Afar
Turkey Says Detains More Than 1,000 in Latest Anti-Terror Raids
Turkey Arrests Three Soldiers 'Who Beat Syrians on Border'
Gulen Hunt Goes Global: Turkey Chases 'Terrorist' Teachers in Colombia
Five Settlement Homes Found to Have Been Built in Area B
Netanyahu Joins Mob That Sees Hebron Shooter's Judges as Traitors Who Should Stand Trial
Jewish Camp Apologizes for Flying Palestinian Flag
Israel's Only Arab Majority Party in Danger of Collapse After Lawmaker Convicted
Israeli Security Cabinet Convenes for First Time to Discuss Concerns Over Southern Syria Ceasefire
Middle East
Iran Won't Give Trump a Gift by Exiting Nuclear Deal: Zarif
Yemen Government Will Not Let Houthis Keep Hodeidah: Minister
Qatar Launches Wide-Ranging WTO Complaint Against Trade Boycott
Jordan and Israel Chasm Over Amman Embassy Incident Is Not Healing
UN Begins Removing Rebel Weapons From Camps in Colombia
10 Slain in Central Mexico State, Including Police Chief
Pentagon Denies Knowledge of Cameroon Base Abuses – Despite Being Aware of Reports of Torture
Somalia Says Kills Senior Al Shabaab Commander in Raid
Kenya Election Official Tortured, Murdered Before Vote, Officials Say
Algerian Army Kills Six Armed Militants: Defense Ministry
Congo Police Arrest Over 100 as Anti-Kabila Protests Dispersed
ISIS Claims Attack on Iraqi Embassy in Kabul
Officials: Young Afghans Trafficked to Study Under Taliban
Philippine Security Forces Find Seven Headless Bodies on Southern Island
Small Portion of US Air Base in Okinawa Returned
Modi Steps Up Assault on Opponents, Eyes Indian Supremacy
Myanmar Journalist Detained, Bailed Ahead of Defamation Trial
After Retaliating Against New US Sanctions, Russia Urges US to Fix Ties
WikiLeaks Publishes Archive of Macron Campaign Emails
Aid Groups Split Over Italy's New Rules for Migrant Rescues
Venezuela's Maduro Cheers Election, Opposition Barricades Streets
Venezuela Dollar Bonds Fall on US Sanction Fears After Election
What US Supplies to Venezuela's PDVSA: Diluents and Fuels
What's Next? New Venezuela Assembly Has Vast Powers
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