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Updated August 3, 2017 - 11:11 PM EDT
Trump Says US Is Losing in Afghanistan
  Two US Service Members Killed in Afghan Attack
  Pelosi Says Trump May Try to 'Wriggle Out' of Russia Sanctions
'Concerned' Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill
  Russia PM: Trump 'Utterly Powerless,' Sanctions Start Trade War
Trump Willing to Work With Congress New AUMF
US Tests ICBM, Says It Demonstrates Nuke Capabilities
Sen. Gillibrand Pulls Support for Israel Anti-Boycott Act
Election Firm: Venezuela Vote Turnout Off by One Million
McMaster Fires Top Intelligence Official From NSC
Kuwait Says Its Waters Not Used for Iran Arms Smuggling
US Foreign Military Bases Aren't 'Defense'  by Thomas Knapp
Why Palestinian Victory in Jerusalem Is a Pivotal Moment  by Ramzy Baroud
How US Policy Helps al-Qaeda in Yemen  by Jonathan Marshall
69% Oppose AIPAC's 'Israel Anti-Boycott Act'  by Grant Smith
Arming Ukraine Is Still Folly  by Daniel Larison
The Mask Is Off: Trump Is Seeking War With Iran  by Trita Parsi

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Groupthink at
the CIA

by Philip Giraldi
Transcript of Seymour Hersh on DNC/Podesta Email Source
US Military Wrangles Over Release of American Casualty Info
US Judge Lifts Order That Halted 9/11 Case at Gitmo
UN Urges All to Keep Arms From Terrorist Groups
Blackwater Founder Wants to Boost the Afghan Air War With His Private Air Force
Bombings in Mosul; 52 Killed in Iraq
For Displaced Iraqi, Eggplants Offer Seeds of Hope
Russia's Syria Embassy in Damascus Hit by Mortar
Syrians Evacuate Lebanese Border Camps for Rebel-Held Territory
Journalists Lightly Wounded in ISIS Blast in Syria's Raqqa
Turkey Replaces Army, Air Force, and Navy Leaders
French National Detained in Turkey After Meeting With Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
UAE Says Measures Against Qatar Do Not Violate WTO Agreements
Qatar to Buy Seven Navy Vessels From Italy for $5.9bn
Middle East
18 Injured in Clashes Between Yemen Rival Factions
US Service Member Killed in Non-Combat Incident in Kuwait
South Sudan/Uganda
Gunmen Kill Four in Raid on South Sudan's Main Highway
South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda Near Million Mark
Boko Haram Wing Tied to ISIS Marks Resurgence by Kidnapping Oil Workers
Kenya Opposition Leader Says Ruling Party Can Win Only by Rigging Vote
Thousands Protest Against Guinea's Conde Over Election Delays, Insecurity
Italy Begins Naval Mission to Help Libya Curb Migrant Flows
Radioactive Material Reported Stolen in Northern Mexico
In Mexico, the Familiar Feeling of Government Spying
Russia UN Envoy Says US Sanctions Will Not Change Moscow
Trump Calls Russia Sanctions Legislation 'Significantly Flawed'
Russia Doesn't See Sense in Halting Non-Proliferation Efforts With US
White House Says Russia's Hackers Are Too Good to Be Caught but NSA Partner Called Them 'Morons'
Man Suspected of Preparing Militant Act Arrested at UK Airport
'Three Musketeers' Militant Cell Found Guilty of Planning UK Attack
North Korea
Reporters, Aid Workers May Travel to North Korea Despite Ban: US
US Moves to Have North Korea Suspended From Asia Forum
US Wants China to Decide on North Korea Sanctions Soon: Diplomats
In Philippines, Doubts About Police Raid That Killed a Mayor
Philippine President to Ask Congress for 20,000 New Troops to Fight Extremists
President Xi Says China Loves Peace but Won't Compromise on Sovereignty
China Says Restrained in Face of India 'Concocting' Excuses Over Border
China's Muslim Minority Banned From Using Their Language in Schools
EU Declines to Recognize Venezuela Election but Shies Away From Sanctions
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