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Updated August 8, 2017 - 11:22 PM EDT
Trump Threatens North Korea With 'Fire and Fury'
  Tillerson: US Willing to Talk to North Korea if Missile Tests Stop
  Pentagon May Allow South Korea to Have Better Missiles
America’s ISIS War Enters Fourth Year
  After Military Shakeup, Erdogan Talks Action Against Syrian Kurds
  Lebanese Army Captures ISIS Positions on Syrian Border
  US Endorsed Offensives on Border Seen Bolstering Hezbollah
Erik Prince Is Trying to Privatize the Afghan War
Pentagon Seeks Authority for Airstrikes in Philippines
China Preparing 'Small' Military Op to Expel Indian Troops
Israel Faces Backlash Over Threat to Shut Down Al-Jazeera
What Is Behind Israel's Attempt to Ban Al Jazeera?  by Mark LeVine
What's Worse: Trump's Foreign Policy Agenda or the Deep State?  by Glenn Greenwald
Is a 'War on Terrorism Memorial' Appropriate?  by Andrew Bacevich
Don't Whitewash the Hiroshima Bombing  by Peter Van Buren
The NYT's Grim Depiction of Russian Life  by Gilbert Doctorow
A Constantly Shifting Array of Official Enemies  by Jacob Hornberger

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US Military Eyes New Mini-Nukes for 21st-Century Deterrence
US Marines May Ground Aircraft After Latest Deadly Crash
East Libyan City Suffers as Military Forces Tighten Siege
Taliban Deny Cooperating With ISIS in Afghan Attack
Turkey's Erdogan Claims Germany Abetting Terrorists
Army Division Redeployed to Tal Afar; 11 Killed in Iraq
Syrian Army Steps Up Strikes on Capital's Last Rebel Enclave
ISIS May Have Fired Rockets Into Lebanon, Security Source Says
US Wants UN Mission in Lebanon to Report on Hezbollah
Turkish Troops Hold Exercises in Qatar
Two US Envoys Travel to Gulf to Work on Qatar Rift
Bahrain Interior Minister: Qatar Govt Policy Threatens GCC Security
Iran Signs Its Biggest-Ever Car Deal With France's Renault
Iran Says Arrests ISIS Group Planning Attacks
Netanyahu Backs Push to Shut Down Al Jazeera's Israel Offices
Court Rules Netanyahu Must Divulge Phone Records With Adelson
Israel Moves to Strip Palestinian of Israeli Citizenship
Abbas, Jordan King Seek Trump Commitment to Two-State Solution, Palestinians Say
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Ousted From Yemen Province: Army
Saudi Security Suspects Give Themselves Up: Ministry
Dueling Factions in Venezuela Stake Claims at Power
Venezuela Lawmakers Reject New Assembly's Orders
Venezuela Government Supporters March as Hackers Back Army Base Attack
Would-Be Suicide Bomber Sheds Light on Suspected Pakistani Militant Web
Four Tehreek-E-Taliban Men Gunned Down in Lahore Encounter
At Least 22 Wounded in Bomb Blast in Pakistani City of Lahore
North Korea Threatens 'Thousands-Fold' Revenge Against US for Sanctions
Australia, Japan, US Call for South China Sea Code to Be Legally Binding
China, Vietnam Meeting Canceled Amid South China Sea Tensions
'I'm Your Humble Friend', Philippines' Anti-US Leader Tells Tillerson
India Kills Five Militants in Kashmir: Army Spokesman
Japan Says 'Heated Discussions' at Manila Security Meeting
Tillerson Says US, Russia Can Settle Problems, Ease Tension
Spain Won't Seek to Recover Gibraltar in Brexit Talks, Says Foreign Minister
DR Congo
Congo Security Forces Kill at Least 14 in Clashes With Sect
Congo Orders Internet Slowdown to Restrict Social Media: Telecoms Source
South Sudan Army Captures Main Rebel Base, Rebels Say
Kenya Elections Heat Up Local Conflicts Over Ethnicity, Land
UN Sees Early Warning Signs of Genocide in Central African Republic
US Military
Military Can Destroy Drones Over Domestic US Bases: Pentagon
Australia Finds US Military Aircraft That Crashed Off Northeast Coast
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