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Updated August 9, 2017 - 11:19 PM EDT
Mattis Threatens the End of North Korea
  Lockheed Sees Surge in Over North Korea Tensions
US Airstrikes Kill 29 Civilians in Syria's Raqqa
  US Denies Attack on Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Near Syrian Border
  US Should Get Out of Syria, Former American Officials Say
Erik Prince Is Trying to Privatize the Afghan War
  Afghan Elders Ask Taliban to Release 150 Captured Families
  Growing Attacks Fuel Fears of Sectarianism in Afghanistan
US Ignores Requests by Okinawa to Stop Osprey Ops
item President Trump, There Is a Deal To Be Made With North Korea  by William J. Perry
item Western Governments Still Eyeing Libyan 'Prize'  by Richard Galustian
item Endangering a Landmark Nuclear Treaty  by Jonathan Marshall
item Privatize the Afghan War?  by Justin Raimondo
item The Unsung Summit of Putin and Trump  by John V. Walsh
item The Persistence of Falsehoods About Iran Agreement  by Paul R. Pillar

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Russia Reacts to White House Soap Opera With a Shrug
Diplomacy to Defuse China, India, Border Crisis Stalls
UAE and Bahrain Grant Qatar Airways New Routes
Senator Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Against Anti-BDS Bill
ISIS Claims Attack That US Denies Launching; 73 Killed in Iraq
UN Warns of New Wave of Displaced Iraqis as Fight Against ISIS Continues
Iraq Sentences 27 ISIS to Death Over Camp Speicher Massacre
Turkey Agrees to German Lawmaker Visit to Troops, Says Berlin
Turkey Begins Building Border Wall With Iran
Israeli Army Buying Local Cannons to Sidestep International Ban on Cluster Bombs
Stripping Palestinians of Residency May Be 'War Crime'
Israel Demolishes Two Houses in Occupied East Jerusalem
Illegal Homes Going Up in Settlement Across Street From Lieberman Aide
Gaza Rocket Explodes in Southern Israel
Gazan Travelers Face New Security Restrictions From Israel
What Is It Like Being a Journalist in Israel?
Middle East
Four Soldiers, Six al-Qaeda Militants Die in Yemen Attack
Canada Opposition Demands End to Saudi Arms Sales
Boko Haram Militants Kill at Least 30 Fishermen in NE Nigeria
Two Policemen Killed in Attack North of Cairo
German Helicopter Lost Rotors Before Mali Crash: Report
Rwandan Soldiers Arrive in South Sudan Ahead of Thousands More Extra UN Troops
Moroccan Injured During Protest Dies After Weeks in Coma
The War at Home
Man Charged in ISIS Group Case Faces New Charges in Maryland
Corps Identifies Three Marines Killed in Tragic Osprey Crash Off Australia
North Korea Tensions
Poll: Americans Uneasy About North Korea Nuclear Situation
Japanese Fighters Conducted Air Drills With US B-1b Bombers on Tuesday
Tillerson in Thailand Presses for More Action on North Korea
US Sending Up to 100 More Marines to Afghanistan
US Soldier Who Murdered Afghan Civilians Will Blame Malaria Drug Used by Army
Pakistani Police Kill Militants in Lahore After Bomb Kills One
Pakistan Ruling Party Drops Plans for Ex-PM's Brother to Replace Him: Sources
Duterte Dismisses Human Rights Concerns After Meeting Tillerson
US Army Pacific Official: ISIS a Growing Threat in the Philippines
New Okinawa Minister Says Japan-US SOFA Should Be 'Re-Examined'
Woman Killed in Indian Firing Across LoC
Indonesia to Barter Palm Oil, Coffee for Russian Fighter Jets
Russia's Putin Visits Breakaway Georgian Region of Abkhazia
Belgian Bomb Squad Find No Explosives After Brussels Scare
Disused Building, Cars Torched in Northern Ireland Violence
New Venezuela Assembly Declares Itself Superior Govt Branch
Regional Diplomats Reject Venezuela's Assembly
Venezuela's Supreme Court Gives Opposition Mayor 15-Month Jail Term
As Maduro's Venezuela Rips Apart, So Does His Military
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