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Updated August 10, 2017 - 11:24 PM EDT
Mattis Threatens the End of North Korea
  Tillerson: No 'Imminent Threat' of North Korea War
  North Korea Mulls Missile Launches Near Guam
Israel Objected to Syria Ceasefire to US, Russia
  ISIS Remains a Threat as Returning Residents Find Mosul in Ruins
Nikki Haley Heads to Vienna to Challenge Iran Compliance
Taliban Releases 235 Hostages From North Afghan Village
Yemen: Closure of Sanaa Airport Likely Killed 10,000
UAE Govt Gave Secret $20 Million Gift to DC Think Tank
item How a Free Syrian Army Unit Uncovered the Rebels' Israeli Connection and Switched Sides  by Rania Khalek
item War on BDS Is Now a War on American Democracy  by Ramzy Baroud
item Time to Re-Boot the War Debate in Congress  by William S. Smith
item Our Russia Fixation Devolving Into an Assault on Political Discourse  by James Carden
item The Emerging Alliance Between Hawkish Dems and Neocons  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
item America's Ukraine Hypocrisy  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Car Rams Into Soldiers in Paris Suburb, Suspect Arrested After Manhunt
Qatar Announces Visa-Free Entry to Citizens of 80 Countries Amid Gulf Boycott
Ukraine in Talks to Sell Pakistan 100 Tanks
Saudi Forces Flatten Old Quarter of Shi'ite Town
Bodies Rot in Mosul Heat; 69 Killed in Iraq
Canada to Contribute Policing to Liberated Iraq City
US Cautions Embassy Personnel in Iraq Over Security Concerns
Iraq to Hang 27 ISIS Members Over Role in Massacre of Army Recruits at Camp Speicher
Women Recruits Prepare to Join Syria's Raqqa Battle
Syrian Kurds: 17 Indonesians Who Escaped ISIS Leave Syria
ISIS Threatens New Attacks in Iran in Video
Iran's Rouhani Appoints Three Female Vice-Presidents After Criticism
Israel's Arrests of Palestinians 'Highest in Years'
PA Arrests Five Journalists for 'Leaking' Sensitive Information
Four Palestinians Wounded in Israel Air Attacks on Gaza
Netanyahu Accuses Israeli Left, Media of Trying to Oust Him
Middle East
Amnesty Over, 'Illegal Expatriates' Await Saudi Crackdown
Up to 50 Migrants 'Deliberately Drowned' Off Coast of Yemen, UN Says
US Sanctions Eight More Venezuelan Officials, Including Chavez Brother
Venezuelan Court Orders Jail for Another Mayor
Venezuela Opposition Will Register Candidates for December Gubernatorial Vote
Venezuela Inflation Quickens to 248.6 Percent in Year to July: Opposition
US Says Two Cuban Diplomats Expelled After 'Incidents' in Havana
North Korea
Trump Appears to Grant China Banks Sanctions Reprieve After North Korea UN Deal
North Korea Releases Canadian Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim
Cambodia Says Southeast Asian Nations Unhappy Over North Korea's Missile Tests
Gunmen Kill Two Afghan Women Contractors at Air Base Near Kabul
Taliban Leader Feared Pakistan Before He Was Killed
Suicide Bomber Kills Four Pakistani Soldiers in Troubled Northwest
Thousands Attend Events for Ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif
Three Dead in Machete Attack on Kenya Vote Tallying Center on Coast
Kenya Police Fire Live Rounds to Disperse Kisumu Protesters
Kenya Election Returns Were Hacked, Opposition Leader Says
Kenya Election Chief Rejects Opposition's Hacking Claims as Protests Erupt
Red Cross Says Six Volunteers Killed in Central African Republic
Tunisian Security Forces Kill Senior Militant in Ambush: Sources
Senegalese Singer Charged for Remarks Against President
US: Putin's Visit to Breakaway Georgian Region 'Inappropriate'
Bosnia's Muslims, Jews, Christians Chide Politicians
US Military
Active-Duty Military Members Sue Trump Over Transgender Ban
Navy Pilot Recovered After Fighter Crashes Off Florida
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