The President is threatening to blast North Korea off the map and signed sanctions to break the Iranians and enrage Russia. Even Venezuela is a target! The neocons and liberals bonded over Hillary the Hawk, and now Trump is on his own warpath.

Trump's Generals and the Hillary Hawks are selling WAR and the media wants you to think that the whole world is buying! As we cut ties and make new enemies, war is being sold at the higher and higher price of millions of innocent lives.

You deserve Peace. The world deserves Peace.

You deserve The world deserves

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Updated August 14, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
'Full Range of Military Options' Ready Against NK
  CIA Chief: Nuclear War With North Korea Not Imminent
  No Sign of Reaction to War Rhetoric at US Pacific Command
  Experts Doubt North Korea Could Nuke the US
ISIS Rocket Kills 2 US Soldiers, Wounds 5 in Iraq
  US Failing to Avoid Civilian Deaths in Raqqa Invasion
  ISIS Suicide Blast Kills 25 Rebels on Syria-Jordan Border
  Syrian Army Kills 25 ISIS in Central Homs Province
Trump's Threat Likely to Bolster Venezuela's Maduro
US Officials See Arming Ukraine as 'Pressure' on Russia
item Atomic Bombs: What My Momma (Never) Told Me  by Abigail R. Hall
item Russia-Gate's Fatally Flawed Logic  by Robert Parry
item For Netanyahu and the Saudis, Opposing Diplomacy With Iran Was Never About Enrichment  by Trita Parsi
item Don't Say We Didn't Warn You  by Justin Raimondo
item End Democracy Promotion Balderdash  by James Bovard
item New Questions About Last Year's DNC Hack  by Patrick Lawrence

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Trump Refuses to Take Call From Venezuelan President Maduro
US Fighter Jet Crash Lands at Bahrain Int'l Airport
Remains of Ohio WWII Soldier Finally Come Home
Libyan Military Commander Haftar Visits Russia
Two US Service Members Among 59 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Elite Counter-Terrorism Force Looks to Rebuild After Mosul
Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Visits UAE, Strengthening Ties With Sunni States
Seven White Helmets Members Killed by Gunmen in Northwestern Syria
Syria to Facilitate Chemical Weapons Mission: Official
Syrian Army Secures ISIS-Held Town in Homs Province: State Media
US Colonel: Tough Battle Ahead in Syria's Raqqa
'Logistics' Hold Up Lebanese Deal for Rebels, Refugees to Return to Syria

Lebanon's Hezbollah Says US Can't Hurt It, Dismisses Sanctions

Hezbollah Says It Found Israeli Spy Device in Southern Lebanon
Iranian Parliament, Facing US Sanctions, Votes to Raise Military Spending
Iran in Talks to Buy 48 Airbus Helicopters
Yemen's Houthis Target Coalition Warship
Yemen's Blood Bank Faces Threat of Closure Within Days
Saudi Arabia
Unrest in Saudi Arabia Town Displaces Thousands
Saudi Arabia and UAE 'Tried to Host' Taliban First
Saudi Top Prosecutor Summons Twitter Users for Harming Public Order
Saudi Arabia 'Seeks Iraq's Help' to Mend Ties With Iran
Abbas Censors Criticism: Aims to Jail Critics on News Sites and Social Media
Israel Won't Release 'Blacklist' of BDS Activists Barred Entry to Country
Rights Groups Question Palestine's Electronic Crime Law
Man Stabbed, Lightly Wounded in Jerusalem Attack
Netanyahu to Congressmen: Kurds Should Have a State
Middle East
Iraq's Kurds Stick to Independence Vote Despite US Request to Postpone It
Kuwait Says Arrests 12 Convicted in 2015 Iran Spy Case
Turkey Policeman Stabbed to Death by ISIS Suspect
Pain and Prayers Across Gulf Nations as Qatar Crisis Redraws Red Lines and Frays Age-Old Tribal Ties
In Colombia, Pence Tries to Strike Balance on Venezuela
At Least Four People Shot, Killed in Mexican Resort of Acapulco
North Korea
Less Than Half of the US Bomber Fleet Is Ready to 'Fight Tonight'
CIA Chief: Not Surprising if North Korea Tests Missile Again
In Call With Trump, China's Xi Urges Restraint Over North Korea
North Korea Threats to Guam Don't Rattle Residents, Who Aren't Fleeing or Stockpiling
Raising the Stakes: Why North Korea Is Talking Up Guam
Alaska Governor Calls for More Defenses Amid North Korea Threat
North Korea Says Nearly 3.5 Million Volunteer for People's Army as Tensions Rise
Mortar Attack Kills 13 Civilians in Afghanistan
Senior ISIS Commanders Killed in Afghanistan Air Strike: US Military
ISIS Claims Suicide Bombing That Killed at Least 15 in Pakistan
Deposed Pakistani PM Calls for 'Revolution' in Talk to Crowd
Laos to Withdraw Troops After Cambodia Threat
Two Indian Soldiers, Three Militants Killed in Gunfight in Kashmir
Town Hall by Ex-Malaysian Leader Mahathir Marred by Violence
Hundreds of Buddhists Protest Against Aid Agencies in Myanmar's Rakhine
Kenyan Opposition Leader Urges Followers to Skip Work Monday
Kenya Opposition Accuses Police of Killing 100
At Least 24 Reportedly Killed in Kenya Post-Election Violence
Kenya Poll Monitors Back Official Election Result
Kenyan Government Warns Social Media Users
UN Relations With Nigeria 'Intact' After Dispute Over Army Raid
Boko Haram Gunmen Kill Four in Nigeria Village Raid
Renegade Al-Shabab Leader Defects to Somalia Government
At Least 17 Killed in Attack on Turkish Restaurant in Burkina Faso
More NGOs Follow MSF in Suspending Mediterranean Migrant Rescues Over Libya Threat
South Sudan Rebels Say Have Retaken Town Near Border With Ethiopia
Basques March in Solidarity With Catalonia Independence Vote
Venezuelan Government Uses Trump's Threat to Boost Anti-American Sentiment
Venezuelan Opposition Mum on Trump Military Talk
Venezuela Detains 18 Over Attack on Military Base
UK Criticized Over Sales of Military Equipment to Venezuela
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