The President is threatening to blast North Korea off the map and signed sanctions to break the Iranians and enrage Russia. Even Venezuela is a target! The neocons and liberals bonded over Hillary the Hawk, and now Trump is on his own warpath.

Trump's Generals and the Hillary Hawks are selling WAR and the media wants you to think that the whole world is buying! As we cut ties and make new enemies, war is being sold at the higher and higher price of millions of innocent lives.

You deserve Peace. The world deserves Peace.

You deserve The world deserves

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Updated August 16, 2017 - 11:26 PM EDT
South Korea's Moon Says He Can Veto US War
  North Korea 'Threat' to Guam Greatly Overblown
Iran May Quit Deal if US Keeps Adding Sanctions
  Nikki Haley Says Iran 'Holding the World Hostage' With Nuclear Deal
Taliban Urges Trump to Pullout of Afghanistan
  Villagers See US Using Afghanistan as 'Playground for Weapons'
China, India in Another Border Skirmish
When Amazon Meets Defense Acquisition
ICC Issues Warrant for Ally of Libyan General Hafter
item Iran and North Korea: Unfulfilled Promise of the Nuclear Agreement  by Ted Snider
item Constitution Prohibits Pre-Emptive Strike Against North Korea  by Bruce Fein
item Playing Politics With the World's Future  by Alastair Crooke
item Which Way for the Trump Administration?  by Justin Raimondo
item Hack or Leak: Who Really Stole the DNC Files?  by Philip Giraldi
item Instead of Draining Swamp, Trump Put the Military in Charge of It  by Andrew J. Bacevich

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The War at Home
The F-35 – Not the Super Fighter We Were Promised
'Mad Dog' Mattis Making Life Interesting for Pentagon Stenographers
Sheldon Adelson Disavows Campaign Tarring HR Mcmaster as Anti-Israel
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Philippines Says China Agrees on No New Expansion in South China Sea
Guam Radio Stations Accidentally Conduct Emergency Alert Amid North Korea Threat
Afghan Forces Recapture Site of Village 'Massacre'
Uzbekistan Removing Lots of People From Security Blacklist: Sources
Indonesia Police Uncover Alleged Plot to Bomb Presidential Palace
Asian Neighbors Protest as Japan PM Sends Offering to War Dead Shrine
Britain Seeks Brexit Without Borders for Northern Ireland
US Sanctions Hit Russian Hopes of a 'Trump Bump' for Investment
Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Orders Civilian Trials for Detained Protesters
Maduro Government Wants to Arrest Venezuelans in Miami
Colombia's FARC Rebels Turned in More Than 8,000 Weapons: UN
Mexico Judge Orders New Probe in 2014 Killings by Soldiers
'ISIS Is Clearly Responsible for Genocide,' Tillerson Says
Airstrikes Push Refugees Out of Tal Afar; 66 Killed in Iraq
Thousands Flee as Iraq Steps Up Airstrikes on ISIS-Held Town
Rebels Say They Shoot Down Syrian Military Jet, Army Confirms Crash
Iraq's Abadi Rejects Invitation From Bahrain to Join Qatar Boycott
Iraqi Kurdish Independence Referendum Will Fuel Instability, Turkey Says
In Iran, ISIS Seeks to Fan Militancy Among Minorities
Iranian Court Freezes Assets of More Than 150 BBC Staff
Middle East
Turkey Hunts More Coup Suspects, Detains 30 for Suspected PKK Links
Jordan Holds Local Elections in Step to Devolve Powers
Baby Girl 'Teargassed, Beaten by Kenyan Police' Dies: Doctor
Suspected Somali Militants Kill Five Kenyan Police Officers
Kenyan Government Attempts to Close Down Two Rights Groups
Suicide Bombers Kill 27, Wound 83 in Northeast Nigeria
Former Senior Al Shabaab Leader Says Militants Should Leave Group
Two Policemen Killed in Attacks in Egypt's Sinai: Security Sources
Five African Nations Appeal for Support to Fight Extremists in Sahel
Spanish Migrant Rescue Ship Threatened by Libyan Coastguard: Witness
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