The President is threatening to blast North Korea off the map and signed sanctions to break the Iranians and enrage Russia. Even Venezuela is a target! The neocons and liberals bonded over Hillary the Hawk, and now Trump is on his own warpath.

Trump's Generals and the Hillary Hawks are selling WAR and the media wants you to think that the whole world is buying! As we cut ties and make new enemies, war is being sold at the higher and higher price of millions of innocent lives.

You deserve Peace. The world deserves Peace.

You deserve The world deserves

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Updated August 17, 2017 - 9:26 PM EDT
Terror Attack in Barcelona Leaves 13 Dead
  CIA Warned Police Las Ramblas Was a Likely Terror Target
Saudis Increasing Yemen Airstrikes, More Dying
  Red Cross to Send 'Test Shipment' of Rice to Northern Yemen
Israel Attacked Syria Arms Convoys 100 Times
  Syria Shifts War Focus to ISIS-Held Eastern Territory
  In US-Backed Kurdish Invasion of Raqqa, Arabs Struggle to Find Role
Locals: US Airstrike Kills 7 Civilians in S. Somalia
Trump War Powers Go Before Fed. Appeals Court
US: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Fail to Respect Religious Freedom
Afghan Shi'ites Mourn After Mass Graves Discovered
Israel to Revoke Al-Jazeera Reporter's Credentials
item The Horrifying War on Yemen Continues  by Daniel Larison
item Al-Araqeeb Village: Palestinian Bedouins Refuse To Surrender 116 Times  by Ramzy Baroud
item Don't Be Fooled. Airstrikes Are War.  by Bonnie Kristian
item Why Does North Korea Hate Us?  by Robert Koehler
item A Ukraine Link to North Korea's Missiles?  by Robert Parry
item Trashing the Conventional Wisdom on North Korea  by Doug Bandow

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Military Chiefs Condemn Charlottesville Violence by White Supremacists
DoJ Breaching Constitution by Seeking Info on Visitors to Anti-Trump Website
Disarmament Experts Urge Europe to Help Halt 'Cold War 2.0': German Minister
Several ISIS Attacks Against Security Personnel; 66 Killed in Iraq
10 Security Personnel Killed in ISIS Attacks on Iraq Bases
Iraq Seeks International Help to Investigate ISIS Crimes
New Life Amid the Ruins of Mosul's Maternity Hospital
Iran Rejects US Religious Freedom Report as Hypocritical
Iran's Military Chief in Rare Visit to Turkey for Syria Talks
Iran's Detained Opposition Leader Karroubi Starts Hunger Strike
Two Killed on Gaza-Egypt Border in Confrontation Between Hamas and Rival Islamist Militants
Police Accused of Assaulting Staff, Patients at East Jerusalem Hospital
Israeli Forces Demolish House of Al-Aqsa Attack Suspect
How a West Bank Skate Park Offers Palestinian Youth a Safe Haven From Occupation
All the Fun Things Israelis Do in Army Firing Zones (Gun Training Not Included)
Middle East
Bahrain State TV Accuses Qatar of Fomenting Unrest
Saudi Arabia to Open Border for Qatari Pilgrims: State Media
Turkey Warns Kurdish Leaders of Civil War Risk if They Proceed With Independence Referendum
UN Inquiry Finds Congolese Militia Likely Killed UN Monitors
Kenyan Police Watchdog Probe if Police Killed Baby and Young Girl During Home Invasion
Zambian Opposition Leader Walks Free in Treason Case
Angola's Unita Open to Coalition of Opposition Parties After Election
Colombia Officially Declares Peace With FARC After Handover of Weapons
The War at Home
Ukraine Hacker Cooperating With FBI in Russia Probe: Report
Five Missing After Army Helicopter Crashes Off Hawaii
One Utah National Guardsman Dead, 11 Wounded in Afghanistan
Trump at Camp David on Friday for Afghanistan Talks
Young Afghans See Opportunities Dwindle as Security Worsens
South Korea Hints It'll Consider Envoy to North
Trump Praises North Korea's Kim for 'Wise' Decision on Guam
Pence Urges Latin American Nations to Isolate North Korea
Philippine Police Kills 32 in Drugs War's Bloodiest Day
US Names Kashmir's Hizbul Mujahideen as 'Terrorist' Group
China Urges India to Protect Peace After Border Altercation
Young Hong Kong Democrats Face Jail Amid Fears of Broader Crackdown
Centcom Chief Meets Pakistan Army Chief, Senior Officers
Kyrgyz Opposition Leader Convicted Ahead of Election
Switzerland and Germany Unlikely Adversaries in Spy Drama
Sweden to Raise Military Budget by SEK 8 Billion Through 2020
Dublin Welcomes London Moves on Northern Ireland Brexit Deal
Over 300 Migrants Rescued Off Spanish Coast
Venezuela Mulls 'Law Against Intolerance,' Aimed at Dissenters
Venezuela Officials Raid Home of Fired Dissident Attorney General
Thirty-Seven Inmates Killed in Govt Raid on Venezuelan Prison
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