The President is threatening to blast North Korea off the map and signed sanctions to break the Iranians and enrage Russia. Even Venezuela is a target! The neocons and liberals bonded over Hillary the Hawk, and now Trump is on his own warpath.

Trump's Generals and the Hillary Hawks are selling WAR and the media wants you to think that the whole world is buying! As we cut ties and make new enemies, war is being sold at the higher and higher price of millions of innocent lives.

You deserve Peace. The world deserves Peace.

You deserve The world deserves

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Updated August 18, 2017 - 11:24 PM EDT
Trump Resists Pressure for Afghan Escalation
Bannon Out as White House Chief Strategist
Terror Attack in Barcelona Leaves 13 Dead
  Two Dead, at Least Six Hurt in Knife Attack in Finland
YPG: US Forces to Stay in Syria for 'Decades'
  Iraq PM Confirms Troops Abused Civilians in Mosul
  General Wants to Declassify Sites of 'Dud' US Strikes in Mosul
Pew Poll: World Trusts Putin More Than Trump
  Assange Meets Rep. Rohrabacher, Says His Leaks Not From Russia
S. Korea President: No War on Korean Peninsula
  Tillerson: US to Honor Japan Defense Pact, Including Island Claims
  North Korea: Nuclear Talks Only if US Stops Threats
UN Report: Saudis Killed 502 Yemeni Children in Past Year
  Email: UAE Envoy Worried About Targeting of Yemen Civilian Sites
Locals: US Airstrike Kills 7 Civilians in Southern Somalia
Lawsuit Settled Against CIA Torture Psychologists
UN Report: Saudis Killed 502 Yemeni Children in Past Year
item Hillary Clinton Promised Wars, Too  by James W. Carden
item N. Korea Standoff, Like Cuban Missile Crisis, Exposes Reckless US Worldview  by Jon Schwarz
item US Drone Strikes in the Philippines Would Be a Massive Mistake  by A. Trevor Thrall & Erik Goepner
item 'Russia-Gate' Hoax About to Be Exposed?  by Justin Raimondo
item Israel's Chorus Sings Again  by Philip Giraldi
item Is America Standing on the Precipice of Another War?  by Christopher A. Preble

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Feds Searching Record Number of Our Personal Devices at the Border
Cheap Drone Gets Past Best British Navy Defenses
US Judge: Deport Palestinian Activist
May Rejects Appeal From 9/11 Survivors to Release Saudi Terror Report
Donkey Bomb Kills Militants; 50 Killed in Iraq
US Helping Clear 'Historic' Amount of Explosives in Mosul
Where Are the 39 Indians ISIS Captured in Mosul?
Iraqi, Saudi Leaders 'Draw Closer' After Sadr Meeting
Lebanese Army Seizes ISIS Posts Near Ras Baalbeck
Lebanon Eyes Syria's Post-War Reconstruction
Syria Claims Business Comeback With International Trade Fair
Iran Denies Appeal of Jailed Princeton Student: University
Iranian Opposition Leader Ends Hunger Strike, Wants Public Trial
More Gazans Now Allowed to Travel Abroad Via Israel, but There's a Catch
UAE to Fund $15 Million Monthly to Gaza: Official
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Reopens Qatar Border for Hajj Pilgrims
Turkey Orders 70 Former Ministry Personnel Detained
Kenya Police Watchdog Says Investigating at Least 28 Election-Related Deaths
Kenyan Government Suspends Action Against Rights Groups
Congo Republic PM, Cabinet Resign Amid Economic Woes
Number of South Sudan Refugees in Uganda Tops 1 Million
Court Holds Islamist Liable for $3.2 Million Damages After Timbuktu Destruction
Venezuela Intensifies Crackdown on Govt Critics
Attack in Barcelona
CIA Warned Police Las Ramblas Was a Likely Terror Target
Two Police Officers Are Run Over at Barcelona Roadblock
Barcelona Terror Attack House Explosion Catalonia Alcanar
Barcelona Attack: Suspect 'Killed in Shootout' With Police After Deadly Act of Terror
Police 'Stop Second Attack' After 13 Killed in Barcelona
Moscow Calls 'Nonsense' Allegations That It Meddled in US 2016 Elections
Suspected Paris Militant to Face Trial in Belgium
Beating of Kosovo Journalist Was Attack on Media Freedom: OSCE
Pakistan Angry at US for Adding Kashmir Group to Terror List
Hindu Extremists Challenge Kashmir's 'Special Status'
US Soldier Killed in Afghan Blast, 20 US, Afghan Troops Wounded
Chinese Video on Border Standoff With India Provokes Accusations of Racism
Hong Kong Democrat Charged With 'Misleading' Police Over Abduction Claim
Japan Says to Boost Defense Posture, Provide $500 Million for Maritime Defense
Philippines War on Drugs and Crime Intensifies, at Least 60 Killed in Three Days
Ex-Militants in Indonesia Mark Independence Day
Suspected Thai Militants Turn Stolen Cars Into Bombs: Police
US Military
Five Still Missing After Army Helicopter Crashes in Hawaii; Debris Found
Dozen US Sailors to Be Punished for June Collision: Navy
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