The President is threatening to blast North Korea off the map and signed sanctions to break the Iranians and enrage Russia. Even Venezuela is a target! The neocons and liberals bonded over Hillary the Hawk, and now Trump is on his own warpath.

Trump's Generals and the Hillary Hawks are selling WAR and the media wants you to think that the whole world is buying! As we cut ties and make new enemies, war is being sold at the higher and higher price of millions of innocent lives.

You deserve Peace. The world deserves Peace.

You deserve The world deserves

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Updated August 20, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
Trump to Announce Afghan Strategy Monday Night
Assad Advisor: Syrian War Effectively Over
  Int'l Airstrikes & Civilian Casualty Claims in Iraq & Syria: July 2017
  Saudi Arabia Courts Iraq Alliance, Offering Reconstruction Aid
N. Korea Sees US-SK Wargames as 'Catastrophe'
  Top US General: Attack on Japan Same as an Attack on US
Dissident Bannon Out as Trump's Chief Strategist
UN Aid Chief Slams Saudis for Blocking Yemen Aid
Children in Conflict Zones Vulnerable to Killing, Rape: UN
item North Korea Crisis Paved by Clinton-Era Pols, GOP Naysayers  by Lawrence Wilkerson
item The Warrior Caste  by Amy Schafer
item The Connection Between US Training and Military Coups  by Jesse Dillon Savage & Jonathan Caverley
item For a Palestinian Federation  by Uri Avnery
item Moral Superiority Among Neocons and Nazis  by Lucy Steigerwald
item The Israel Lobby vs. the First Amendment  by Ramzy Baroud

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Two Dead, at Least Six Hurt in Knife Attack in Finland
Two Former Wasserman-Schultz It Aides Indicted for Conspiracy Against US
Libya: Haftar Ally Mahmoud Al-Werfalli Arrested
UAE Arms Cash Intended for Economic Develop. Secretly Diverted to Lobbying
Tal Afar Operation Starts; 91 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Prepare to Retake Tal Afar From ISIS
UK Defense Secretary Apologizes for Iraq Land Rovers That Failed to Protect Soldiers From Bombs
Syrian Army Encircles ISIS in Central Syria Advance
Syrian City's Rebel Districts Still in Ruins Years After Assad Victory
US Predator Drone Crashes in Turkey; Investigation Underway
Erdogan Calls on Germany's Turks to Vote Against 'Enemy' Merkel
Iran Says Nikki Haley's Statement on Sanctions Is 'Devoid of Any Shred of Truth'
Iran Opposition Leader Ends Hunger Strike After Day
Middle East
Palestinians See Kushner's Upcoming Middle East Visit as 'Crucial,' DC Envoy Says
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Arrest Activist Hisham Al-Omeisy
Clashes Kill Two in Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Suspected Al Shabaab Attackers Kill Three in Kenya's Lamu: Official
Kenya Opposition Files Challenge Against Presidential Vote
Grenade Attacks on Bars in Burundi Capital Kill Three, Wound 27
Roadside Bomb Kills Three Soldiers in Northern Burkina Faso
Former Al-Shabaab Leader Talks Peace With Somali Govt
Ex-Chief of Jihadist 'Islamic Police' Jailed for 10 Years in Mali
Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Assumes Power to Legislate
Venezuela's Ousted Chief Prosecutor Flees to Colombia
Mexico's Top Diplomat Visits Cuba to Seek Help on Venezuela Crisis
Peru Court Convicts Two of Human-Rights Abuses at Military Base
Americans Still Dying
Monticello (UT) Green Beret Sergeant Killed in Afghanistan Explosion
A Death in the Family: an Adopted Son of Brooklyn's Sacrifice in Iraq (NY)
Arlington (TX) Airborne Soldier Killed During 'Artillery Mishap' in Iraq
Attack in Barcelona
Spanish Probe Points to Wider Network in Attacks; American Among Dead
Catalonia Attacks Had Been Planned 'For Some Time': Police
Terrorists' 'Plan A' Was Devastating Truck Bomb Attack
Death Toll in Attacks in Catalonia Rises to 14: Emergency Services
130 People Injured in Catalonia Attacks: Emergency Services
Eight Thought to Be Have Been Involved in Catalonia Attacks: Judicial Source
Barcelona Attack Key Suspect Moussa Oukabir Confirmed Dead
House Destroyed in Gas Blast Holds Clues to Barcelona Attack
Catalan Leaders: Barcelona Attack Won't Derail Independence Drive
Explosive Belts Worn by Cambrils Attackers Were Fake: Catalan Regional Head
Ukraine Plant Sucked Into North Korea Missile Row Has Fallen on Hard Times
Afghan Official: Seven Killed in Violence in Western Herat Province
Sources: Pence, McMaster Team Up to Push More Troops in Afghanistan
Graham to Trump: Afghanistan Pullout Could Cause Another 9/11
Afghan Governor Accused of Assault, Adding Woes for Ghani
North Korea
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Calls for 'Massive Cyberattack' Against North Korea
Six South Korean Soldiers Hurt, Seventh Dies in Training Session, Army Official Says
Furor Erupts Over Killing of Teenager as Philippines Drugs War Escalates
Japan Still Seeks US Protection but Quietly Stakes Its Own Path
Myanmar Retains Tough Clause in Communications Law Despite Calls for Repeal
Hong Kong Legal Chief Denies Political Motive in Jailings as Criticism Mounts
Six Die in Vietnam While Sawing Leftover Mortar Shell
UN Envoy Says Cambodia 'Approaching Precipice' Amid Threats of Violence
The War at Home
Julian Assange Tells Dana Rohrabacher: WikiLeaks Wants White House Press Passes
Rohrabacher Opponent Wants FBI Investigation in Wake of Assange Meeting
US State Department Hit by Worldwide Email Outage
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