Trump on Afghanistan:

"My instinct was to withdraw" – but then the War Party got to him. Now thousands more troops are headed there, and he's even threatening Pakistan.

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Updated August 21, 2017 - 10:49 PM EDT
Trump Declares Open-Ended War in Afghanistan
White House Talks 'Preventative War' on N. Korea
  North Korea Warns of Nuclear War Over 'Reckless' US Drill
  South Koreans Split Over US Missile Shield
Invasion of Tal Afar Sparks New Refugee Exodus
  Lebanon's Army Advances Deep Into Isis-Held Border Territory
Trump Splits NSA, Elevates US Cyber Command
  Contractors Praise Elevation of Cyber to Combatant Command
Hawks Soaring After Bannon's Departure
Trump Officials Finalize Plan To Expand Gitmo's Use
Abbas: After 20 Meetings I Don't Get Trump's Peace Plan
item Don't Believe the Alarmist Propaganda About North Korea  by Andrew Cockburn
item Trump's Turn To Lie About Afghanistan  by Matthew Hoh
item How Did Guam Become a Target of N. Korean Missiles?  by Catherine Lutz
item The Revolution Betrayed  by Justin Raimondo
item Truth and Lives vs. Career and Fame  by Ray McGovern
item Rep. Rohrabacher's Curious Visit With Assange  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

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UAE Ambassador Says 'Whole of Saudi Arabia Is Cuckoo' in Leaked Email
Lost WWII Cruiser USS Indianapolis Found After 72 Years in Philippine Sea
Pentagon's Mattis Again Seeks to Reassure US Allies
Palestine Activists Face UK Prison Over Elbit Protest
Fears for Civilians as Tal Afar Op Moves Forward; 12 Killed in Iraq
Official: Iraq's Kurds Might Put Off Independence Vote in Return for Concessions From Baghdad
Iraqi Ship Sinks After Collision, at Least Four Sailors Dead
Six People Killed in Mortar Attack at Damascus Fair: Monitor
Syria's Assad Says Western Plots Against Him Foiled but War Not Yet Won
Car Blast Hits Syrian Coastal City: Manar TV, Monitor
New Bishop Brings Hope to Some of Syria's Christians
ISIS Mine Kills Three Lebanese Troops on Syrian Border
One Dead in Clashes With Islamists in Palestinian Camp in Lebanon
Mystery Qatari Sheikh Pushed Into Gulf Crisis Spotlight
Saudi Plane for Qatari Pilgrims Waits on Doha for Landing Rights-Airline
Qatar Rules Out Delays on World Cup Despite Crisis
Iran's Top Priority Is to Protect Nuclear Deal From US: Rouhani
Iran Ex-President Asks Supreme Leader to End House Arrests
Iran Approves Nearly All of Rouhani's Cabinet Picks
Iran Player Breaks Silence Over Ban for Playing Israelis
Israeli Opposition Says Abbas Tried to Resume Security Ties With Israel
Group of Gazan Children Get First Glimpse of Jerusalem
Israeli Soldiers Attacked by Youth After Allegedly Being Mistaken for Arabs
Palestinian Foreign Minister Welcomes Egypt's Warmer Ties With Hamas
Palestinian Authority Demands Two-State Commitment From US
Palestinian Killed Trying to Stab Israeli Officer in West Bank
Israeli, Czech Special Forces Complete Joint Urban-Warfare Exercise
Court to Rule on Jerusalem Eviction Procedure of Palestinian Family
Middle East
Saudi Twitter Users Urged to Expose Qatar Sympathizers
Turkish Political Refugees Flock to Germany, Seeking Safety
Egyptian MP Steps Back From Call to Extend President's Term
PA Foreign Minister Welcomes Egypt's Warmer Ties With Hamas
Egypt Re-Closes Border With Gaza After Brief Opening
Venezuela Congress Defies Push to Take Over Its Powers
Australian Men Charged With Terrorism Over Mosque Fires
US Navy
US Navy Says 10 Sailors Missing, 5 Injured After USS John Mccain Collides With Merchant Ship
Oil Tanker Hit by US Warship Laden With Fuel Oil; No Spill
Attack in Spain
Spain: Police Think Extremists Planned Massive Bomb Attack
Spain Investigates Missing Imam, Mysterious Explosion
Barcelona Attack: Spain Terror Cell Had 120 Gas Canisters
Police Probe if Body in Car Is 15th Spain Victim
Spain Sets Up 800 Checkpoints in Catalonia in Manhunt for Barcelona Suspect
Separatist Tensions Endure in Spain After Deadly Attacks
'Mother of Satan' TATP Explosive Found in Spain Bomb Factory
Spain Looking for Moroccan Man in Barcelona Attack Investigation
Barcelona Van Attack Suspect May Have Crossed Into France: Spanish Police
In Quiet Mountain Town, Barcelona Attackers Went Under Radar
Moroccan Asylum Seeker 'Targeted Women' in Finland Knife Attack
Finland Stabbings 'A Likely Terror Act;' Ties to Spain Eyed
Finnish Police Search New Sites, Talk to Suspect in Knife Rampage Probe
ISIS Claims Siberia Stabbings, but Russia Skeptical
Russian Court Rejects Siemens' Plea to Seize Its Turbines in Crimea
Merkel Attacks Turkey's Misuse of Interpol Warrants
German Police Raid Leftist for Posting Kurdish YPG Flag
North Korea
South Korea's Moon Says Military Exercises With US Not Meant to Raise Tensions
US Troop Reduction in Exercise Not Due to North Korea Concerns: Mattis
Chinese Traders Furious After Crackdown on North Korean Imports
Afghanistan Massacre May Account to War Crime: UN
In Afghanistan, a Destructive 'Game of Thrones'
US Central Command Chief Visits Pakistan as Trump Weighs Relationship
Pakistan: Teenager Detained Over Blasphemy
Tens of Thousands Protest in Hong Kong Over Jailing of Democracy Activists
Vietnam's President Calls for Tougher Internet Controls
Philippine Churches to Ring Bells to Protest Drug Killings
Bangladesh Sentences 10 Islamists to Death for Plot to Kill PM Hasina
Latest DR Congo Clashes Leave 13 People Dead
Nigeria: Troops Kill 10 Boko Haram Militants in Borno
Two Killed in Togo in Protests Against 50-Year Ruling Dynasty
Armed Group in Uganda Briefly Abduct South Sudanese Rebel, He Says
Mali President Postpones Referendum on Reforms
Sudanese Children of ISIS Militants Released in Libya
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