Trump on Afghanistan:

"My instinct was to withdraw" – but then the War Party got to him. Now thousands more troops are headed there, and he's even threatening Pakistan.

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Updated August 22, 2017 - 11:01 PM EDT
Trump Declares Open-Ended War in Afghanistan
  Trump Promises to 'Deal With Pakistan' on Afghan War
  Antiwar Conservatives Decry Trump's Afghanistan Surge
  Trump's Base Goes Ballistic Over His 'Unlimited War'
US Airstrikes Kill 100 Syria Civilians in Raqqa
  ISIS Losing Terrain, But Attacks Rose in 2016
  Russia Says 200 ISIS Fighters Killed in a Single Syria Airstrike
US Navy Halts Fleet Operations After Collisions
Palestinian Authority Threatens to Cut All Gaza Funds
Pentagon Wants $500 Million for Gitmo Construction
item Generals Talk Another President Into a Losing Strategy  by Mark Perry
item 'We Burned Down Every Town in North Korea'  by John LaForge
item The Assassination Complex Lives On  by Jeremy Scahill
item Covering Up the Massacre of Mosul  by Nicolas JS Davies
item Escape From Aleppo  by Eric Margolis
item Russia-Gate's Evidentiary Void  by Robert Parry

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US Embassy in Russia Stops Issuing Tourist Visas for 8 Days
Damaged US Warship Docks, 10 Sailors Still Missing
Interpol: Who Polices the World's Police?
Bergdahl Chooses to Have Trial Heard by Judge and Not Jury
Fires Set in Tal Afar Oil Fields; 49 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Close in on ISIS-Held Tal Afar
Red Cross: First Major Aid in Three Years Reaches Iraq's West Mosul
Hezbollah Uses Drones Against ISIS in Syria: Hezbollah-Run Media
Russia Hails Progress in Syria Conflict, Ups Bombing Runs
Second US Predator Drone Crashes in Turkey in Four Days
Erdogan Critic Stunned Turkey's 'Long Arm' Reached Spain
Middle East
Yemen Blames Iran for War, Says It Can't Be Part of Solution
Qatar Criticizes Saudi Over Haj Planes Offer
Lebanese Army Finds Anti-Aircraft Missiles in ISIS Cache
Israeli General Mocks Abbas for Sending Medical Aid to Venezuela
Suspected Barcelona Van Attacker Killed by Police After Five-Day Manhunt
Spanish Police Says International Probe of Barcelona Cell Still Open
Finnish Police Request Detention of Five Suspects Arrested Over Knife Attack
Finnish Intelligence Received Tip-Off on Moroccan Stabbing Suspect
Kremlin Aide Upbeat After First Meeting With US Envoy for Ukraine
Serbia Withdraws Embassy Staff From Macedonia
Lithuania Takes Delivery of US Gas to Cut Reliance on Moscow
Anatoly Antonov Named New Russian Ambassador to US
Merkel Hits Out at Predecessor in Russia Row Before Election
Colombia Offers Asylum to Venezuela Prosecutor
The War at Home
Navy Chief Says No Sign USS John McCain Collision Intentional
Trump Signs Bill Authorizing Memorial to Service Members Who Fought in War on Terror
Three Afghan Prison Workers Missing During Training in Colorado
Officials Suspend the Search for Five Army Soldiers in a Helicopter Crash During Training in Hawaii
Happy Birthday? Pakistani Captive at Gitmo Turns 70, Plans to Write Old Neighbor President Trump
Elon Musk Calls for Ban on Killer Robots Before 'Weapons of Terror' Are Unleashed
Philippines' Duterte Says There Could Have Been Abuses in War on Drugs
Vietnamese Sailor Rescued From Philippine Militants' Camp After Nine Months
Rocket Strikes Downtown Kabul
Pakistani Army Says It Has Acted Against Militants Including Haqqani Network
US Warship Collision Exposes Singapore-Malaysia Sea Dispute
Guam Official Says the Island Is Calm Despite North Korea Threat
Hong Kong Leader Says Jailed Activists Are Not Political Prisoners
China Newspaper Claims US Navy Is 'Hazard' in Asian Waters
East Timor Police Fire Tear Gas During Student Protests
Militants Kill Soldier, Policeman in Sinai: Egypt Officials
Nine UN Peacekeepers Hurt in Mali by Roadside Bomb Attack
South Sudan Grounds UN Planes in Airport Row
Armed Group Stopping Migrant Boats Leaving Libya
Congo Republic President Reappoints PM After Resignation
Nigeria's Buhari Warns Off Separatists, Takes Back Control After Treatment
Angolan Opposition Party to Publish Own Count of Election Results
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