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Updated August 24, 2017 - 9:34 PM EDT
Afghan Escalation Will Add to Massive War Costs
  US Has Thousands More Troops in Afghanistan Than Official Figure
  16 Years Into War, Taliban's Presence Across Afghanistan Growing
  Pakistan Rejects Role of 'Scapegoat for US Failures' in Afghanistan
Saudi Airstrike Destroys Yemen Hotel, Kills 60
  Yemen's Houthis Ban Political Activity Ahead of Planned Rally
  Saudi Arabia's War in Yemen 'A Strategic Failure'
Tensions Between US, North Korea Slowly Easing
  Lockheed, Raytheon to Develop New Nuclear Cruise Missile
Philippine Police Conduct Door-To-Door Drug Tests
3,500 Israeli Settlement Homes Built on Palestinian Land
ISIS Beheads 11, Mostly Soldiers, in Libya Attack
US, Israel Push to Have UNIFIL Crack Down on Hezbollah
item Trump Plans Permanent Occupation of Afghanistan  by Reese Erlich
item Nuclear Apocalypse: Trump & Kim Should Not Hold the World Hostage  by Ramzy Baroud
item More Foreign-Policy Blowback in Spain  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item The Donald's Pathetic
Afghan Flip-Flop
 by David Stockman
item No Exit From Afghanistan  by Ankit Panda
item War in Yemen a Bonanza for US and UK Arms Merchants  by Michael Horton

More Viewpoints

As Syria War Tightens, US and Russia Military Hotlines Humming
Egypt Angered by US Aid Cut Over Rights Concerns
Sept. 11 Trial Stumbles on Documents So Secret the Judge Can't See Them
UN Names First Victims' Rights Official to Combat Sexual Abuse by Soldiers
Thousands of Dead Remain Under Mosul Rubble; 46 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Make Gains in ISIS Stronghold of Tal Afar
Battle for Tal Afar: A New Humanitarian Tragedy Unfolds in Iraq
After Victory Over ISIS, Mosul Discovers the Cost: Homes Were Turned Into Graves
Turkey Urges Iraqi Kurds to Abandon Independence Vote
Civilians in Raqqa Under Fire 'From All Sides': Amnesty
Hamas Mulls Proposal for 'Chaos' in Gaza
Netanyahu to Putin: Israel May Act to Curb Iran's Clout in Syria
Family of Palestinian 'Assassinated by Mossad' in Sweden Has Ties to Hamas
Middle East
Pro-Houthi Fighters Call Powerful Yemen Ally 'Evil', Escalating Feud
Two Killed in Clashes in Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Chad to Shutter Qatar Embassy, Expel Diplomats
Javad Zarif: Iran, Saudi to Exchange Diplomatic Visits
Slain Mexican Journalist's Family Demands Probe
Mexico Human Rights Official Says Reporter Wasn't Target
Venezuela Ex-Prosecutor Says She Has Evidence of Maduro Corruption
US Military
Defense Contracts Go to Boeing, Northrop to Begin $1.5 Trillion Upgrade to US Nuclear Arsenal
Army Suspends Drill Sergeants at Fort Benning Amid Allegation of Sexual Assault
After Marine Training Death, Corps Debuts Safer Mine Clearance System
Taliban Suicide Bomber Targeting Afghan Police Kills Seven
US Exports to Afghanistan Now Dominated by Tanks, Aircraft
After 16 Years of War, Afghanistan Still World's Heroin Supplier
Military Conflict With North Korea Can Be Avoided: Germany's Merkel
South Koreans Practice in Case of North Korea Attack, but With Little Urgency
Cambodia Orders US-Funded Group to Leave in New Anti-American Move
Cambodia Signs Deal to Develop First Offshore Oil Field
Philippine Police Conducting Door-To-Door Drug Testing, Despite Objections of Human Rights Groups
Sri Lanka to Get First Tamil Military Leader in 50 Years
Thousands of Rohingya Flee Myanmar for Bangladesh
McCain Renews Calls for Trump to Send Weapons to Ukraine
NATO Representative in Kyiv: We Support Ukraine Every Day
Finnish Police Arrest Two New Suspects, Doubt Knifeman's Identity in Turku Attack
Poland to Allocate Additional $55 Bllion on Defense by 2032: Deputy Minister
Egypt Gives Jared Kushner Cold Welcome After US Cuts Military Aid
Former Libyan Prime Minister Freed After Abduction in Tripoli
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