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Updated August 27, 2017 - 11:14 PM EDT
US-Somali Raid Killed Civilians, Not Militants
ISIS Attacks Afghan Shi'ite Mosque, Kills 30
  US Pilots Expect Even Heavier Airstrikes With Afghan Escalation
US Snubs UN: Won't Stop Bombing Raqqa Civilians
  ISIS Pushes Syrian Forces Out of Town Near Raqqa, Kills 34
  Iraqi Forces Reach Center of Tal Afar, Seize Neighborhoods
Children Among Dead as Saudis Bomb Yemen
N. Korea Test Fires 3 Missiles, US Says All Fail
White House Gets Access to Data of Protest Website
New US Sanctions Give Maduro Ammo to Purge Opposition
Apple Purges Iranian Apps From iPhones Over Sanctions
Trump Tells Mattis to Indefinitely Ban Transgender Recruits
item Breaking America's Cold War Addiction in Korea  by Suzy Kim
item Trump and Korea: I'm Also Scared  by Eric Margolis
item It's Far Too Easy for President Trump to Start a Nuclear War  by Stephen Kinzer
item Jabotinsky and Greater Israel  by Uri Avnery
item The War That Time Forgot  by Jeffrey St. Clair
item Israel's Alarm Over Syrian Debacle  by Daniel Lazare

More Viewpoints

Top Trump Aide Gorka Resigns Over Afghanistan Speech
Judge Prods CIA on Request for Israel-Related Budget Items
US Urges Myanmar to Avoid Reprisals After Attacks Kill 89
Wasserman-Schultz' Claim Prompts Angered Marine to Go Public on Awans
Tal Afar Nearly Liberated; 91 Killed in Iraq
Report: US-Made Anti-Tank Weapons May Be in Hands of ISIS in Tal Afar
4,000 Have Disappeared in Secret Prisons in Iraq
Israel Revokes Citizenship of Hundreds of Negev Bedouin, Leaving Them Stateless
Children Learn in Tent After Israel Demolishes School
Middle East
Bahrain Slams Qatar Move to Normalize Ties With Iran
Turkey Purges Hundreds of Civil Servants in Latest Decrees
Brussels Attack: Man Shot After Stabbing Troops
Man With Knife Assaults Two Police Outside Buckingham Palace
Hungary Suspends Diplomatic Ties With the Netherlands
NATO Says Russia Should Be Transparent About Military Drills
In Stinging Attack, France's Macron Says Poland Isolating Itself in Europe
Americans Still Dying
Cherry Hill (NJ) Sailor Dies in USS McCain Collision
Suffield (CT) Sailor Confirmed Among Those Who Died on USS John S. McCain
North Smithfield (RI) Soldier Killed in Nighttime Live-Fire Training Accident at Ft. Carson
Hope Mills (NC) Pilot Killed in Nighttime Helicopter Training Exercise in Hawaii
Jenkins (KY) Soldier Killed in Helicopter Crash Remembered in Her Community
US Military
One Embarrassing Accident Too Many for the US Navy
7th Fleet's Sloppy Seamanship Manifested in Antietam's January Grounding
US Navy Recovers Second Body in Search for Sailors Missing After Collision
Naval Accidents No Setback to South China Sea Operations, US Pacific Air Chief Says
Remains of Three Marines Killed in Osprey Crash Near Australia Weeks Ago Recovered
I Asked the US Military for Its Leaflets About Joseph Kony. It Sidestepped the Request, Then Burned Them.
Indian Protests After 'Godman' Convicted of Rape Kill 29
China Says Nothing Will Stop Its Long-Range Air Force Drills
Shot and Dumped by a Pigsty: Schoolboy Killed in Philippines Drugs War
Former Thai Leader Yingluck Said to Have Fled Country After Failing to Appear for Verdict
Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill 15 in Cameroon
Angola's Ruling Party Declared Election Winner as Opposition Cries Foul
UN Aid Chief Issues Bleak Warning on Central African Republic
US Will Not Tolerate Venezuelan 'Dictatorship': Haley
Maduro: Venezuela Can Meet Trump Talk With Military Might
Venezuelan 'Truth Commission' Initiates Probe
US Trying to Promote Crisis in Venezuela: Foreign Minister
Colombia's FARC Rebels Say Assets Worth $324 Million
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